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Location is as described. Spoke with a local worker who said staying the night isn't a problem. The worker said that others have trashed this place so please clean up after yourself.

I49. Recreational Area 30.72623, -92.11657

Lugar tranquilo y seguro, se aceptan mascotas, baños, no hay duchas

Laguna Zeta -42.89562, -71.35127

Great basic little apartment for 4000. Had to ask around In the village and eventually found a lady who had the key and led me with her car. Safe out of sight parking for motorbikes, two rooms in the apartment but was also another apartment next door if you had a bigger group.

Hospedaje de Kike -28.58323, -67.44957

This place is in wrong location - it is located at 34.01021, 51.39493

LPG with pressure hose to fill tanks 34.01021, 51.39493

Very safe and relaxed camping facilities with a small farm pool and fireplaces road is very good 3km from main road.

kakwa campsites -23.08086, 17.12824
Amar e viajar sm

Ficamos aqui no estacionamento de ônibus, a chegada em bem tranquila, os ônibus vem pra este ponto.
Logo quando chegamos nos avisaram que poderia ocorrer de alguém avisar que na cidade não pode ficar, aqui é um grande estacionamento pra turistas (ônibus), então o único sentido é que MH ou outro tipo de turismo que não seja convencional não é bem vindo, não tem outra explicação.
Ficamos 3 dias e ninguém nos encômodou ou pediu para gente se retirar.
O lugar e bem grande com sombra e seguro agora mesmo a polícia militar está aqui do lado.
Fica perto do centrinho a 700 MTS. Tem um pequeno rio cor coca cola, falaram que é puro. Não tem facilidades , além do rio.

Dicas; 1- o Joilson é um guia que mora aqui nos ajudou em tudo que precisamos (75) 99850-0899 (11)981946760, caso precise explorar fale com ele.
Dicas; 2_No final da rua tem um pouso criado pelo rio que os moradores tomam banho, muito bom, quando for entrar fica um pessoal perguntando se é moradores eles cobram 20,00 PP pra acessar o parque, diga que só vai tomar banho que não vai subir pra cachoeira.
3_ indo pro lado esquerdo no centro da cidade pegue um moto táxi e peça pra ele te levar até a trilha do Ribeirão do Meio, 7,00 pagamos por pessoas, chegando na trilha aonde 1200 MTS vai ter venda do Djalma, compre um sucao ( chup chup) 5,00, ande mais 1200 mts e chegou, banho top e bonito, e melhor grátis.

Estacionamento dos ônibus -12.56061, -41.39290

Quiet steep uphill but after 100m you will find flat space for one tent. Nobody saw us and it was really peaceful place near jackfruit tree

Flat space for tent 14.14833, 108.19246

Well-maintained little campground in a state forest. Nice bathrooms, with electricity, and flush toilets.

Goethe State Forest. Black Prong 29.30671, -82.59642

Reserved at the last minute. No problem finding it and getting in. There are a couple of others here. Very nice and quiet.

Goethe State Forest. Black Prong 29.30671, -82.59642

Very nice. Well-kept. Nice bathrooms with showers. Electric and water, but no sewer at the sites. Dump station near the entrance.

Big Lagoon State Park 30.31339, -87.41515
Viking Poppy

A small patch of AZ state trust land with the remnants of buildings that make for great flat parking spots. There is one big open asphalt area when you first turn in off of highway 77, great for a couple of big rigs, doesn't require driving on dirt roads or needing 4x4 but quite close to the main road. Further in there are many options depending on the size and the off road abilities of your rig. We are in a 35' TT, we went in to one of the building pads/foundations to get further from the road.
Great place to walk around for exercise, plenty of activity with people using the area to ride horses and there is a large dirt field that is a radio controlled airstrip which gets used daily. This makes for great entertainment but could be too much noise pollution for some.

RC Airstrip, AZ State Trust Land 32.46959, -110.92406

Camping novo com excelente estrutura. Limpeza, segurança, estrutura coletiva e individual. Nota mil!!!

Miguel Lanus camping municipal -27.41628, -55.88165

Surprising find in the middle of the town of Andrews! nice hookups!

