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They sell filtered drinking water. You can fill up your water tank with a hose or by using 20L bottles.

We drink from it without issues. 30Rs for 20 liters.

Water filling station 24.61826, 73.68901

Very nice site for overnight camping. Toilets working, electricity also. Some shade of trees. People passing by to visit the church. Many parrots flying around.
No Claro signal.

Church. El Puesto -27.94263, -67.64682

Pretty quiet at night. Friendly staff inside.

Cracker Barrel 26.68340, -81.79674

Pretty good spot very close to the tared road if you wanna observ the noise Iron Ore Train coming back and forth from East to West.
You will standing in a bend where the Train actually slows down before he envers the station.

Iron Ore Train Lookout 21.29367, -16.50587

Exchanged our bottle 10kgs 12000 pesos. cash ou mercado paiement. Nice 👍

Special Gas (Fill Bottles) -34.62882, -68.32669

très belle place a voir a côté de la marina.
magnifique coucher de soleil.
emplacement avec table de Picnic.

Omer-Tantie Marina 27.14721, -80.86918

The embassy of DRC in Abidjan. The visa requirements and prices are in the list that I appended.

DRC Embassy 5.36932, -3.98982

Very nice campsite overlooking the kalahari from top of dune
Clean ablusion and nice braai area
Friendly owners at this very private and special place
Phone Casper on +264 812427919
Only 1 stand
Price N$ 150 p/p

Boesmankolk -24.16667, 19.98098

Lovely and very helpful vet! Did the papers for border crossing and anti parasite treatment for 22000 (feb 24) they gave us a leash as a present.

Foyel veterinary medicine -41.13837, -71.29911

Good stopover between Nairobi and Mombassa. Next to the road so you can hear the many trucks passing by. Rooms are very small but nice. Clean, with a fan, hot shower, mosquito net. Food was very good, staff is friendly. Save parking. We paid 2.500 Kesh for two, including good breakfast.

Sunview Lodge and Restaurant -2.36318, 37.89233

this is now a Circulé K convenience store. hose is on left side of building.

Circle K 27.49196, -82.48073

The police recommended this stream as safe drinkable water. Next to the road, access involves a bit of climbing.

Miniwaterfall -54.66448, -67.79719

first time creating a restaurant, we had a great time last night, dish for 2, scallops, marinated salmon, shrimp skewers, crab claws, mussels, cockles, potatoes, €35. a treat and close to the parking lot where we slept.

première fois fois que je crée un restaurant, nous nous sommes régalés hier soir, plat pour 2, noix saint jacques, saumon mariné, brochettes de crevettes, pinces de crabes, moules, coques, pommes de terre, 35€. un régal et proche du parking où nous avons dormi.

Primera vez que creamos un restaurante, anoche lo pasamos genial, plato para 2, vieiras, salmón marinado, brochetas de gambas, pinzas de cangrejo, mejillones, berberechos, patatas, 35€. un lujo y cerca del parking donde dormimos.

manila -43.12079, -73.61456

I was lost and I stumbled upon this amazing view.. Worth looking at.. Sorry I do know how to get here

Mirador de Utareo 12.43168, -71.64206

Just a few point... I used google maps, this navigation aid.. a bad idea. I was lost and went around in circles.

You will be constantly stopped by ropes asking for money.. 😢

Second point.. Bring candy for the kids. You can buy a large bag of 20 lollipops for next to nothing.. Kids love them.

For the mums hotel soaps and shampoo does the trick.. Mums love the hand cream.

Oh! I did make it, the return trip was horrible as in the Mr. Stupid I was lost but Somehow I made it home.

I strongly recommend that you do not attempt to travel in this area after heavy rain in a non 4x4 .This is because of deep gully crossing ok in dry conditions. Also looking at the tyre tracks you will be driving in deep mud.

Near the end you will find deep soft sand. This will be a problem in non 4x4.

I had trouble I my 4x4 Toyota 4runner. If I did not have a 4x4 I would have been stuck in mud..

Steve from Australia

Punta Gallinas 12.45809, -71.66744

Nice place for overnight, not so much people, because the breach is close so this is now a dead end road.

Between the rivers -35.70695, -71.07806

We say we are just crossing the park and it was free. So let’s say is free.
Not campsite anymore inside.
Gravel road

Entence of Grat Fish River Nature Reserve -33.13292, 26.64881

This border crossing is only for vehicles. (Private and buses). The other one in the town center is only for pedestrians.

Checkpoint Bolivia/Peru -16.58085, -69.03299

This border crossing is only for pedestrians. The other one outside of town is only for vehicles. (Private and buses).
We arrived at around 8.30 and it took us over an hour on each side. (Perhaps faster when its not February. Right now the whole area on both sides is celebrating carneval)

Border Post. Bolivia -16.56031, -69.03752

Una maravillosa parada y experiencia. Conocer a Graciela y la casa azul ha sido un respiro en el camino.
Una casa muy acogedora llena de detalles mano facturados. Unas charlas muy interesantes con Graciela, compartir con los viajeros y cargar pilas.
Se puede utilizar la cocina, el baño, la ducha con agua caliente, la electricidad..
Hay espacio para montar la carpa y está cubierto del viento.
Recomendado 100%
Amenazamos con volver :)

La Casa Azul De Graciela -53.80040, -67.67274

We slept one night here. Very quiet and safe. Oxxo opened 24hs. Bathrooms and free water

Gas station 19.44688, -96.71699

I couldn’t find another spot that was already marked as both, google and take you to a spot fenced off by private property
To get here, keep driving east (if coming from west), you’ll see a big opening that leads to something that looks like a huge construction site with piles of dirt, pass through it on your right and you’ll get to the river and a grassy spot to pitch a tent

By the river, surrounded by greenery -38.53879, -71.75872

GORGEOUS wild camp spot. Got here late after a long day of cycling from PTranquilo and there was only one other cyclist camping here. Lots of flat spots for tents and direct river access for a rinse/water refill. Good wind protection and sound of river is sooo nice at night. Some spots are a bit more visible from road but still tucked away from dust and road noise. Best wild camp spot on CA so far. PLEASE LEAVE NO TRACE. Keep this spot clean and accessible for others.

Rio Baker Upstream Bush Camps -47.06316, -72.79944

very nice little museum to visit

très joli petit musée à visiter

Un pequeño museo muy bonito para visitar.

Museo Acordeon -42.62162, -73.77072
Micah Bond Photography

Spent a quiet night here in the rain. A few cars going past in the night

Bushcamp at the laguna -18.53966, -66.41074

Este es un lugar muy tranquilo, aquí podrás parquear tu casita sin ningún problema. Vista al mar y a toda la ciudad.

Cementerio Pacasmayo -7.39707, -79.57006

Nice and very quiet lodge. Beautiful garden, nice balcony.
40.000 with 2 breakfast. We paid 30.000 without breakfast, after bargaining.
Clean and big rooms. Hot water, confortable bed, western toilet, safe parking.
Around here there are more places to sleep :
- Pentagon Cottages : 50000.
- Asante Lodge : 50000, bargain at 40000 but not clean.
- Hut Lodge : 25000 but small and old.

Peter's Lodge -3.27800, 37.51670

you can park at the left of the road to have a nice view for free of the Kili. better by morning or by late afternoon because better visibility. good pictures ! next to pentagon cottages.

Point of view of Kilimanjaro - for free -3.27663, 37.51599

Point of control into Guabala Panamá. Waved us through. Nice, smiles & no problem.

Police Checkpoint 8.22206, -81.69929

They exchanged dollar/pesso with blue rate.

Restraunte Pinocho -23.20488, -65.34875

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