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fresh bread and bakery products. Interesting and f you are staying nearby at national museum.

Bakery 24.64998, 46.70626
sonny jadun

Moderator, please make the correction. This is not Rain Forest Discovery Center. This is the start of pipeline hiking trail. This is parking area where you can park and campout for free. No fee for hiking pipestone road.
Tge discovery center is to the left of the split. I will put a tourist pin there.

Rainforest Discovery Center 9.13433, -79.72205
sonny jadun

This is tge actial rain forest discovery center parking lot. You buy your tickets here to hike the trails. The cost is stiff $30.
At the fork back where yiu entered into discovery center, if you stay right you will get ro Pipe stone road patking and trailhead. It's free to hike there. You can wild camp there too. Good cell signal

Rain forest discovery center 9.13352, -79.72076

The whole main road through the village seems to be under construction at the moment, so at the beginning and the end of the village there’s a checkpoint where you leave the main road. The detour around the village is a few kilometres long around a dried out riverbed, a very dusty dirt road & many trucks approaching.

Detour due to Constructions 17.50368, -13.13329

Private rooms (single to family rooms) with shared bathrooms and common area. Fast WiFi and free and secure parking space (even for big rigs). We came here because of the lack of camping spots and parking in the city. We felt very welcomed by the pair (and their cat) who runs this place. It feels as if you would be visiting family. It is a house converted to hotel/hostel so the walls and doors are a little bit thin, but we slept well in the warm rooms. Paid 32‘000cpl for two people one night (breaktfast included).

Hospedaje de la vita -53.15202, -70.92768

worst night ever, After being kicked out from Walmart playa del Carmen and a long day AT thé mecanics WE decided to get away a bit from the town as it was really too warm. WE arrivés AT the port but quickly WE were surrounded by a lot of trucks, some of them with generators on. it was thé worst night ever. The Guy from the ferry company knock on our Door several times to tell us to take the ferry ,(which WE didn t want to take but didn t want to drive AT night +WE were stuck by other trucks so WE couldnt move) finally AT 5am WE managed out way out and left to bacalar, going for a better night.

cozumel ferry 20.57694, -87.12600

We were going in direction of Cajatambo and were stopped by roadworks. The road is closed from 7am to 4pm daily. The worker said it will take at least until end of April. Plan accordingly.

Roadworks / closure -10.46485, -77.09840
Aistis Raudys

price goes 50 000 or 5€ per day. usefull if you go to the islands by boat and need to park your car.

Parking near Police 9.50389, -13.71233
Aistis Raudys

All was good. Left the car. Next day car was there. No problems.

Parking near Police 9.50389, -13.71233
Aistis Raudys

Lake of fresh water. Warm. Kids jump from the cliff.

Lake Koromadija 9.45850, -13.75008

A small campground that’s recently opened next to Elvira’s house. (Easy to miss because there’s only a small sign). 3000$
There’s a large grass field (partly shaded) and a smaller ground area with tables, parilla, one tap with water and some electric outlets.
Not suitable for rigs. I was alone and found a way to park my car kind of leveled to sleep in my rooftop tent.
If you need some, she sells drinks and food.
Attached to her house is a bathroom with 1 shower (warm water) and 1 toilet. There’s also a comedor, a room with two tables where you can sit and eat inside if you like. Here you’ll find a sink you can use.
There’s WiFi but I doesn’t reach much further than the house and comedor.
She has chicken, a beautiful dog and cat. Across the street are fields with horses, nice view.

Note from Elvira: there’s a bedroom behind the comedor that she rents out sometime if needed. She also has a little house further up the street that could be rented out.

Camping Las Vegas - Lo de Elvira -27.09418, -66.82006

Still very rough but passable. Very slow travelling this particular part of Hunters Road averaging 5km/hr for about an hour (felt like forever!) across the black soil grasslands in Toyota Landcruisers.

Hunters road -18.25613, 25.46376

Very beautiful community building, set up by the locals, with high standards! They have 4 Bandas with 2 big beds each, and plenty of space for camping. They also have a main building where they serve food and offer very good coffee!
We negotiated for 40k Uganda schillings for one of the big bandas, for two people. Banda had a TV, Hot Shower, Western toilet, clean nice sheets and a balcony with a beautiful view!
I think camping is 20k, not sure if it is per person or per tent.
There is no wifi and the phone signal is not very good.
They said big trucks can access and they have a parking (but I think the road was a bit tricky)
You can ask them for breakfast and any other meal but you have to let them know in advance.
They also do laundry. I don't think they have machines, but they said they arrange laundry services with the community support.
The view is very nice, the people are very friendly, and the services are good!
The place is not always open as they don't have many guests, but I hope they will start receiving more tourists soon.
Samuel 0758732990 and Moses 0706178037 are 2 of the many managers, you can give them a heads-up in advance, or just be patient when you get there until they prepare.

