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Very social hostal with lakefront view.
For CL$10.000pp you can park on their (small) parking lot. We had a big pickup which just fitted. Good value if you want some youthful company and use their clean bathrooms and kitchens

Chili Kiwi Hostel -39.27710, -71.97914

great parking so quiet and very little light pollution ✨️🚐

FS Rd 119/Montezuma Well Rd 34.66007, -111.74944

El lugar es increíble, no hay señal ni nada
Pero el camping del lago hermoso tiene wifi y viveres. Es un poco costoso pero tiene de todo

Camping Lago Hermoso -40.35557, -71.47440

great place to stay for a few days. there were manmade fire rings! there was one person on other end of campsite at first then 2 days in 2 more vehicles came, one only stayed a night then left. very quiet and peaceful. there was plenty of space between campsites. I did see a sheriff pass by the main road on one of my morning walks. will definitely be back!!

Di-Lane WMA campground 32.96357, -82.08898

No water. Maybe because of winter. Feb 23, 2024

Water at rest area 34.98042, -105.08612

Great hospedaje. 15000 per person with cozy house kitchen great wifi and parking for motorcycle. Rita is friendly and her dogs are affectionately welcoming.

Hospedaje Rita -42.91366, -72.70815

Excellent beers at a really good price. Really enjoyed relaxing here with some tasty IPA's and a scotch ale, amongst other good beers on offering. they also have food, but we didn't try.

Cervecería Euthòpia -43.08883, -71.46328

Busy but all good here! Lots of traffic on a Friday evening but able to find a spot.

Gold Canyon 33.36566, -111.38271
T. L.

Walmarts in San Diego County can no longer allow overnight parking. This particular Walmart does not allow overnight stays per security.

Leucadia. Walmart 33.06888, -117.26481

Great spot for a FREE day parking. Even has spots for big RVs (just don't park on or over the grass areas).
We spent a day exploring the city while our 24 ft motor home rested on this parking spot.
Bathrooms nearby + beach and easy access to the palace of fine Art
No restrictions on length or height of the rig.
No parking after 11pm I believe.

Free parking for RV 37.80574, -122.45064

No motor homes and no vehicles higher then 7 ft and longer then 22ft

Marina Yacht Harbor 37.80716, -122.43747
Nomad Katia

Clean, comfortable big rooms with 3 beds, AC/heater, fridge, hot shower and right by Zeribar lake. Breakfast included. 1,600,000 Tomans (28 Usd). Plenty parking spaces. Restaurant attached. Walking distance, by the road, to the lakewalk where there are food stands. They don't provide free water, you can buy. No wifi, but good Irancell signal. Very friendly people, no English spoken.

Marivan Tourist Hotel 35.53846, 46.14269

nice wild place, easily accessible for all kind of cars

Bush camp 23.16280, 57.16556

Cop came by and said "no overnight parking or camping allowed."

Bootleg Canyon Trailhead 35.98255, -114.86059
Wijaya kusuma

information for world traveller come to Indonesia

ordtraining -6.23141, 106.85794

We stayed in the upper section of the wadi, between this point and the end of the road. There were a lot of people BBQing and strolling (Friday night). The are is nice but it was noisy until 3am and in the morning workers started at 7am. So if you are a light sleeper this may not be for you.

Wadi Namar 24.56699, 46.67402

We were shown this bakery by a local (Paul). We really liked the buns.

Good Bakery -8.90218, 33.43623

Level parking, beautiful views, access to pebble beach with black sand, bus terminal, people waiting to pick up a friend play radio loudly at 1:30 am, then mostly quiet with sounds of waves and occasional siren.

Wonderful street camping 27.33605, -112.26339

A villa in a lush, green garden with a pool where megabats come to drink at sunset.
Comfortable rooms with a/c, hot water, fiber optic internet, absolutely quiet and clean, extremely helpful and nice staff and delicious breakfast with fresh fruit, real juice, real coffee, homemade jam etc.
They also have a small choice of very cheap meals like spaghetti for 1500 or local dishes for 1000.
We payed 12.000 for a double room and 2000 p.p. for breakfast. A/c is 2000 extra, but we didn’t need it. The garden keeps the house cool.
Safe parking, but gate can be too low if you have too much on the roof. Safe area, next door is UN with a lot of guards so I wouldn’t mind parking outside.

Villa Bobo 11.17190, -4.27927

Confirmed, open and still free. Take your time, it's huge!

National Museum 24.64731, 46.71062

This street is filled with parts shops for (almost) every vehicle.

Many parts shops 25.09601, 56.27402

Good Hostel with private parking in front of the entrance. Prices see
Good location for walking to all have-to-see-places.
There is also a QR Code on the Rooftop with the location of all Streetart Pictures in Amman.

Battuta Hostel 31.95237, 35.91737

Resthaven Guesthouse is a family business ran by Philip, Elrita and their son.
They have more than 30 rooms, they are working 24/7.

They have great food and can serve every meal or cold drinks, I recommend their Steack Filet !

They will welcome you warmly, no need to book in advance, they’ll make time for you and you can enjoy their amazing pool.

Cherry on top, Philip is a amazingly knowledgeable guide for Lesotho and can arrange 4x4 day trips or longer.

Resthaven Guesthouse -30.34511, 28.81221

Resthaven Guesthouse

Philip & Elrita Rawlins
(039) 737 - 4067
[email protected]
77 Main Street, Matatiele

Resthaven Guesthouse -30.34525, 28.81221

Drinking water. For filling canisters or with a hose. Very friendly shop owner. He didn't want anything for the water, so we bought a few sweets in the shop.

Water 32.08892, 54.14035

The road between Kisi and Sitalike is gravel/ mud road only except for some concrete surface on steep slopes.
For cyclists: It’s a bumpy ride. We have found this section quite tiering. There were tse tse flies from 15km after Kisi onwards and throughout the entire National Park. No possibility to get food or water until you reach Sitalike. Nice scenery though.

Dirt road until Sitalike -7.19160, 31.02172

Friendly owner and hundert of land rovers around. he sell spareparts but most of them are secondhand. so if you need something, i am sure, you will find it here. Specialized in 300 TDI.

LandRover Junkyard 31.91078, 35.99079

Passamos uma noite tranquila nesse ponto. É um espaço bastante amplo, reto e em frente a praia. Dormimos com a brisa e o som do mar e acordamos com um lindo nascer do sol.

Parking spot in front the Beach -10.12512, -36.10872

Wonderful little hostel. Very kind family running it and in a beautiful location overlooking the mountains around Trevelin. The price to quality ratio is excellent. There is a kitchen and dining area available to use, food wifi, hot strong showers, and a great place to store the bicycles which is covered in case of rain. ( we travel by bicycle). It is a very easy walk to the main street, and there is an excellent local microbrewery just a few blocks away which is a wonderful added bonus (Cerveceria Euthópia).

Hostel Draiggoch -43.08902, -71.45932

It ist there although not visible in Google Maps or Bing Maps. But at the same time, for big rigs, only accessible when going east to Riad, because of missing U-turn.
Looks good, when driving by...

Free sterile and clean water from wells 22.71769, 42.17359

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