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ótimo lugar para descanso, bastante área verde com churrasqueiras e quiosques, cuidado com mosquitos e piranhas no lago, energia, banheiros, chuveiros, lugar pra descarte.

Balneário Vila Natal -25.04603, -54.34394

É um local seguro para pernoitar, mas tem muito barulho.

It is a safe place to stay overnight, but it is very noisy.

Gas Station 7.97902, -75.20233

not working at moment...
there is strong signal and you can connect to it but no actual internet.

Playa Muelle de Piedra -23.92615, -70.32047

went around the area where signs pointed at but did not see a dump station anywhere

Cabelas 40.55846, -76.00339

Great place to overnight. no wind , hidden from road. just fellow the road behind the hills you see on left coming towards chilean border

behind hills -26.84762, -69.12736

Restaurant with nice panoramic view on the lake.
Good food, service a few slow

Lake Oanob Resort -23.32458, 17.01734

Didn’t have any issues, but around 7am (Wednesday) a dozen or so people started showing up to park there. So, park properly and not across multiple spots. The hotel ritchey just around the corner was a fun place to catch some live music.

Baines Park Parking 30.35501, -103.66070

Very nice and wild new spot perfect to disconnect and discover hidden part of Lago Ranco! Kelly, Julio, José and Christian offer their eco place for one day or for overnighting and make you feel at home. This paradise is situated along a river and surrounded by beautiful mountains. They live from their garden and animals, with ecological way of life! We loved it!

They propose :
- camping with private picnic table, bathroom and hot showers (6000pp)
- one lovely wooden cabaña for 4 persons max with well equiped kitchen, bathroom (25000 per night for the cabana)
- spend the day, enjoy the river
- rent a kayak or paddle and do several excursions (from 20 000)
- cooking, homemade bread and honey, dulces, quesos
- their own artesanía
- place for one or two motorhome (better check before coming)

There is wifi connection.

WhatsApp (julio) +56956246145
Instagram: camping.piedranegra

Un lugar nuevo muy bonito y salvaje perfecto para desconectar y descubrir partes escondidas del Lago Ranco! Kelly, Julio, José y Christian ofrecen su lugar ecológico para un día o para pasar la noche y hacerte sentir como en casa. Este paraíso está situado junto a un río y rodeado de hermosas montañas. Viven de su jardín y de los animales, con un estilo de vida ecológico! Nos encantó!

- camping con mesa de picnic privada, baño y duchas de agua caliente (6000 pp)
- una preciosa cabaña de madera para 4 personas máximo con cocina bien equipada y baño (25.000 por noche por la cabaña)
- pasar el día, disfrutar del río
- alquilar un kayak o un paddle y realizar varias excursiones (a partir de 20.000pesos)
- cocina, pan casero y miel, dulces, quesos
- su propia artesanía
- lugar para una o dos motorhomes (mejor consultar antes de venir)

Camping Cabaña Kayak Comida y artesanía Piedra Negra -40.20740, -72.21940
Diego A G

Now is 9000 arg pesos (9usd) for a person with a bike. Place is ok, bathroom 10/10 rare in argentinian campings. Near a busy street so pretty loud at mornings

Camping ACA San Martin -40.15319, -71.33391

Very nice place in Livingstone.
Different options:
Standard Rooms: 400.
Twin doubles: 1.000.
Family apartments: 1.700.

We took the standard room. And we paid 350 per night because we stay 2 nights. Clean room with AC, hot water, fridge, big TV, Wifi...
Secured parking.
Swimming pool and playground for kids.
Kitchen for customers.
Quiet area.

Eliba Apartments & Rooms -17.83923, 25.84912

Parked w truck and 22ft TT on the right as you are facing the front door closer to the main street. It was a bit noisy during the day, but quieted down in the evening no Knocks. Didn't ask permission.

Pahrump Nugget 36.20962, -115.98441

We had a good night sleep here after asking for permission to park for the night in front of the casino. Very clean restroom and friendly staff. Shower at $2.

Franklin Mr D Travel Centre and Casino 29.76676, -91.49142
Stéphane Lortie

Nous avons un classe c 24 pieds. Avons dormi dans le stationnement avant du Gym Planet Fitness sans être dérangé. Trois autres VR, un classe B, une roulotte tractée et un autre classe C. Un peu de bruit, police la nuit et un jeune venue montrer son beau pick-up brouillant a ses chums, ça a duré 20 minutes et ils sont repartie.

