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Luc & Celine

great place for dumpsite
dump and drinkable water for 8$
toilet and shower available ( ask code)

Desert Trails RV Park 32.77017, -115.54670

It's now Lienzo Hostel. Very nice place, could safely store the bycicles without climbing any stairs. Kitchen and very clean shared bathrooms. Nice paintings and very helpful stuff. Paid 60000 for a deluxe double and two people including breakfast.

Lienzo Hostel 2.44229, -76.60224

Really good campground with everything included: water, electricity, dump, showers, wifi…
Close to the beach but protected from the wind.
Very friendly host.
200 pesos per vehicle.

Dos Lunas 20.85303, -90.40222

Simple rooms and a large lot for camping. 1000KES per night. Food available.

Lotit Guesthouse 1.95025, 36.02835

Qt in Gainesville TX right off interstate 35
Has water fill at the diesel pumps.
Pump can accommodate a truck with up to 40 ft toyhauler rv.

Qt water fill 33.64001, -97.15390

$10.00 to dump. You can pay at the front. Also includes water as well.

Roseville Automall Chevron 38.75223, -121.25022

Very quiet place.
Rooms 15.000.
Safe Parking.
Mosquito net, hot water, big and confortable bed, terrace.
Nice staff.

Aheza Garden Resort Inn -2.13251, 30.07014

Next to the covered soccer/basketball court you will find a series of makeshift sinks, presumably so that the athletes can wash after a match. Not sure if it's potable or not but good for washing and cleaning. Each sink has a faucet that you can connect a hose to.

Soccer Field 5.62988, -73.52031

We heard that this place is no longer operational from locals in town

Kristine Camp 3.11120, 35.60450

Siddhagiri Gramjivan Museum
This place open parking space for buses but we stay overnight. it’s opposite kaneri math a barren land & no one disturb us you can visit math for washroom and water needs the math serve food too and do check the museum for village experience
We visited in afternoon so not sure about the evening timing of math you can check with near by villagers , best part is sunrise

Kaneri math bus parking open land 16.61197, 74.26545

generally covered in trash but good if you have no other option try to be out by 7 or 8 am state patrol doesn't like over night camping

i-5 p&r parking lot 47.20687, -122.45919

250 pppn. its very nice. staff is very kind.

Nguma Island Lodge -18.95472, 22.36894

The bread you can buy there is really tasty. It looks and tastes like tapalapa from Senegal.

Market with delicious bread. -10.72057, 14.97763

Quiet place to sleep, with snack bar and several truck drivers staying overnight, we slept 1 night, place with bathroom and shower. WiFi

Auto Posto Ipiranga - Ipanema -16.24002, -49.55589

There are endless camping opportunities in the whole valley. This specific spot provides easy access also for 2WD, but still is hidden from the road. Its a small green area surrounded by magnificent red rock formations. For us one of our best spots in Saudi. No signal. The heritage site close by us actually not worth to visit but youn can easily spend a day hiking and climbing in the rocks.

Tuwarin Valley 27.60472, 41.45295

Place is closed. Apparently closed during covid and never reopend. We arrived late and found a place to sleep a few km before, bordering the fishing clubhouse. Friendly guy helped us out there.

Gubu dam campsite -32.60290, 27.27328

They had ready made meat and veggies. Also chopped up a complete pineapple for us. Good place for a stop.

Roadside food 2.67516, 12.68623

Decent chicken shawarma at $6.60. Packed full of chicken and not much more. Also came with fries (which isn't advertised) so it's a good meal.

Lots more on the menu (see pic)

Waited about 20 minutes for the food, so certainly not "fast" like their name suggests!

Shawarma and more 6.23821, -10.68418

Really nice free campground! can stay for up to 2 days and it has toilets, showers, water and laundry. Right next to a river- unreal spot! Just off the princess highway

camp for free at the moment -37.56732, 149.14585

Argentina to Chile
Exit Argentina, lots of people but surprisingly fast. you need to go to the end of the room to do migracion and that come back to the line for aduana. took us 25 min
Entering Chile, get back in your car and drive for 2-3 minutes. very quick, you do migracion in the first room and then aduana and sag (2 different counters) in the second room. it took 7 min. very superficial inspection just opened the door

Monte Aymond - Carretera Austral Crossing -52.45652, -69.54606

600'000 ars per person on 21.02.2024
very quick at 16h30
closes at 17h00
wifi on spot
dont ask for a photocopy

Western Union - Carrefour -51.62327, -69.21316

as described, huge parking secured lot would fit a UniMog! clean room even the bathroom sink has hot water. friendly staff. paid 68 Soles for one bed, one person. fast wifi

arunta hotel -18.02102, -70.26092

They have bencina Blanca here for your msr stove

Cacharrito Austral 1 - Ferreteria & Auto accessories & parts currency change -47.25416, -72.57936

nice Place to stay for one or more nights.
4x4 recommend only for the Last few Meters.
we did it by 4x2 bud Had to release Air and use our Winch.
when navigate with google Take the Last right Turn before the dead end and follow the track.
keep left and you will find it.

the water nearby worked but with almost No pressure
really nice Here

Palm Camp 27.57099, 41.45357

Passed by, there is a fence now blocking access. River is gorgeous could make a good cyclist lunch / snack spot sitting on the rock ledge.

Sheltered Wildcamp Next to Clean River -48.23563, -72.70270

very nice wild camp close to the road but hidden slightly by the bushes.
there are many options to wild camp here (Lots of flat ground) perfect for motorcycles or bicycles. bicycles could even be pushed up the rocks and a tent placed in a more hidden area.
it may be possible to get cars and trucks here but it would very likely be seen from the road side, some ground clearance would help as there are hidden rocks in the grasses and a small drop from the road onto the flat area
close to villages but nobody bothered us, only one local lady came to chat before sun down as she harvested bark from a tree.
many cows around so you may here them rustling through the bushes but overall very peaceful

Wild camp near rocks 12.06435, -13.52834

Botswana to Zambia in a SA car with Swiss Passport. Big border, took us approximately 2h, but no problems. As described above, but it is all in the same building now (interpol and insurance). You have to buy insurance at the boarder for Zambia. If you want to buy Comesa later, you will have to buy insurance again for Zambia as it has to be the same company. The insurance lady in Livingstone from Phoenix insurance told us, that we could have bought insurance with them in advance. Like that you don't need to buy it twice. Not sure if it works, but maybe someone wants to try that.

Kazungula border: BOTSWANA to ZAMBIA -17.77886, 25.27029

Très bien
À l’entrée des keys
Il faut aller jusqu’au fond
Nous sommes arrivés à 21h30, il y avait un van déjà et d’autres véhicules sont arrivés après
Endroit stratégique pour prendre la route pour les keys
À côté de la route donc on entend un peu mais c’est correct

Aerojet Canal 25.31160, -80.45612

Good place to stay one night if you want a little bit of amenities: gaz, toilets H24, shop with food H24 and wifi if you ask the QR in the shop. But... don't forget your earplugs!

PetroEcuador Chunchi -2.28442, -78.92272
Ana Reis

The place is very good for camping .
You can use the pool and have a massage or a meal in the facilities that exist on the lodge.
The area for camping have grass and a private toilets for each campsite.
We loved the staff.

Lapa Lange Game Lodge -24.80606, 18.18847

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