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Nice spot close to the river. We were here during the carnival holiday so it was a bit busy we heard it’s quite chill in other times. Bathroom was not the cleanest but quite ok. If you need electricity I think you can plug it in in the sort of restaurant close to the river or near the huts and bathroom above. Paid $5 per person.

Usa Yaku -0.77857, -77.79582

Not sure what others’ definition of clean is… but these bathrooms are not it. No soap, not well cared-for. Would feel dirtier after stepping foot in that shower.

That said… for an inexpensive park with electric hook ups, that was the only issue. Otherwise, very quiet (save for the occasional train) and sparsely used, so felt nice and private. Especially campsite 25 which is tucked in some trees.

Big Biloxi National Forest Campground 30.57008, -89.13043

gorgeous place to stay surrounded by so many cacti! wear shoes at all times and watch your pets for pricks and also coyotes that were active during the morning.

Cactus Jack Dos 27.49816, -113.30824

we tried for 40 min following each comments and we don't find a way to go there with our 2wd 19feet class C RV. too much sand that block us. also it would be a fearly long drive even with 4wd from the fence before papa Fernandez to get to this spot if you plan to go. Just to help you choose carefully. looks amazing though, would have loved to succeed to go there.

playa 29.83178, -114.41516

40 US Dollar for a side for two persons, not very nice, no electricity, the ablutions are ok but not very good, sharing with the staff, no great view, at the morning the diesel generator was starting- very loud, the restaurant and the bar are very good, nice and friendly staff

Weru Weru River Lodge -3.31480, 37.26208

Very safe and quiet location. You have the havan's bathroom, open until 10pm.
Lugar segyro y tranquilo para pasar la noche. Están disponibles los baños de la tienda hasta las 10pm.

Havan -26.24552, -51.08619

After arrival in Zogoualé, we were stopped by a group of village people, who told us the boss of the village had decided everyone had to pay 2.000 and had to hire a guide. We were ready to pay the 2.000 but they would not let us pass without a guide for 15.000. At some point we had enough and left, since they implicitly threatened us (“guide is there to protect you from aggressions”).

La Dent de Man 7.45610, -7.54430

Used this as an overnight before crossing the border. It's an OK hotel if you don't expect much: secure parking, OK WiFi and an OK shower. We paid 350 pesos for the night.

Hotel Paso Hondo 15.68281, -92.01696

just wanted to mark this place as open. however, we slept in the street just outside, next to the wall.

Centro Arte para La Paz 13.93850, -89.02830

with the help of the friendly parking guy, we parked here for a very quiet Saturday night sleep. a lot of restaurants and malls around. thanks for sharing

Street Parking 13.68853, -89.24170

Tivemos uma excelente experiência na HAVAN, eles cedem energia 220v, tem o banheiro da loja que estão sempre limpos e organizados, dentro da loja tem uma cafeteria e um local bastante seguro. Super recomendo.

Havan Anápolis -16.35271, -48.92954

This was a lovely route through the mountains connecting the Intag Valley to Nanegalito. I didn’t see any orchids, and even after a night of rain this would have been possible in any vehicle. I did take a detour at the beginning from Selva Alegre, which was a rocky 4x4 track (fine by ADV moto). The easier route which the buses take would be through Santa Rosa, see my attached Gaia map. The blue line is the easier way, purple is how I went. I’d definitely recommend this route as a scenic way to get over to Mindo!

nice Road with orchids 0.15280, -78.66771

Cyclists: You can ask at the organization of the indigenos people of Putumayo if they let you sleep in their very big meetingroom. There are some members of the community who live upstairs and sometimes others come to sleep here too, when they come to town. There is no shower, but a big watertank and buckets in the staircase, that you can use to shower. So it's not private at all, but in general it was very quiet in the evening. The big hall where you can sleep has a lot of windows, you want to keep them open because it's hot. Therefore you hear all the noise from the street. Not much traffic, but colombia is not the most quiet country. There is a kind of kitchen with a sink, but no stove, use your own. When it rains heavily the town cuts off the water because it gets dirty and it can take half a day, till they turn it on again. So better be prepared and have some drinkingwater or you'll have to buy it. You can always use the water in the huge tank to shower and flush the toilet.
The people are very nice and relaxed. I stayed 5 nights and joined them two nights for an important indigenous fiesta. But be prepared that somebody might ask you for money or to "borough" money. You can always say, you don't have money right now. That's also what they do, even if it is obviously not true. Also watch your food, somebody ate all my chocolate that was in my open panniers. Nobody said thank you for anything, like invitations for lunch or a contribution for the community, so i wouldn't do that anymore. And you'll hear the same sexist, misogynistic talking like everywhereeldse.

