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Going Up to Cerro Bayo we found this Place without noise from Cars, very calmy in t'he midle of trees. Only accessible by 4x4

going to Cerro Bayo -40.77045, -71.61047

Nice location, many people enjoying the sunset but, the majority left after but still not feeling alone. Our spot let us enjoy the sunrise! Beach with rocks and a good spot for fishing.

Bajada Las Rocas 9.63422, -85.07386

Ficamos 2 dias aqui no camping da Pousada. Local bem arborizado e bonito. A entrada é pelo lado e um pouco apertada. Tem banheiros e cozinha, mas um pouco abaixo do estacionamento. A recepção funciona pela manhã e depois das 18h. Se chegar à tarde, é necessário ligar para o telefone da recepção.
Valor da diária é de 45,00 por pessoa, com energia inclusa. Não tem Wi-Fi na área do camping.

Pousada e Camping Lumiar - -12.56417, -41.38859

This stripes gas station has a Convenient outdoor water Spicket. I asked permission before use… They didn’t care. Excellent breakfast tacos inside.

Stripes Gas Station 30.35990, -103.65565
El Gordo

Family restaurant with typical mexican food. Price right on the dot. The owner Fulgencio may be a good asset for help and knowledge in the area.

El sazòn de Julieth 20.98851, -97.31886

Most definitely the nicest person in all of Chile! Maria knows how to make one happy. She even brought a sandwich to my tent. Paid 5000. Tent, Tuktuk and dog.

Camping & Hospedaje "Sin Ir Mas Lejos" -35.87682, -71.54306

This place is now called Hotel Don Gato.
35s/room/night (2 ppl).
The room was big enough with two tables, private bathroom, towel, a roof-window.
Our bicycles were stored in the cochera outside which has an access to the other road. And that is far away from our second floor room, so I didn't really like it.
The guy is absolutely not helpful but not unfriendly.
No mirror in the bathroom (important for my gf).
Restaurant in front of hotel is good!
Not the quietest at night but ok.

Hotel Don Gato -7.15458, -79.44486

40s/room/night with matrimonial bed. Room is ok with private bathroom. Window, towel, no WiFi.
Owner is slow, not very helpful but not unfriendly.
Our bicycles were stored in the cochera under the stairs. Not the best, but ok.

Hostal Buenos Aires -7.73103, -79.30512

Self-service laundry place, the only one we found in Cochabamba that worked on saturdays until late and sundays too.
You can do it yourself but you can also ask the guy in there to move the clothes from the washing machine to the dryer too.
S:20bobs M:25bobs and B:30bobs
Dryer for 15bobs

Lavanderia de ropa auto servicio J&R -17.38790, -66.15777

The track up to here is blocked by many landslides that happened over the wet winter of 2023. The last 7.6 km are completely blocked and impassable with a car. Walking, mountain bike and dirt bike would likely be possible.

campsite in meadow -34.41274, -70.22448

camping 7000 pp, refugio 10,000ppp
place for the night, bathroom, Hot showers all Day, and kitchen (are with gas stove). beautiful cerro.
Contact 994901253 Verónica Sanchez Revillod

magia patagonica -45.41352, -72.68591

FYI, with the new road the place is no more accessible. The roadside is impossible to pass.

Big Rock Camp -0.21309, -78.10551

Gate was closed with sign closed. No one inside, don't know for how long it's closed.

Palmas Altas Camping 26.00618, -111.34097

Still working every day. Prices are the same. A lot of washing machines and dryer. Small machine is 19 minutes.

dryer at warm= very hot!! be careful if you don't like your shirt too small!

Laundromat 32.00626, -106.58120

if you don't have a reservation, you can stay 1.6 miles before the entrance for free at the small parking lot from a trail.

or you can ask at the visitor centre and they let you stay in front of the centre in the parking lot. don't be shy to ask.

