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If you want a nice and quiet wildcamp with perfect Mtc signal, here is your place! We drove a little further into the small riverbed, as the actual place is visible from the road. Just a few meters further, then you are perfectly hidden and have a really good internet connection.

Wild camp spot -20.15646, 14.05276
Tous Azimuts

Central located, really quiet at night. You can park here for free. Shops and restaurants around. Super 4G. Enter by the North-East corner of the "lake." When Alphabet Pizzeria is on your right, go straight. You'll see the entrance along the lake on your left.

Free parking next to Na Pukhu 27.67369, 85.42362

Rudi House is opposite of the Honey Badger, both places are run by the same family. They offer budget accommodation in small apartments. The place is safe and well maintained, free WiFi is available. The place has a beautiful garden, from the viewing tower you can see Kilimanjaro.

Guests can use the pool, bar and restaurant at the Honey Badger at no extra charges. We really enjoyed our stay and would recommend the place. A campsite will open soon.

The Rudi House -3.35137, 37.38392

parking spot near the road.
at night quit.
in the morning some local traffic.

near by the ww2 v2 location.
some hike trails.

good spot to spent the night.

clean and felt save.

parking near v2 location 50.88596, 2.70000

Update: We waited at the gate and waited for quite some time. It seemed like nothing was happening, but at some point the guard suddenly called all visa applicants to enter. You don't have to register at at guards place, just wait. The papers needed, are as described above, just additional they wanted a copy of the passport and they have increased the costs. For the fast version (visa can be collected 2 days after the application) they charged 64000 AMD, which had to be paid in cash. They can't change, so bring the right amount. We don't know how much they charge, when you choose the regular wait, but we assume it's half the price.

russian embassy, visa section 40.17528, 44.50436

The place on the beach is very nice. At 4 p.m. there were still Moroccans there to swim. Around 8 p.m. a soldier came over from the small building. He was very friendly and allowed us to sleep here. We gave him a fiche and he took photos of our passports and license plate. it was a quiet night

Plage Portorico 23.47802, -15.95191

I tried 20 minutes, the police or military at the checkpoint would not let me pass with my motorcycle.
They talked of 'bandits' and road maintenance. They told me to use the road from Safaga to Qena.
Everyone friendly but firm in their refusal.

Road to Aswan closed to foreigners 25.05722, 34.86393

Very very very good mechanic !
It’s the first time in Africa that a mechanic did a real and full check up on my Landy 300tdi.
That saw a lot a little issues and solved it when it was necessary with a fair price.
They allow us to stay and watch them working on the car.
In addition, They are very friendly !
Call in advance for availability (or text on whatsapp)

Landrover Defender Specialist -33.98411, 25.56141

Bank ATM without withdrawal fees (VISA only), maximum withdrawal K6,000.

Great deal in comparison to fees at other banks (K50 to K120 withdrawal fee).

Atlas Mara (ATM) -11.20070, 28.88511

Even if the place doesn't seem trustworthy at first glance, we spent a very quiet and peaceful night here.

North of Essaouira 31.62149, -9.65927

Very good source! Still working! Easy refill for big rig

Water and public toilets 17.05240, 54.40275

this gas station is still not finished.......maybe

Petrom 24.08392, -15.56650
Apenas por Aí

Posto tranquilo para pernoite, no pátio de trás quase não se houve a rodovia. Banho grátis pra quem abastece ou R$5 por banho. O masculino tem chave, o feminino é liberado porém estava frio, mas agradável. Diesel caro S500 a R$6,26. Funcionários atenciosos.

Posto Petrobras -31.31640, -52.02293

beach and riverbed where a lot of people go camping with a public toilet nearby. we parked by the toilet and pitch our tent on the beach, but also saw people drive down to the riverbed, under the bridge with their car

le river beach 26.80801, 128.31810
Africa Twin Mike

thumbs up for this place. very professional and service minded guys. recommended 👍

Touratech Middle East 25.15723, 55.23452

Nice little well maintained museum about the history, culture and rituals of Catamarca.
Very kind lady’s who let us visit at a Monday at 8.30 am although the museum opens at 10.00 pm.

