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Aquí mismo se compra el ticket !!
Hay una oficina que está de Lunes a Viernes de 9 a.m. a 22 horas, el pago es únicamente con tarjeta de crédito o débito, no QR.
En la terminal también puedes comprar el ticket, mayormente se quedan sin sistema y trabajan todo los días y el encargado del descargue de aguas negras trabaja Todos los dias.
Precio actual $3,000
Hay bote de Basura, y Agua potable.

Playón de Tránsito y Transporte -41.13611, -71.28073

The courtyard for campers is really really tiny but if you don’t mind sleeping in the muddy yard next door, futur campground in a While, you can use the kitchen and the banos. Rooms are Nice but if you don’t book through booking, you re not sure to have what you expected. And it does not seem to bother Anyone. Anita and here husband are friendly but the rest of the staff seems like they should do another job. 🫣

El Nido del Flamenco -20.46813, -66.81627

En verano:
Hemos ido y venido de Bariloche y dormir aquí, bastante tranquilo para dormir, en el día si viene gente a bañarse y los pescadores que vienen por la mañana y también por la tarde, nos parece un buen punto para pasar 1 o 2 noches.
Siempre hay uno que otro viajero.

Trailers parking Dina Huapi -41.07196, -71.17336

Visitamos la cascada de los duendes y aprovechamos a consultar precios, no nos quedamos pero vimos que habían muchos niños, parecía que los escolares vienen a acampar acá.
$8,000 pp y pagas una vez la Motorhome $8,000

Lago Gutierrez -41.17641, -71.41619

we slept here one night, the road is now completed paved, but it's very steep l, a trucks/ big rig wouldn't be able to get here. We parked at the end of the city, but I wouldn't call it super wild, there is a house on the side, a parking lot on the other side and a restaurant at the end so you cannot go any further.

Some trash, but not too much, the river is really close and there are boats that goes to better beaches close by, the boat costs 60 dollars, we waited to come more people to share a boat, so we paid for 2 people 15 dolar, it went to la cueva and doña juana.

I believe it is only worth to come here if you're going to do a boat trip. A guy told us that it is possible to reach the peach doña juana by trail, don't know if it does exist.

We also saw a camping site at the begging of the beach very nice sunset!

Don't miss the view point on the road!

no +movil here (internet)


Beachfront at the end of the road 7.83132, -81.57949

great view of the sea, amazing sunset , no facilities. To get here is a paved but very steep road! no 4g.

mirador pixvae 7.86511, -81.54792

nice view of the sea!
Looks new. paved road but very very steep.

mirador pixvae 7.86509, -81.54791

Very quiet night and would certainly use again.

Overlook 37.88153, -110.40795

Estacionando do Restaurante Flutuante Flutuaí Boa Vista é um lugar incrível, apaixonante, a beira do Rio Branco, com o nascer do Sol mais lindo das Galáxias, conta com um prato de peixe com crosta de farofa de castanha, do chef Ney Agostinho 🙌🏻.

O proprietário Bira e seus funcionários são muito prestativos, adoram receber motorhomes.

Tem água gratuita, mas a energia tem que negociar.

FlutuaíBV 2.84691, -60.64110

No more access. Road seems to be new. Couldn’t find it

Cámping zone near Magdalena river 8.98402, -73.89522

As described. Arrived 8pm, left around 8am and didn't see anyone. View of the lake down the path was nice.

Old 98 Public Fishing Area 35.97917, -78.62687

Beautiful spot on a full moon night. Clean and easy stay.

Untanum Recreation Site-BLM 46.85484, -120.48306

Large lots washer dryers. Clean even has ice cream. Toy area for kids.

Coin laundromat 28.84289, -82.34313

Don’t miss to stopp here!
We only stayed for one night, but we got lots of information about Angola from Luis.
Great food too, Juliett is a marvelous cook!

Kakuakos Lodge -8.79263, 13.39891

This is the place where you need to pay 5$ for entering with a vehicle. Until here the road is totally manageable with every kind of vehicle.

But from here on the road gets steeper and bumpier and there are many parts which are supposed to help the water floating through (don‘t know the English word for it sorry :D maybe,hollows‘?) which are very challenging. So somehow we managed it going up with a 3,5t VW Crafter (like a Sprinter) without 4x4 and normal clearance, but our clutch stopped working in the end and on the way our engine got too hot and we needed to stop for a while. So very adventurous for us.

Would rather recommend to go with a tour from La Union overnight (!), if you have a bigger car like us without 4x4 and high clearance (I‘m saying this, coming from South America and already driven the Laguna Route … without problems!)

But still, don‘t miss this place! The sunset is okay, but the SUNRISE is just stunning!!! 5:30am the sun is coming up slowly and all the time changing colors with the views are just amazing!