OZIP Organizacion de Indigenas 1.15255, -76.64762

This is the correct location of the immigration.

Douanes and Immigration Bissau 12.32263, -13.94780

A few spots available in parking lot with electricity and water, dump station available on site. pool could do with more cleaning, there are at least 2 people clearing up the gardens but no one doing the pool, the large pool is green and the kiddies pool had unidentified stuff floating around, it looked like frog eggs joined together on a string, told staff, but they didn't vacuum the pool for the next 2 days we were there.
water at site had sediment in it.

Recreativo El Gordo y San Pancha & trailer park 17.98288, -93.04668

We ended up spending over two weeks here and used it as a basecamp to visit the national park. It was so nice to have a place to return to for a hot shower after a long hike. Yes, the flow is low on the shower but the temperature is perfect! Every night we spent here was silent and relaxing.

Camping Guadelupe Jaime Veliz Caraz -9.05465, -77.79484

Very friendly host Ana Luz. Rooms are basic but beds are comfy. Showers might need some maintenance and are barely high enough for tall people (1.85m+). Kitchen good enough. Feels homey. 15.000 CLP per night for one person.

Hospedaje Ana Luz -47.25217, -72.57866

Had a wonderful time.
it's right by the shooting range and was there over the weekend. there was "a bit" of traffic considering I thought I was far away from people hahaha.

Very quiet Pullout 34.28028, -117.53476

Camping bem organizado, fácil acesso. Não entram veículos. Há uma placa também proibindo a entrada de animais. Pagamos 1500 pesos a diária. Banheiros limpos e banho quente.

camping Sindicado Empleados de Comercio -51.62815, -69.25526

We paid 100ND pp entrance fee to the park. We thought it was spectacular. We saw 4 giraffes, several antelopes and 6 ostriches but we didn't see any elephants. We think it is a good place to stay overnight, although we didn't do it

De Riet - Desert Elephant Waterhole -20.46805, 14.18564

Toilettes where Closed. May be it‘s open from March till November. At the Moment, December to February parking is for free. Now, there is an new Container with Toilettes and showers.

Attention: The parking Space is a high frequented Gay Cruising Spot.

Niemtsch at Senftenberger See 51.48198, 13.97935

In town price range is around 1000 , way to expensive for us, camping was too cold with temperatures below 0 celsius, we found this hotel room with 2 beds and wood heater in the room for 350 mxp night, it is very basic but enough if you need only to sleep and rest. Parking our motorcycle right in front of the door. Good option for travellers on budget.

Hotel eben ezer 28.20855, -108.20791

There are a few parking areas right off the beach along this stretch. Very quiet. Great access to beach for walking dogs. Trash cans near where we parked.

Pebble Beach Rd parking 41.76649, -124.23265

We spent zwo nights at Claudias and Michels place wich is lovely, quiete and peaceful. Michel Made the best Lomo on the bbq :-)
Nice possibilities to hike in the area. The lake offers various sports possibilities
Thank you for the time you shared!

Claudia & Michel's Mountain Cabin -32.95244, -69.27167

pernoitei aqui de boas, vários outros motorhomes, a cidade toda é tranquila, e é um dos lugares mais silenciosos .

Picnic Area At The Lake -46.53803, -71.60967

Great camp, well maintained, but the dogs barking incessantly all night from all directions was very annoying. Sometimes it was totally quiet and other times there were a group of dogs yapping for 10min straight. All night.

Cottonwood Campground 36.14880, -109.54079

Stayed here twice - both directions on TdF.

Friendly staff. We asked first time, they said to park round the back. We parked near the grass, where the street lights were off. Was nice and quiet.

Clean bathrooms, had toilet paper, free hot showers. Empanadas good, burger less so. Our first YPF stop over and we thought it was great.

Still unsure as to the wizardry required to work the bathroom taps.

YPF -53.80974, -67.78072

Excelente local, dentro da cidade.
Seguro e super tranquilo.
Juliano super simpatico e prestativo
R$ 20,00 a diária por MH

Arya Park -25.40544, -49.27101

We went to the museum and asked them about overnight parking. They gave us a piece of paper to put in our window and we didn’t have any issues. If you have kids it is nice to wake up and go to the playground. Three bars of 5G on AT&T.

Evergreen Museum and Waterpark 45.20595, -123.14357

Quite place.
Public baños & playground.
Trees for shade.

Parking Unzue Park front of Hostería Papaya -33.01314, -58.49992

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