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Fantastic place, great view and great facilities. Definitely worth visiting.

Migombani Campsite -3.36334, 35.83787

Local seguro, pois passa policiamento, tranquilo vários motorhomes. Passamos 2 noites em frente o Oca do lago. Nosso canal Parada InCerta (YouTube e Instagram)

Concha Acústica -15.78630, -47.83761
Jeovanny Elorza

I'm here tonight and everything super good.. a bit far away of the main road but the noise is zero and its great

Bomberos Nacaome 13.52795, -87.49065

Expensive place. We decided to camp for one night since we wanted to eat at the restaurant there. They had no palapa camp sites but offered an open place near the beach at the same rate ($22usd). Unknown to us they later also placed 4 other vans right next to us with minimal spacing. We left and did get our money back, but we didn’t like the fact that they didn’t let us know. Moved to La Gringa instead and are so much happier!

Campo Archelon 29.03908, -113.54052

This place is permanently closed.

Trailhead for Canon de San Bernardo Hike 23.39032, -109.82581

I wasn't able to find this place.

Ruta 76 -28.56756, -68.73498

The water tap is still there. Look at the wright side of the building.

YPF -43.22786, -65.30018

all good! stayed here during snow storm. quiet except for sounds of waves.

Watermans landing cafe 39.22678, -120.07943

I did not need copys, 56 $ for 3 month, size of car does not matter.

INS - Instituto Nacional de Seguros 9.50160, -82.61400

$10 for a piping hot shower and the lady at the front was super kind and helpful

Mammoth Mountain RV Park 37.64544, -118.96005

not too bad to get too, busy place with atv riders and camel rides on the beach

Playa Migrino 23.04693, -110.10352

muy buen lugar para pasar el día. muy tranquilo

SÃO FRANCISCO DO SUL -26.24269, -48.64016

A quite location very close to downtown, supermarkets and nice bars and restaurants. Energy, water and toilette available. P$ 5.000 a day

Parking San Lorenzo -32.89193, -68.84975
Les 2 vagabonds

This place is permanently closed.

Ruta 9 -23.65821, -65.43775

I wasn't able to find this place.

Roadside Pull Out 6.36839, -72.81866

It's a place in front of YPF/ACA gas and service station. We spent a day and night. There is enough space for motorhomes.

wild camping -51.61725, -69.20833

the current name of the gas station is Jetfox 2, the wi-fi password is 12345678. a bath costs 5 reais.

Gás Station Dangelis 2 - Ipiranga -16.61024, -43.66195

Simple small room but okay for the price. Shared bathroom.

7 dollars for a one person in a room with two single beds. 15 dollars for two persons in the same room. A room with a matrimonial bed 25 dollars.

Bicycle fitted in the room at ground floor.

Hostal Caribe -3.99840, -79.20370

No overnight parking signs

Cracker Barrel 26.02546, -80.34855

Excelente camping. Piscina, restaurante, área verde. Banheiros com água quente e muito limpos. 6000 ARS pp e 1000 ARS pelo trailer

El Mangrullo -32.85644, -68.89424

All as described below. Very clean - great value for quality of accommodations. I ended up staying 2 nights.

Perfect for motorcycles - no-one parks in the parkade - low clearance and pillars to navigate around.

Still 10 OMR.

You can order delivery food from Zam Zam via WA, menus and WA # in the rooms. Very good selection and tasty reasonably priced dishes.

F&M Grand Hotel 23.22065, 56.51624

Really nice place for cyclists with small tents. friendly owner, warm showers. best place in La Junta from what we have seen.

Camping Vivavi -43.97048, -72.40267

Very good hotel, quiet, single 25.000, clean, spacious room, surprisingly good Wi-Fi, unfortunately restaurant was not operational so had to look for food elsewhere.

Astoria Hotel -1.16252, 15.97437

Boondocking at Lake Mead. Very quiet Very serene. Plenty of space between sites.

8 Mile Rd 36.13024, -114.82125

This place is permanently closed.

Playa Puerto Cisnes, Balneario Medialuna -44.74496, -72.69950

Checked with the person at the service counter and she said it was OK to park by the garden center for only 24 hours and no slide outs! One other RV here and very quiet on a Sunday night. 2 Bars Verizon LTE.

Walmart Benson 31.97000, -110.31503

very nice spot for cyclists with tents. warm shower, you can cook inside. friendly owner. best spot in town for us.

Camping Vivavi -43.97055, -72.40282

Checking in at 10pm. Very quiet area, but it is right next to a park. So I am not going to stay much past dusk. There was a parking lot for the park off the main road half a mile back that I would have parked at, but someone was already there. Pretty dark. Low traffic.

Smith Island Road 47.99918, -122.17720

Will do the whale tour tomorrow. Stayed at RV park, has full hookups for 350MXN. Restaurant had a good seafood combo which was good for 600MXN, I split it with my wife

Marios Tours / Restaurant 27.98368, -114.01489

Well maintained area. Several sites to pick from and a walking trail around the pond

Long Leaf Horse Trails Campground 31.56639, -88.98828

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