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Simple nice and clean auberge. Double room with AC 20 000. No wifi

Auberge Saare Aminata paate De Tamba 13.77374, -13.66713

Found this quiet spot near the dunes, under some trees. Very quiet and can be reached with any vehicle. Lots of trees around for shade and wind shelter. Good internet reception with Etisalat.

To reach this spot it is best to come from the north/northeast. In the west you have the dunes and in the east/southeast a train dock and a camel track which you'll have to drive around.

Under the trees near the dunes 25.45378, 55.94764

BEEtopia is a Center for the Conservation of Bees through Research and Education.
And the best: the bees are stingless! Nothing to worry about!

It is run by a very energetic team of Beekeepers and Researchers that work together with the local beekeeping community!

Upon request, they also open their doors for guests curious about the little things!

Definitely a destination off the beaten path and worth a visit!

Contact Warren and Kathrin through WhatsApp +255659523791 or mail: [email protected]

BEEtopia -3.31646, 36.90381

They do not refill gasbottles here.........

Numan Sultan Commercial Est 31.95945, 35.92342

In or on the edge of the botanical garden there is a lot of space to Camp and relax. the place narked, is near a koran school. ifyou want more privacy, there are Lots of alternatives. some locals passing by, but all Contests are quite nice. even a nice place to stay 1 or 2 days.

former botanical garden 10.72487, -12.24233

A small van on the side of the road who printed our stuff.

The price is 50 per copy.
Possible to send the documents per WhatsApp or scan it.

Print Shop 6.35467, 2.39814

Water Tap is close in winter. It’s too cold right now here

Water fountain 40.77312, 32.03280

Nice white lighthouse on the top of rocks. You can visit it but it 100Rand per person (also kids), including a drink at the bar.

Cape st Blaize lighthouse -34.18592, 22.15641

quit spot, beautiful view. wood was provided.
i did not have to pay anythibg, but it was wintertime.

Diver's Spot 58.30689, 14.62786

Best Diesel Service Bosch and Denso in Capetown. Super friendly and competent.
Absolutely recommended. Call 021 511 9197/ 8 or 071 303 8692 for appointment
as they are busy!

JEG Diesel Service -33.91552, 18.46610

Last spot before the difficult part (going up); also very nice for a (lunch)break.

off the road but still visible -29.59433, 29.30214

Coming from the south, this place is well located and has pleasant facilities. At least in relation to being free. it has a lot of space. The wall protects from the wind and nuisances. Toilets are clean. Unfortunately, water doesn't run at the sinks at all times. We were also able to use the ancient washing machine. We paid 75 Diham per night for two people and our MAN. We stay here for two nights. We would come back.

Camping Sahara Line 26.20931, -14.35853

Wild camp spot with no facilities. Some of the sites seem to be numbered but we camped were we wanted. We were ther out of season so we were completely alone. Van get a bit breezy.

Tronox Namakwa Sands - Brand se Baai -31.27390, 17.90510

50 pesos bolivianos por persona. lindo lugar. estacionamiento para varios vehículos

hostal progreso -16.65011, -68.28905

Nice spot: free parking next to a lake. You can take a boat to an island. Good for big ribs.

Nice spot closed to a lake 20.47688, 76.21076

There was a police check here today. They waved us through

Security Checkpoint 26.35856, -14.15281

Very large sites, land for dogs past the back gate very quiet, good vibe great sunsets

Snowbird West RV Park 33.59760, -113.35087

Swimming pool and campground. Very good facilities (although note no charging points at the sites). 10,000 CLP I paid (cyclist with rent). Prices are on their website. Lovely people running the place. Kiosk on site.

Camping Valle de Chada -33.90384, -70.65905

Riders note; 1.6km all deep sand approach from main road, difficult to ride loaded for me.
When I got there no gasoline - only diesel cash.

fuel station ("Horses Gate"?) for emergencies 23.30396, 51.65001

small dirt road off main hwy. peaceful night with just the sounds of nature. rode a couple hundred meters down the road and there were
spots to camp not visible from main hwy. traveling by bicycle but this would also work well for big rigs and car campers. great spot!

dirt road to chaguani 4.99265, -74.70270

Very good pecan nuts pie, quiche, croissant, chaï latte and a lot of other drinks! Nice, fast and good. Free wifi.

The blue Shed -34.18134, 22.15021

What a lovely place - a must see!
Friendly staff, beautiful camping site and good food.

Tulivu Kilimanjaro Retreat -3.36165, 37.37968

Perfect place to spend the night. On the small connecting road to an abandoned gravel pit, there are plenty of opportunities to spend the night.

Overnight place before Laguna de Diamante -34.23206, -69.17555

Perfect place to park for free under coconut trees close to a bar restaurant with very kind woman.
You are at 20m from the ocean.
She cooks grilled fish and banana allocos for 6000cfa the plate for 2 people.
There is space for 10 vehicules overlanders without any problem.
There is grass with roots for vehicules that don't have 4wd cars.
Perfect to get an appointement with other travellers before crossing Nigeria !

Chez Sam bar restaurant 6.34464, 2.27099

Oman -> UAE. Easy border crossing. The Omani side was a little confused about the Carnet and didn't find our car in the system but just stamped the carnet out. UAE side quick - passport stamp and opening the car doors for them to look inside but not thorough search. Nothing to pay at the border.

Immigration (Entry and Exit) 24.21787, 55.95861

Basic - prices have gone up - 200 SAR / night. Cash only.

Waha Hotel (Behind gas station) 24.36193, 51.23925

Now there are gas stations closer and mid-point on Oman highway.

SASCO 24.36189, 51.23923
Jamie Z

Nice place along the river. Several flat and grassy spots to camp or park.

Totally exposed. No shade.

It's on the edge of a small town so expect locals to come by, though the couple people I talked to were perfectly friendly.

Lots of dogs barking at night.

Good Claro signal. There's a grocery store out on the main highway. I did not see any stores or restaurants in the small town.

Along the Parana -29.03062, -59.19061

Small hotel run by a motorcycle traveler. reasonable price, easy walk to the main parts of Bariloche. I paid 40k pesos (Feb 2024). highly recommend. comfortable, quiet, and clean. ther is no parking for cars or vans, but he has room to park a couple of motorcycles inside, with his motorcycle.

Hotel El Koru Bariloche -41.13985, -71.30471

Public swimming area at the river with several tables and palapas, plenty of places to park and camp for free. I arrived by bicycle after 5pm and no one was here. No cost to enter or camp. Very quiet and peaceful. Unfortunately some trash left at some of the tables but overall not so bad. Bathrooms for 5 pesos but not sure when they are open.

Balneario Tambaque 21.68614, -99.04211

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