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Nice place to set up camp when travelling by bike. Mighty views on the glacier and its castle-like peaks to the east. Place for 3 to 4 tents in the grass field on the left. However, there is quite some dung and sheep shit, as well as thorny plants. River at 50m, filter your water, or boil it because of the animals around. Water doesn't have a good taste of its own anyway.

Carretera Austral - Estero las Tranqueras -47.60598, -72.89857

Estacionamento público com vários Motorhomes. Ficam também muitas vans de turismo e táxis. A localização é boa para conhecer a cidade, porém há muitas barracas com moradores de rua ao redor, presenciamos uma confusao entre eles, onde se ameacavam com pedaços de vidro e tal. Ficamos parados um pouco distante dos MH q estavam lá por conta de falta de vagas próximas. Uma pessoa nos abordou na van pedindo comida. Em um outro momento, uma pessoa se aproximou da nossa porta do motorista, se encostando na van.. talvez tenha sido pra se olhar no espelho do retrovisor, mas depois disso não nos sentimos muito seguros de ficar lá e partimos. Caso pare por lá, fique o mais perto possível dos outros MH.

Municipal Parking - Arraial d’Ajuda -16.48871, -39.07545

Still a wonderful camping option. I believe it is the cheapest option in Puyahuapi for 5,000 per person. kitchen and great social room/dining room. covered tenting options and a beautiful outdoor area to put up the tents as well
the owner is a lovely and helpful woman who gave us good advice for the area. we travel by bicycle and it was a good place to wait out the rain for a day as well. the wifi works well and you can see sea lions playing in the fjord at sunset. wonderful place.

Adonai camping -44.32589, -72.56029

Coming from the north you pay 150 bol/person and another 25 bol for driving the road. Or sayed differently: you pay 150 bol/person and another 25 bol for the fact that the road is getting worse.

Laguna Colorado Gate -22.21941, -67.79896

Nice little Canyon, but also not that Special in south America. You can visit the Canyon when your on the road between Laguna Colorado and the geysirs anyway.

road in canyon -22.40345, -67.78350
The Novel RV Journal

Came to use free (with senior pass) dump and get water. Liked the campground so much I stayed three nights. $25 a night or $12 with senior pass, CASH ONLY, payable at kiosk. Lovely and quiet. Connectivity was slow but doable.

Katherine’s Landing Campground 35.22297, -114.55762
Tim Cappan

We had a great time in Hostel Sin Fin. Located in the center of Mendoza. Available on Well equiped kitchen, clean bathrooms, laundry service (ARS4500 per load), good wifi connection and speed.
Staff is very kind and helpful.
Breakfast is included and is served in a breakfast bar a few meters from the hostal entrance.

Hostel Sin Fin -32.88901, -68.84269

station en travaux. beaucoup de camions stationnent là néanmoins.
nous sommes allés dans la ville d à côté : station ypf salto encantado. toilettes et jeux pour enfants à proximité. les pompistes nous ont dit ue c était OK de dormir et "muy tranquillo"

YPF ruta nacional 14, aristobulo del valle -27.11241, -54.90293

There is no sign indicating that you cannot camp. We spent the night and didn't see anyone. It's an incredible place . The milky way is seen perfectly.

Desert Plains -20.24542, 13.89224

Posto de combustível nos fundos da lanchonete frango assado. Deixam pernoitar, realizando abastecimento.

Posto Arco íris -22.87373, -45.26618

Walkable to Starbucks and Fresh Market. Park is nice, exploring and looking at the house in the area was great too

David T. Kennedy Park 25.73370, -80.23078

We were allowed to stay in their carpark in our RTT for no charge. We ate in their restaurant where food was OK.
Lots of lights in carpark. Also many of people arriving and leaving until gone midnight.
Access to toilet but no shower.
Lovely to sit by the pool to look at all the birds on the water.
Generally a haven of tranquility from the town.

Le Relais de Kaolack 14.13036, -16.08309

I think this warning can be closed. El Salvador is doing a lot to improve security. there were several Souvenir vendors at the Mirador today (Tuesday)

Armed robbery at Mirador 13.83083, -89.58381

Bonne endroit pour faire son lavage soit même (offre aussi le service de nettoyage). Machine sont quand même bien et bon WIFI

50 pesos par petite machine pour le lavage et 40 pesos pour la sécheuse. Cependant on a du faire 2 rondes de séchage.

Stationnement facile juste en face ( les rues sont étroites et pas toujours évidant de se stationner près.

