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We came here twice:
- all Friday there is the big animal market (cow, pig, lama, sheep, horse, goat)
- all Saturday there is the small animal market (guinea pig, rabbit, rooster, chicken, duck, goose)
This market is really authentic and very nice! A lot of people are in traditional dress. I was able to take a lot of pictures.
During these market days there are also fruits, vegetables and there are many stands to eat.
I really recommend to come here!
Come here between 7AM and 8:30AM, after the activity decreases.

Mercado de animales 0.25670, -78.23523

Here is a fast and free Wi-Fi access without password. This is a service of the National Park.

Fast and free Wi-Fi 0.29282, -78.35449

Very nice hike. It took us 5 hours to do the 12 km in the anti-chlockwise way. There are a lot of wild flowers all the way, it's beautiful. If you have time I highly recommend you! The hike offers many points of view. Access is free!

Reserva Ecologica de la Laguna Cuicocha, Cuyapas 0.29257, -78.35232

Awesome place! They had the best granola ever. A kg for only a bit over 5k. Goji berries, cranberries, chia seeds, all kinds of nuts, beans, lentils etc etc. at extremely good prices. If they ran out of something here, there's another Aysen about 2km away from this one.

Aysen Productos - dried fruit shop -53.16437, -70.91106

We spent a couple of nights here, quiet enough, felt very safe. There were clean portapotties all along the boardwalk, but there was some kind of festival going on so that might not be a permanent thing.

Waterfront Car Park -53.16395, -70.89818
A sudden leap into boondocking

As described, just wanting to add photos.

Quebradas Backcountry Byway East 33.93067, -106.68311

UNSAFE location! This location needs to be flagged.
I was staying here and got held at gunpoint, got my car stolen and ended up in the hospital. Please DO NOT STAY IN RURAL AREAS AROUND NEW ORLEANS. PLEASE DO NOT SLEEP ALONE IN YOUR VEHICAL

Oak Alley Parking 30.00306, -90.78196

Great beach camping spot! There’s a little cream pup wandering around to the left side that we named Blanco - he’s the sweetest little guy, unfortunately we couldn’t take him with us but please feed him and take care of him while you’re there. He’s happy at the beach but I just worry about him getting food and especially water. I’m trying to get a rescue to collect him but they’re all full right now. If you have any updates on him plz message me on Instagram @antigoelisa <3

Playa Tecolote 24.33741, -110.31026

Amazing view, well hiding from the road and nobody pass here. Easy access by 2WD. Just before km 208, take right (south east) on a little sand road and continue for about 300 to 500m. When you reach the river bed, find a nice spot (plenty of option) and enjoy the view!
* Not sandstone but pyroclastite

Sandstone beauty -23.67220, -67.82419

Grifo next to the Panamericana, a few kilometers from the Peru-Ecuador border. The place isn't quiet and the bathroom isn't very inviting. However, if necessary, it meets the need for a night's rest.

Estacion de Servicio Puyango Tumbes -3.55129, -80.41498
Les Fusotistes

Thanks to Anthony and Priscilla for their welcome and for allowing us to use their address. Lobsters, a beautiful beach, hammocks and deckchairs. Everything to relax. Their dogs are adorable. We wish them all the happiness in the world. Of course we recommend 👍🐶🇲🇽🦞🌴

Los Piratas del Caribe / km 6,5 18.67066, -87.72470

Toujours aussi agréable , le site est magnifique, tous services , internet, lave linge .
Sandy est sympathique et accueillant.
Il y a maintenant un OXXO au village mais il vaut mieux prévoir des courses à Tecoman, Colima ou Manzanillo…
Le chemin d’accès sur 800 mètres environ est en très bon état ..aucune difficulté..
Nous nous arrêtons chaque année avec grand plaisir.

Rancho Buganvillias RV Park 18.51152, -103.58431

Quiet location with lovely lake view. The ground is made of sand and stones.

Playa chile chico -46.53913, -71.71723

Lots Of Pinguins here enjoying the sun. Just a mirador no trail.