Habnyanza Bwindi community camp site -0.95663, 29.68243
Nomad N Rad

An exceptional place for breakfast / lunch/ coffee or a natural juice. The views of town and the surrounding hills are outstanding.
We stumbled upon this gem as we were following the Herrera Camino trail from town. Breakfast is either $10k, 12k or 15k and includes a coffee or chocolate con leche which comes served in a bowl.
We were greatly entertained by the many varieties of hummingbirds and butterflies.
We don’t recommend the tinto coffee. It’s weak and served in a small French press and is about the quantity of an espresso which is not enough for us for breakfast. Go for the chocolate!

Hours are 9am -6:30 pm
Closed Tuesdays.

Mirador/ Restaurante Herrereta 5.58872, -75.81543

Perfect night quiet and safe. Place for Manu Big Riga. Its like a camping with bbQ place. But some trash and some dust. Recommenced. The third picture is not this place. Sorry. This is labyrinth borges place.

Estacion Dapsa -34.64063, -68.29484

Excelente lugar!! con luz, baño impecable, excelente atención,. puestos limpios, con agua e internet. nada que decir!! más que recomendable.

nos cobraron 7.000 por la noche, 2 personas en motorhome

Camping Paseo Mazzaredo -47.18341, -67.14771

One of the few free dispersed campsites in De Soto National Forest.
Located just a few miles from Moody's Landing.

Restrooms with running water available

A bit close to the road, so expect a few cars passing now and then, especially before dark.

Janice Landing 30.99475, -89.05033
Iara Fernandes

Lugar muito tranquilo próximo a praia com banheiro público,ducha,energia bem tranquilo a noite.

Praia de São Miguel dos milagres -9.26707, -35.36556
Stephen Nell

Great place for a hot shower and only $2. Very clean premises

Staunton-Angusta YMCA 38.12933, -79.03790

There is lots of space for big trucks. Stayed here only for a rest.

Plaza San Martin -35.38648, -57.33713

A large RV parking area for $10/day or $25/3days.
Just at night there are some crazy drivers going wild on the road. Still didn’t keep me awake though. Otherwise, the parking area us quite

Cocopah casino 32.60584, -114.65424

They're not able to fill up cars with a Swiss license plate - every other country would work, but Switzerland is not in their system - my gut says the lady didn't wanna make the effort.
no place for negotiation

Estacion de Servicio Emanuel -17.85286, -63.25481

Free Sanidump and water if you’re staying at the Casino. Located beside the truck parking area at the back. They need your hanger you’re displaying the proof you paid for your stay at the casino . In exchange if the keys to it

Cocopah Fuel Station 32.60953, -114.65415

Police wanted to fine me 1,000 pula for not having a white country sticker on my motorcycle. After 20 minutes of discussion they let me go without paying. They still insisted that it is mandatory for motorcycles to have the sticker. So motorcyclists, take care.

Foot and mouth Sanitary control -19.70053, 26.04893

Can't fill tanks or jerry cans because of the Swiss plate - but the lady was very friendly and sorry.

Bio Petrol -17.83762, -63.23769
Nomad Katia

Clean double room with kettle, drinking water/tea, hair drier, fridge. AC not working, even being a hot day: it's not "AC season" yet...Secured parking for motorcycles and cars 200m away, so unload your stuff before parking. 34USD (1100 Liras).

Med Cizir Hotel 37.32787, 42.18413

Really nice bike path with great views. Pleasant to not have any traffic to deal with.

Ciclovia -38.84460, -71.67199

Filled Diesel directly into the tank for local price. Very friendly! Left a tip.

YPFB- local price fuel -14.70791, -67.20656

We've been there, the spot is ok but we didn't spent the night because 2 guys ( bass and the brother) artisans take us 20 euro for nothing, so we left after 1 hour. Bad experience for us, we'll to be there the night but with this 2 guys, not for us. We are with people, toubab, and we must have much money, I hate this mentality... don't forget, Bass and his brother 🤮

saly plage, un front of the beach 14.44807, -17.03322

Verry nice place many options of banks, I got too the wema bank no fee at all
Max 10 000 at a time


Agency open from 8am to 3pm
Not 3:03pm, 3pm

Atm 6.40300, 5.60726

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