Museo Folklorico de Londres -27.71303, -67.15132

(Cyclists) wouldn’t recommend this place. We slept under the bridge but despite the nice view, it was very noisy even during the night. Also windy.

Bridge -46.84461, -72.80286

The place is hospitable,they treated us well,gave us free lunch,washrooms were very clean,guys there are creative and they engaged us the whole day,

Supertech Service Centre Nanyuki 0.00322, 37.06339

You can access the waterfall after 150 meters. Even in the dry season you can easily bath there. if you have filter you can probably drink it as well. You have 1 to 2 bars of 4G+ with Metfone and Smart.
There is soft patches for setting up a tent. With 4x4 you can go half the way only, but could park there and walk the rest.

Chhay Areng Waterfall 11.62499, 103.51525

I have stayed there before but there are now a large number of signs saying no camping or overnight parking. Cannot stay overnight anymore. It's a nice place to hang during the day.

A. Max Brewer Bridge 28.61851, -80.80192

Awesome service. As stated, 45 dirham for wash and dry. free wifi, supermarket with REAL BACON around the corner. Absolutely gold ahah

Lounge Laundry 25.07617, 55.14574

Still good and economic. Good Breakfast available now, 4$. Phone/Whatsapp +584247433221

Hotel Milla Suites 8.60280, -71.13814

The staff here were happy to stamp out and close off our old carnet and stamp in a new one as part of the substitution process. It took a little explaining but was nevertheless easy.
Very helpful indeed.

Customs Office Tsumeb -19.24694, 17.71515

A place to park overnight, no tent, parking of a recreation area.

Amay - Park 50.54563, 5.31666

Look like a nice campsite on a upmarket farm . Restaurant on weekends and holidays.
Have not been here but it sounds fine.
The only place to camp we found on Haga haga.
+27 043 555 0337
+27 072 864 21 03

Oppieplaas -32.75288, 28.22770

Heading northbound, Kungbor is the last village any car/truck can drive. 3km north of here is the first of dozens of single track bridges that are only suitable for motorbikes, bicycles or pedestrians. There are plans to extend the road northbound, but nothing is being worked on right now.

Even south of Kungbor, the road is very very hilly and sometimes in quite bad condition. Only south of Timba does it start to be less brutal.

The road continues to be passable (although is extremely difficult) for motorbikes and bicycles as far north as Jarwajeih.

In Kungbor, like a few other villages here, there is 2g phone signal on the Lonestar network, but it is extremely intermittent.

If you need to change money, Ishmael has a shop (just ask) and he can sometimes do it but at a "bush rate", and only in small quantities. He can also sell you a SIM card in case you've come from the north.

Lots of one and two man diamond mining endeavours around here, just ask around and give a tip if you want a local to show you.

End of the road for cars 7.64601, 10.57653

Very good local restaurant !
Cheapest food (around 1500 - 2000 FCFA / person)

Sandwichs, fish, meal, french fries...

Natural juices.

The owner is very friendly and speaks french.

Restaurante Espaçao Verde 12.27821, -14.22146

Very expensive 800 lire per person, located under the busy road so noisy. Run away!
Très cher 800 lira par personne, situé sous la route à grande circulation donc bruyant. Fuyez!

Akcakil 36.29716, 33.84747

Between Kidepo and Karenga. A manual fuel pump. We got some diesel here, but there was not enough to fill up. Cash only.

Karenga 3.58477, 33.69928

Little flat, sandy area with a great view of the mountains. Next to the road, but there wasn't much traffic at all and it's a hill so cars are going slow. This was the best spot I found on the road with shade and a view and no other cars. Has several sitting areas and trees for shade. Town is nearby but you can't hear it. Make sure to lock up food at night - I had an unpleasant morning ambush by a pack of baboons because I didn't. 4G with STC.

Little spot with a big view 21.05365, 40.32159

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