Pinguinera -42.46132, -63.61206

Friendly guy, we came here for tire rotation - its 2.300 per tire.

Update: we saw that he used 1 wrong screw for our tire? Luckily we just brought 1 spare screw with us.

Gomeria Montes -42.77463, -65.04100

Public parking, no bathroom, no water, no energy, no wifi. But it was a great night. A silence, just the sound of the waves that you could hear.

Estacionamento público, não tem banheiro, nem água, nem energia, nem wifi. Mas foi uma noite ótima. Um silêncio, só o som das ondas que dava para ouvir.

Santuário São José Anchieta -20.80380, -40.65389

Safe parking for visit the old city and sleep

quite parking lot 15.47995, 73.80803
Jan Kybelka

It's a nice Hotel with a campsite directly at the beach. The campsite is directly on the beach, that means softsand. With our big rig we parked a bit outside of the camparea, because we were to lasy for reduce the tirepressur. Each campsite with water, power and roof for shade. There is one campsite with private ablution. For our big rig they had to open the fence, because of the low hight of the main entrance.
We payed 16000.

Oceanus -14.95613, 12.18648

Great spot. Hiked down to hot springs, beautiful views. Had the lot to ourselves, silent, just into Forest Service Land and almost next to Visitor Center. No ATT service so literally stumbled into this place.

Jordan Hot Springs Trailhead / 33.22686, -108.25129

It is downtown so on street parking is slim but if you don’t mind walking a couple businesses down you’ll definitely find a spot. Not big rig friendly.

Central street laundromat 43.44506, -71.64457
Alexander GER

Super service, our Transit got its 45,000km check here. Price envelope favourable. Good feeling from the first minute, and everyone was super friendly. Everything was discussed and well explained.

Ford Posventa JC Lorenzo -32.89614, -68.81470

There is currently a lot of building work (renovations) going on but half the site is still being used. The rooms are nice, comfy bed. Lovely restaurant with great food and friendly staff. Kw 36000 for b&b.

Kimbo do Soba -14.93508, 13.46952

Croissants and pan au chocolate. They also advertise pizza and burger but I didn't try them

Bakery & Pizzeria 4.94884, -6.09063

Relaxed campsite beach side, there are many villagers passing but they didn't make us feel uncomfortable. There was very limited surf when we visited, it was further towards the village, very shallow and rocky. The sea was way to strong to swim outside the camp.

Tomar was friendly, every day bringing us coconuts. The final part of the track was very steep, thin and uneven, but we managed with our 3.5 ton lwb sprinter van.

Stock up on food in Sassandra, there is nothing to buy nearby. The price is still 3500 per night

Anunu- Eco Surf 4.91834, -6.14382

8k but they offer wifi now.
with a common area for cooking. The owners are really nice, nobody really knows when the boat can/will leave (even the boat drivers)

Candelario -48.87748, -72.73978

Large spot. Road is a little rough but we made it with 2WD and low clearance van. Road noise isn’t bad. Stayed here 2 nights. There are more spots past the cattle guard which, as mentioned, is a little jagged so walk it before you drive it. Views were great.

Sulfur creek 38.31091, -111.38756

A curta caminhada é muito t o cênica, caminhe devagar e aprecie o lugar, melhor caminhar ao final do dia, pois as fotos e o cenário ficam maravilhosos.

Geyser los Tachos -36.69105, -70.54606

Bar and restaurant with great views overlooking the waterfall and reachable by car.

Manong restaurant and bar -29.87654, 28.05075

Great restaurant and popular with locals. Super friendly staff, great tagines, sandwiches, and couscous on Fridays. Super fresh meat and also vegetarian options. We went to Ramia first (on Google maps) and this place is wayyyy better, cheaper and more friendly.

Restaurant Adrar 32.93145, -5.66869

unfortunatly run down place. camsite no shade, no water, no privacy. huts with no comfort, not even towels, no hot water, No pressure in water in shower in shared abolutions. Here they ask for 1500mts per night . Rats playing around the kitchen. kitchen below the Mosambique standard. But close to beach and town.

Wuyani Pariango -23.85315, 35.54505

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