City of Rocks State Park 32.00626, -106.58120

a night calm
no other vehicle at this night but some free spaces
no problem to sleep here

Cracker Barrel 33.39488, -84.75971

Water tap in the lot of Don Juan grocery store (lots of great option and fresh foods) Sundays there is a great market one block away

Asked the parking attendant and he confirmed it’s drinkable.

Water in grocery lot 13.67460, -89.24290

weird to read good reviews of this place and actually it is an awesome parking lot but we got a visit from a police officer at 20h00 to tell us it is federal land and we cannot park over night here. 🥺

Presidio 37.79988, -122.45328

at 11pm tonight a sprinter pulled in, proceeded to slam their doors for ten minutes, then three girls climbed on the roof and began cooking food up there.

this is the EXACT behavior that is going to ruin Cracker Barrels for everyone. please please don't do this - pull in, put up your shades, and go to sleep. it's not a campground it's a restaurant chain that allows us to park. please don't ruin it with your immature behavior and make everyone else look bad because you want every night to be an Instagram #vanlife night. grow up.

Cracker Barrel 27.82226, -82.66184

Really great camping spot as a base for Arusha and the area. You can also stay in the beautiful house as well if prefer.

Paul and Erika are the hosts and can help with pretty much anything - drinks, food, tours and introductions. They also run Shaw safari which will rent out well kitted out land rovers. For self drive. They also have a small Land Rover garage if you needs some checks done.

One of our top spots to camp across Africa.

Twiga Lodge Campsite -3.31365, 36.87422

Basic hourly hotel in a petrol station plaza, used by tired drivers presumably (not THAT kind of hourly, sorry). Expensive compared to cities, but necessary on the long ride to Riyadh, and it's clean and has AC. No writing in English on the outside, but the exterior lights are all green at night so it's easy to spot. 150 SAR for 12 hours. Parking has cameras.

Rest stop hotel 22.65592, 45.13827

This a area with plenty of workshops. I can imagine they can help you with everything BUT just until it comes to Diesel!
We were not even able to find engine oil 10w40 for our Mercedes’ sprinter 312D. They just don’t have oil for Dieselengines because they never need.
Only petrolcars in KSA. Diesel is just for trucks here….

Riad 24.69979, 46.65253

Clean bathrooms, easy place to sleep. Typical road noise. Several other cars/vans/big rigs overnight

Rest Area Northbound 35.83170, -120.75826

No problem to fill up water. Drinking water. Very friendly.

Drinkwater 24.08984, 53.47623
Adam Gott

minivan with back windows blacked out - security knocked on my door at 12:40 and told me that I couldn't sleep there. Moved down the street to Riverside casino where there were lots of overnighters.

Aquarius Casino 35.16264, -114.57404

Small peninsula with mostly bumpy, but some flat ground. Not super far from houses, so a little noise from dogs. The surroundings are mostly nature, but also industry at one side. The factory gives some background noise (on a Sunday).
multiple spots for open fire.
The lake is used by fishermen, but they leave at sunset.

Radinac 44.61490, 20.97582

Really beautiful place, awesome views, very quiet. If coming from Shobat Castle, OSM will take you on a paved 12 km route. if you are coming from Petra, it will take you on a steep gravel road. No cell service on Umniah.

Wadi Ghwayr 30.59312, 35.55646

Very nice place and very good restaurant. As written before, very friendly owner. He speaks good French and English some words. Some of the waiters also a bit English. We stayed with a big rig at the trees. Only few ground is levelled, so we had to use wheel chocks. Security at night. Very quiet and a beautiful view night and day.

Seyir Tepe 37.04366, 36.27124

Great place for a small detour. No hot pools at the moment but nice rock pools with cold water and the sauna!! This is pretty special. Comes direct from the mountain. Hot!!!! Highly recommended

Termas del Medano -35.82259, -70.76093

Looks like a small garage at the front but it is super big. They do all kind of work. Normal repairs, body work, welding, cleaning. We went here as we had a weird sound in the wheels and needed some welding done on the chassis. Work was good. And the manager ash speaks really good english. We paid around 35 euro per hour for labour.

Naseem garage for repairs and welding 23.57234, 58.37123

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