Claudia Laundromat + Wifi 26.89134, -111.98411

Great and genuine welcome from Mr. Luis! Very low price for a room with two beds and shower with hot water (on request), all spotless. Free washing machine. Dinners from 150 pesos upwards, they also offer cheap breakfasts and lunches, Mrs. Teresa is an excellent cook and I say this as an Italian chef. However, there is the possibility to use the kitchen and the fruit that they provide free of charge.
There is also the possibility to camp, park or stay in the shared room as well as being able to book a mezcal ceremony at a ridiculous price!

Las Bugambilias del Rio 27.21916, -107.91320

25.000 for one person, very expensive, even in high season

Hostal Natti -45.57683, -72.07129

Great campsite, really quiet and beautiful. Also well protected in the trees. Every site has its own parking and outhouse. There are only 7 spots, so it might be full or you might have to share one. Paid 3000 p/p (not including park entrance which is 11000 p/p, can be paid upon arrival or on the internet), takes cash and credit.

Reserva Nacional Lago Jeinemeni - El Silencio Campground -46.83861, -72.01275

1hour trail from San Martín de Los Andes starting at the beach and following a trail heading the west. After 45minutes there’s a Mapuche community charging a fee ($1.500 Argentine pesos per person) to allow you access the Viewpoint

Sendero y Mirados Bandurrias -40.16360, -71.37533

Overnight stay in the parking lot. Quite busy w cars in and out and the noise of the train 4x at night

Publix 26.96667, -80.08717

We stayed in LA Linda Loma for 4 nights with our pickup camper. It is a very safe, quiet and beautiful place. As described, the nature is wonderful and the hiking in the nearby park is amazing. Also amazing is Nicolas, the owner of this place and his family. Very friendly and helpful. If you want to stay there, please get in contact with Nicolas in advance.

Swiss Eco Lodge La Linda Loma -33.00466, -71.06333

Great spot to overnight up on the hill, flat space on top. wonderful sundown/Sunset, a bit windy. for free

Up the hill 5.66218, -61.56138

Really nice place during the week. We parked for free a bit further away on the right side for our fantastic Coiba trip. The police came and informed us because of the tide. Be careful and check the tide exactly, maybe with an app, but for us it was no problem at all for 3 days. The water came until 3 m before the truck.

Parking next to the beach (gated) 7.62809, -81.24693

Got a beachside Palapa here for a quick stopover. Great view and easy to town for errands, water, groceries etc. Rigs close together but everyone was friendly and respectful, quiet. Walking on the beach at sunrise is a great introduction to

Cons: We did not risk the upper level of the palapa as it did not feel stable. Showers were not warm. The dogs barked much of the night. I think it’s expensive for what you get compared to elsewhere in Baja but it was worth it for us.

La Palapa RV Camp 31.03358, -114.82780

Average Walmart. Lots of light in the parking lot. Didn’t have any issues

Walmart 36.90435, -111.48648

This is a privately owned camp ground. Nice and clean and affordable for overnighting. 30 full hookup sites, and there are 8 full time RV’s in the back row. Everything was very clean and neat. It’s a glorified parking lot, though the tent sites are very nice away from the RV sites and on grass. Clean bathrooms, private shower rooms included in the camping fee. 10% off for Military or Veterans. $42 a night for general public, tent sites are less. I wouldn’t call this a destination, but it’s very nice and minutes from the Oregon - California state line on HWY395, which is very scenic driving.

Wild Goose Meadows RV 42.21738, -120.36476

I forgot to add this link to creation of this location.

Wild Goose Meadows RV 42.21737, -120.36475

We slept one night here, the night before climbing the Baru volcano. It is one kilometer from the entrance to the park. Up to this point the road is ok, paved. quiet place, there are more cars parked. there are no facilites. recommended.

Road side 8.79644, -82.48916

Não nos permitiram dormir aqui com motorhomes. Informaram que é apenas para caminhoneiros

YPF. South Mendoza -33.09450, -68.87888

When we arrived at the spot there were guys picking up sand from the river, very friendly, they went up and down until dark.
We crossed the river, not deep at the time of the year, and went a little further to be quiet.

There is a lot a shepherds in this area, they all were friendly.

The next morning when leaving, someone had put rocks on the way we went down, probably as a sign of « private property ».
We just moved them, passed and put them back.

Nice River Camping -29.66610, 27.80414

It's a small courtyard with big shared kitchen and living area. Clean bathrooms, good WiFi. Lot of travelers, so good place to get tips or share experience. Nice atmosphere, quiet at night. No problems with dogs during our stay. 400MXN/2ppn.

Peace Center 24.14985, -110.33032

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