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closed. no one took care of it and trashed it.super sad to loose another free BLM spot.

BLM. Hwy 88 33.45257, -111.47947

This is an established state campground and is not free. Reservations via

Moosalamoo Campground 43.91844, -73.02674

The signs say that this place is open 24 hours! I have stayed here two nights, and no one has bothered me. It’s not a huge parking lot, but it can fit a few smaller vehicles. There are mountain biking and hiking trails from this car park.

Frijoles Trailhead 35.71361, -105.96284

They had 800.000 max withdrawal so a good place to stock up on cash. Easy and friendly

WESTERN UNION withdrawal -53.77470, -67.72164

Good, safe place to spend the night but it's very light. The giant LED screen stays on all night, but it's kinda cool as you can watch a live show if you put your radio on the right frequency. Like a drive in cinema. There are very clean portapotties on the parking lot, there was even toilet paper available!

Parking Lot at Av. General Gümes -53.79002, -67.69172

Chile to Argentina: Barely any people here (around 4pm), so very smooth from both sides. No checks of the van.

Paso San Sebastian, Porvenir, Chile to Paso San Sebastian, Rio Grande, Argentina -53.32263, -68.65386

Small gravel road to chugchug. The other location is really on the "main road". This one leads to a dead end so no traffic.
Good 4G signal

Gravel road -22.28307, -69.11363

We stayed on southbound side. We stayed on the car side rather than the truck side because it was further from the highway and a little quieter and also there was tons of room. A little road noise but overall nice to stay.

Rest stop Route 75 north bound.. 26.16999, -81.07736
A sudden leap into boondocking

Rockside BLM Overnight parking on highway 380 between Carrizozo and San Antonio New Mexico. A peaceful overnight with some great places to explore. There is a fence you have to cross to do the exploring, but it is very much worth it. After leaving and heading west I passed 2 similar pull off areas. They had picnic tables but were not surrounded by BLM. This was a great free overnight place.

Rockside BLM 33.87808, -106.46927

I don't think so. Entrance in would be a major problem.

Parker Dam Road 34.16934, -114.29450

Lavanderia next to the large Ipiranga where you can easily find a parking spot.

20Rs for washing and 20Rs for drying.

second time you only pay 15 per session.

60 Minutos lavanderia -1.29174, -47.94948

Accurate listing and description, thanks

Elwai Camping Centre -0.81130, 36.47258

really good spot. only 1 person passed by the entire time. it is narrow and one way. so you have to go down a hill on the way out to the road. quite though and good wind block with the trees. AND not very far off of the interstate.

Natchez Trace primitive site 35.82420, -88.24909

Good place for one night. Not much Trash and easy to reach with 2WD.

Behind the rocks 27.08356, 40.29100

Came in on Presidents Day, a Monday, at 9 am and found several empty spots. By 11 am, it had pretty much cleared out completely.

We have a 36’ toy hauler (GD 328M) with an DRW F350 4-door extended cab. We had no issues crossing the arroyo as we came in. Came within ~12” bottoming out in the back of the trailer.

Beautiful place!

Joe Skeens - El Malpais NCA (free) 34.94382, -107.82156

Sign says open till 6:30 but no “no overnight parking” great trails to hike/run and there is a porta potty, I was just here for the afternoon but I would test it out to sleep, it’s not busy and is kinda out in the middle of nowhere

Scrub Highlands 27.93675, -81.92351

This place has a locked gate when it is closed. It’s open Friday thru Sunday, which makes it inconvenient.

We walked in and found the water spigot next to the ranger station and found the water is ON! Plenty of water pressure.

You’ll have to park at the gate and haul water to and from by hand. Not great but certainly doable.

Ranger Station 34.96991, -107.81116

Worth a visit and the (nice) detour.
Entrance fee is still donation based, 20$ is suggested but you pay what you want.
The payment is done privately via free and good WiFi and all via QR code, Credit card and PayPal possible.
Good coffee/Tea and cake for about 3$ per item, depending on how much you donate it's a nice way to add to your budget orientated donation at the entrance.
There's also a short VR experience, absolutely worth a try if you don't have the money for actually visiting the gorillas.
Highly recommend!

The Ellen DeGeneres Campus. Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund -1.43048, 29.56416

Dormimos na beira da praia, caminho tranquilo para chegar. Lugar lindo para passar uns dias e relaxar. Não tem suporte, nem água, nem energia e nem banheiro.

We slept on the edge of the beach, a quiet way to get there. Beautiful place to spend a few days and relax. There is no support, no water, no energy and no bathroom.


Praia de luz -28.60162, -49.05325

Propane filling station. Found them when I attempted to fill at Tractor Supply and was turned away due to them not being licensed to fill yet (they recently opened). Ortega’s was recommended by TS.

Ortega’s Propane 35.16831, -107.88904

Ótimo Posto, nota 10 ⭐️

👍Árvores para sombra
👍Possui Wi-Fi, sinal mediano.
👍Duchas quente.
Lugar muito bom para dormir, ainda mais se pegar vento na ruta 3 (este caminho venta bastante, e as vezes é melhor parar e dormir, para esperar próximo dia com menos vento) ✅

Em Fevereiro 2024, Gratuito.

🛜Travellife.oficial 🚍🇧🇷

YPF -39.88722, -62.66401

Another stay in this nice place. There is a nice lookout over the mouth you can walk just before the second part of the cottages, up there. Camp was still quiet, and we enjoyed it. R200 for 2 people. Friendly young owner.

Cefani camp site at Chintza -32.80834, 28.13402

Friendly staff good food and coffee. 150 pesos for an awesome Desayuno!

Checos 23.65259, -110.22499

big rig/low clearance warning: no access to/from direction of Juliaca. Only from Puno direction. other travelers can access from both sides. still it's a very nice spot for everyone. level, on concrete. its the old basketball field which is not in use anymore. lots of space. very quiet. it is in the middle of the village, but all buildings nearby seem to be abandoned so you don't bother anyone. near the lake where a few flamingos roam. we wanted to go to the farm near the mountain to have a chat about staying but the dogs chased me away before i could talk to anyone ;)
moto taxi guy passed a few times, waved friendly. the next day one of the farmers came to have a look. we gave him an egg sandwich, he was very happy with that.

the ol' basketball -15.76373, -70.13920

a message to all the French people: a fuel station is not a campsite!

estacion de servicio -15.43101, -70.14228

They are great EXCEPT their hose is not thread so you will need an adapter. Good pressure. Open Sundays too 9 to 5.

Planta Purificadora 'Water King' 23.59217, -109.58114

I passed by this place on a bicycle trip. The location is correct. There is no kitchen. The current price is $15

Andean Roads -34.45742, -58.68011

Typical Walmart with large flat parking lot

Thibodaux Walmart 29.80851, -90.81726

It’s a very Nice place to stay front the Gambie river, you can see hippo and monkeys, there is pool and air condition in the room, we payed 45000cfa for double bed breakfast including, there is restaurant too and drinks, Eric and his wife re so kind and spend much time with customers you can spend a nice time with them. I recommend

Chez madame 12.82219, -12.30209

Dump Station behind bins near the truck filling station

Maverick 42.18447, -112.23789

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