Mirador Espiritu de la Montaña 13.29319, -87.83515

Drove by this spot to check it out yesterday, the gravel lot was full of snow and had not been plowed. This seems like an off-brand pilot station which is in a business park. Does not seem like a viable spot in the winter could be better in the summer but make sure you scout it out.

Pilot travel center 40.49216, -106.85153

Sweetest lady with a little comedor on the way into Oaxaca City. 80p for the best tlayuda I've had in Oaxaca and it was too big to finish!

Comida Oaxaqueña 17.02245, -96.58038

i tried getting here but there was a huge (grey) gate and a guard (on a thursday afternoon). i didn’t see any blue or green gates or holes in a fence. there were some off shoot trails into thick bush so if you want to bring a machete and try that route haha but another local i spoke with said there is indeed a hole in the fence but they may be stricter during the busy season. i think they installed a new gate. sign that says video camera too.

also, the 200 foot $20 waterfall is pretty epic. I am cheap and still felt that it was a beautiful visit. it was flood time when i arrived though, so maybe made it more special… remember costa rica is largely built on tourism…

Poza para Nadar - Upper Catarata 10.44495, -84.50727
Reanna the Gringa

Pemex station with bathrooms. We filled up and asked the attendant if we could pull over & park/sleep in our car and he said no problem. You’ll need to park in the spots by the closed down Oxxo, the back spaces are for trucks/trailers to pull in. There are bathrooms available for 5 pesos. There were quit a few flying bugs, but did not notice mosquitos. There is noise from the highway so if that bothers you, you may want to skip. Safe travels!

Pemex 17.99961, -93.28076

Spent one night here, very quiet and sounded safe.
Few trucks came up at 9pm and early morning at 6.30am but no issue.

San Andres - Free 6.80513, -72.85193

great place, very well priced and clean. we used their long hose straight to the van, but our friends had to rig something up to get their system to work and the workers were very patient and friendly

Tabor aquaPura 26.01096, -111.34921

clean, lovely, and well priced! only 4 washers and 4 dryers, so you might have to be a little patient. sold ice cream in the store for a treat while you wait. very friendly staff!

Supermarket Santa Fe Coin-Op Laundry 26.00561, -111.35258

Very beautiful spot to camp out overnight. Scenery perfectly peaceful with a view of Space Florida landing area. Lots of fish and pelicans. But it’s loud . There is a Praxair generating station next door which whines constantly. After a while you don’t hear it though. Also, there are train tracks a few feet away so it’s loud and shaky when it goes by. Luckily , it doesn’t go by very often . It’s a cargo train . I would still recommend if you like wild areas.

boat ramp 28.67821, -80.82640

Good cerveceria with local beer and good. Beautiful views.

Brava cerveceria -38.88059, -71.17810

Now called The Queen, it’s a huge lot with some level parking. Good Verizon and T-Mobile service. We were there on a Friday night and the lot filled up, glad we got there early. Only a mile from downtown with tons to do there. Casino was smoke free which was nice.

The Queen Casino 30.46100, -91.19152

Establish top of line ($70-$95+/nite) campground, concrete or cobblestone paver or gravel RV sites, best shower/luxury solo stall bathroom I've been in. Wi-Fi basic, can upgrade to premium (we did) for tv streaming. Quiet. Long term & short term stays. Has cabin lodging too. Located in Port Orange about 10 miles from Daytona Speedway. Enjoyed the stay!

Sun Retreat RV Campground Daytona Beach 29.13537, -81.02861

Quiet night
No one bother us
We parked on the left of the store

Walmart 32.22843, -101.46692
instagram: auroraroamer

We spent two very quiet nights protected from the wind and at a manageable altitude. They don't charge for spending the night, what you have to do is consume something in the restaurant, they sell a very special delicious wine. It's called cortaderas. They lend you the toilets. You must be very respectful of the place so that they continue allowing travelers.

Pasamos dos noches muy tranquilas protegidos del viento y a una altitud manejable. No cobran por pasar la noche, lo que debes hacer es algo de consumo en el restaurante, venden un vino delicioso muy especial. se llama cortaderas. te prestan los sanitarios. se debe ser muy respetuoso con el lugar para que sigan permitiendo viajeros.

Hosteria, hotel Cortaderas -27.56050, -68.14749
Adam Gott

Stayed 2 nights in my mini van. Bathroom was open all night despite the sign on the door. There was another large van and a few hospital staff coming and going throughout the night. The helicopter took off and landed the times but otherwise a very peaceful sleep

Lake Havasu City Hospital 34.47970, -114.33999
Team Nissan

A load of laundry cost us 1000LEK and the laundry came out perfectly clean and dry. The woman who served us was very friendly and helpful. We recommend

Laundry Speed Queen 40.46447, 19.46023

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