Andrews County Chamber of commerce 32.31776, -102.55460

ya no hace falta venir a esta DIAN para hacer la extensión del tip. Ir directamente a la DIAN del puerto

dian (dirección de impuestos y aduanas nacionales) 11.24311, -74.21066

vinimos aquí para hacer la extensión del TIP para nuestro vehículo. ya es todo online.

1. hay que tener la extensión de migraciones ya aprobada (también se hace online)
2. ir a la web de DIAN y rellenar un formulario para solicitar la prórroga del TIP
3. Venir aquí con tu vehículo, que un funcionario haga las fotos al vehículo.
4. esperar a que te den los papeles firmados ( a nosotros nos tardó un día porque la persona encargada de firmar no se encontraba en ese momento en la oficina)

los funcionarios son amables y dispuestos

DIAN 11.24773, -74.21402

As described. Close to town, quiet. stayed a few nights. Seems like you can also pretty much camp wherever in Invermere without much hassle though

Gravel RV and Vehicle lot. 50.50503, -116.02961

It is 100% unsafe in this Walmart parking lot. Would highly recommend avoiding. We showed up and there were no other rigs, there were plenty of sketchy people with various paraphernalia. **AVOID**. We moved on.

Walmart Supercenter 26.69432, -80.11100

A big parking lot behind the gas station. The place is safe and quiet. You can fill water with great preassure. Good for big rigs.

Big parking spot behind petrol station 21.47187, 74.99786

Beware of the bitting chiggers. They make their way into the tubs. Also the local ranchers were rather un-inviting when we were there. It was unpleasant. I wouldn’t recommend coming here.

Dyke Hot Spring 41.56722, -118.56611
instagram: auroraroamer

good place to spend a few days, close to everything. The toilets are clean, the internet works very well. you fall asleep peacefully.

buen sitio para pasar algunos días, cerca a todo. los sanitarios son limpios, el internet funciona muy bien. se duerme con tranquilidad.

Shell. Los Cerrillos -24.89356, -65.48151

Nice spot and surprise surprise for those who are picky there is some garbage wel good luck to find one without … please let me know ;) nice spot some packs of dogs but very nice once’s. Good spot beautiful beach enjoy

Koekeldoedeldoe 18.43803, 72.90648

amazing place and wild life,
close to the lake
the lady open a cottage for shower (not hot water)
campsite is always 10$/pppn

Kasenyi Lake Retreat -0.04534, 30.15548

it's a place where you can pitch a tents also medium campers.
has tables and a very nice view on the Blyde Mountain range.

top of mountain /R532. -25.13723, 30.76143

Nice spot! Great surfer’s beach with a gentler swimming beach down the way. Dogs welcomed here. It’s a busy parking lot throughout the day… after rain, some kids were doing donuts in the empty lot… they were respectful enough to keep a safe distance from the van and leave when we started watching them… I’d recommend! Perhaps parking up in the smaller gravel lot would offer more privacy!

North Shelly Beach Car Park -33.36616, 151.49312

Friendly staff and owner. Rustic but nice and cheap place!

160 Rand per campsite per night, no matter how many persons you are.

Woodlands Cottages and Backpackers -33.67632, 26.65879

Clean simple rooms. AC, hot water, private bathrooms. Reasonable rates for Dubai. Friendly staff. Good location to do local shopping, tasty budget food available next door. Much better than doing the dorms. Semi secure parking.
I spent 2 nights while waiting on motorcycle shipment.
I paid $45USD.

Aljazeerah Hotel 25.36349, 55.38840
iNomads OnTour

We camp here for 150 leone for 2 people in the car. Including a clean bathroom.
It was very loud, generator.

Weinday's Guesthouse 9.57882, -11.54967

This place is still usable, even for big rigs and easy to access.

N1 Roadside 9.86079, -13.08096
Jan Kybelka

We had to use the back entrance with our big rig. There it's not really nice but you can sit in the garden. The ablution is clean. We payed 8000.

Flor de Lis- Pousada -14.95760, 13.47207
Africa Twin Mike

super clean free hot beach shower. parking for free across the street

free hot beach shower 25.39116, 55.41618

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