We have a class C 24 feet. We slept in the front parking lot of the Planet Fitness Gym without being disturbed. Three other RVs, a class B, a towed trailer and another class C. A little noise, police at night and a young

Planet Fitness Merritt Island 28.38472, -80.70391

Nice lodge along the main road to Iringa, just left before the last petrol station.
Big parking and with a well maintained garden. Big rooms at 20.000 Tsh

C.H.L. Lodge -8.76791, 34.38798

2 days of rain and the primary gravel roads are very firm to drive to campsites. Easy in with our 40ft. motorhome. lots of huge level sites. Then the sun came out. The hillsides are covered with wildflowers! Especially on the scenic Pronghorn Loop drive. April 1-3. I only saw two other RVs drive by in 3 days.

Buenos Aires National Wildlife Refuge #41 31.64112, -111.44112

Good camping location just outside of Buenos Aires. Super friendly family, communicated in advance by WhatsApp to confirm availability. Easy to find, large banner at the gate. Price is still $10 for a vehicle and two people. Lots of mosquitoes as everywhere else in the area.

Psalm23lodging -34.90911, -58.55719

After a lot of searching at this place we finally managed to fill our fixed gas tank with an acme connector from a gas truck.
Very friendly and helpful.

Haras Pampa -38.92073, -67.96765

We asked them if we can put this place on ioverlander and they are happy to help other travelers!

Haras Pampa -38.92073, -67.96765

Very friendly and they are definitely able to fill any type of bottle. No fixed tanks but therefore look up the Haras Pampa close by on ioverlander

FDS Gases -38.92488, -67.97242

Most of the spigots were turned off but a couple were open. Great spot to get water

White's Park Arena and Barn 29.83621, -94.64915

We stayed on the north side of the river. No more height restriction for the bridge. There are a few spots for vans or to pitch a tent. During the weekends probably packed with locals. Quite some trash and toilet paper laying around. Other than that great place to spend the night. Very quiet and the river seems clean and was good for a bath. In the morning some locals came searching for gold with a metal detector and all the other tools. Wish we could speak better Spanish to understand why they were here

next to clean river -33.57924, -69.32595

Only bottles but change of several brands and load.

Gas Areco S.A.C.I. -38.90663, -68.09442

es un excelente lugar para quedarse en Jardín. Es una calle sin movimiento casi. los vecinos son tranquilos. Hay canilla de agua potable, baños y wifi en el centro educativo que está arriba. También hay un río hermoso a vs cuadras dónde podés bañarte (el agua es fría pero excelente para el calor del día).
El centro está como a 5 cuadras. El pueblo es hermoso.
Nos pareció muy seguro en los 7 días que estuvimos.

Calle lateral 5.59601, -75.81516

Tel que décrit. Excellent pour une nuit tranquille. Nous étions seul avec une van. Un peu de bruit de la rue mais ok.

Parking Lot 34.91795, -110.15108

Still as described below.
Vast space to choose, as per our opinion also accessible also for Big Rigs (at least the first part, some kind of meadow).
Calm and peaceful and after a short while down the track also not visible from the road.
A few cows and locals passing by, saying hello and chatting a bit.

Many options 6.93044, -5.65056

Just a pull off spot next to maintained dirt road.
Need to fill out free permit/pass at “iron ranger” station about a mile east on dirt road

Alabama Creek -Fr 509. free, permit required 31.17609, -94.91282

Peaceful and quiet during rainy season. Super friendly staff. Amazing views. Top ablutions. Great experience

Migombani Campsite -3.36363, 35.83812

fresh bread and bakery products. Interesting and f you are staying nearby at national museum.

Bakery 24.64998, 46.70626
sonny jadun

Moderator, please make the correction. This is not Rain Forest Discovery Center. This is the start of pipeline hiking trail. This is parking area where you can park and campout for free. No fee for hiking pipestone road.
Tge discovery center is to the left of the split. I will put a tourist pin there.

Rainforest Discovery Center 9.13433, -79.72205
sonny jadun

This is tge actial rain forest discovery center parking lot. You buy your tickets here to hike the trails. The cost is stiff $30.
At the fork back where yiu entered into discovery center, if you stay right you will get ro Pipe stone road patking and trailhead. It's free to hike there. You can wild camp there too. Good cell signal

Rain forest discovery center 9.13352, -79.72076

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