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Stunning spot behind the rock surrounded by cactus. Easy to find. A circle of stones for a fire pit so a well used site. Could hear traffic from the 1 in our RTT till about 2am and then it started back up around 5:30 the next day.

Cactus Wonderland 29.76017, -114.75989

This place is permanently closed.

Overland Center. Puerto Morelos 20.87418, -86.89374

Stayed here last night. Has others have described, it is very quiet at night but the fishing folks start arriving at 6am. Beautiful little bayou. Important: low clearance trees and power line on the road to get here. I have an 11 foot tall trailer and had to choose the right path on the road to make it.

Lacombe boat launch 30.30898, -89.92963

Parked at Pier 6 on Bayview Ave. No signs saying overnight parking prohibited but Security Guard knocked at 3AM and said it’s not allowed here.

Street Parking 30.16794, -85.70489

This place is permanently closed.

White Mountain Inn -29.10775, 29.61148

Beautiful secluded beach with only one other rig. Was recommended by a local friend and then I discovered it was on iOverlander.

By the sea 29.99764, -114.56480

Still $7 per person per night but due to the new dollar/kwacha rate its now K12 000 per person per night

King's Highway Rest Camp -10.60983, 34.18013

Clean and ok sanitary block. Allright place, not great, not bad.
No electrical hook up. Did not try the restaurant. 70dhm/2ppl one rooftop

bivouac lot of stars 30.90909, -6.89707

The review below from “Bike Voyagers” managed to leave a few important details out of the conversation.
1) They contacted us intending to camp in their tent.
2) They asked where the least windy place for said tent was and we offered a spare under construction unit for them to take shelter in.
3) We offered to take them for German beer.
4) We gave them our spare sleeping pad when he hurt his back.
5) He told me “no” when I asked him if my builder could go get measurements of the room they had moved into.
6) He wrote his “blog” using our only propane burners as his laptop stand and became irritated when he was asked to move.
7) Dry camping is what they paid for, and they basically used our kitchen as private office space making all guests feel uncomfortable with their black hole of a personality.
So yes, we suggested to him that he helped us understand that we need to take care when including resources that can be over consumed when dry camping.

Baljalla 23.35005, -110.15551
Wolfgang Kleinbach

In the meantime cheapest double room starts with 12000N.

Lixborr Hotel 6.33146, 5.62442

Typical Cracker Barrel. Plenty of rigs on-site. Bathrooms are available at the gift shop.

Cracker Barrel Parking Lot 37.07815, -113.58387

Melhor posto que ficamos de SP até aqui. Ducha caliente grátis, quantidade e tempo a vontade. Fornecem água gelada e água quente. Tem também cafeZinho com açúcar grátis. Resumindo: SENSACIONAL!

Posto Tio Sam (Taurus) -23.90420, -54.30238
Nomad Katia

Finally the location was corrected. Now showing the right place on the map.

Sim card small shop 35.53805, 46.14297

phantastic place! directly at the beach, owerwhelming view on castle and sea, very friendly staff, good restaurant, nice open air bar to hang around. I spent the night in dorm, where I was (so far, might change) the only guest

Orange Beach Resort 5.10330, -1.24287

An absolute gem. An oasis in town. Close enough to explore the market etc but tranquil. Run by lovely Italian couple. Fantastic Italian restaurant. Would highly recommend!

Macondo Camp -11.44082, 34.04261

make this your go to place to stay after you cross into Chile. Ross is a great guy. very nice hostel. maybe the best I've stayed at in last 6 months of travel

Hostal Sunny Days -18.46863, -70.30481

Just to add a photo of the location. Very quiet

Overlook 37.88150, -110.40798

This place is permanently closed.

Elqui River -29.89477, -71.27309

Good food and nice place for overneight. Please respect environnemental

Cracker Barrel 30.33176, -81.55169

Lovely state park for camping. It cost 24$ for a primitive site after all fees/taxes. The hookup section was full but there was lots of space in primitive. Nice hot showers and clean laundry facilities. Great place to chill in a hammock (byoh).

Fairview Riverside SP 30.41015, -90.14129

Nothing operating today. Looks unused. Sat 24 Feb 2024.

New/temporary Military check point 29.92140, -114.97018

270 Rand per night + 200 Rand deposit in cash for ablutions key.

If you walk to the small port you can see stingrays! And sometimes otter or seal coming near the beach.

Struisbaai Karavan Park -34.79646, 20.04982

Very nice parc. Ok for class B because the parking lots are designeted for cars. Lots of trafic at night.

Veterans Memorial Park, Lake Charles 30.22968, -93.22008

Local tranquilo e seguro passamos uma noite perto tem churrasqueira e água e luz porém as tomadas estão danificadas a vista é muito bonita

Camping tables and parking by the lake -37.86394, -71.04798

Super service, fast and clean. 9€ for a biiig bag of dirty cloches. Can be done in the day

Eco Bubble excelllent laundry -20.46492, -66.82449

Near Multicines Plaza. A street calm at night. uma rua proxima a avenida calma e segura com um complexo de cinemas proximo onde existe uma praça de alimentacao com banheiros.

Near Multicines Plaza -17.97982, -67.10615

Nice, big spot for Jeep rig and teardrop trailer, or larger RV. Will have to cross rocky drainage to enter the site, will need decent tires. Access is a rough washboard dirt road, some potholes. Go slow. Quiet, clean camp, includes fire ring. Grab this spot early, people know about it.

Dispersed Camping- Coronado NF 31.97097, -109.33562

Very nice and clean Hotel, and nice Owner Jürgen! I recommend this place, safe Parking, Mechanic for Cars and Motorbikes aviable! Taste his very good beer here, original German! Cerveca Toviar

Hotel FREIBURG Parking lot 10.40453, -67.28364

muuuito bom mesmo. banheiros limpissimos, agua/banho super quente, bem legal.

Uriburo camping (Municipality - municipal) -36.50868, -63.86674
Wolfgang Kleinbach

Place is pretty good for a rest stop. Small supermarket and a restaurant.

Chicken Republic & Stanle Bakery 6.23556, 7.11426

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