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Nice small campground in town. We needed a place for the night & even without electric (seems to be shut off in winter as well as bathrooms locked) we got along fine with the diesel heater. Nice, safe place to overnight.

City Park Adair 41.49811, -94.64262

This place is NOT closed for use- I worked all day here with no problems. When I arrived at 7am, there were three rvs that clearly spent the night. Much larger than the CB a little south from here. Loud train or something goes by every once and a while

Cracker Barrel 29.48624, -98.40051

$5. Not cold but not hot either. I didn’t want to pay $14 at the other spot but might have if I’d known

Stovepipe Wells village 5$ showers 36.60647, -117.14637

Super quiet, good AT&T signal, beautiful views!

Goodale Creek Campground 36.98542, -118.27676

This is a beautiful spot right off the highway but very hidden. There's a little bit of garbage. It's easily accessible with a vehicle; no big rigs. I pulled in just to use the washroom but I will make this a favorite spot in case I need a place in the future. Abundant firewood; in February the river is dry. A little noise from the highway.

Desert Swamp 26.39403, -101.36087

es un sitio súper bonito....con servicio de restaurante no te cobran el parqueo pero si hay que consumir

CABAÑAS TOUR DONDE EL PAISA 8.85816, -76.42294

Camped here last night with our Bimobil (6m10 long, 2m10 width, 3m10 height) no problem to access and park. There were recent works on the parking to make it flat. Nice view, quiet, and no mosquitos.

Camping at the mirador 13.93683, -89.01392

Been through a couple of times in the last week. Either asked for donation, or 20 pesos for fumigation.

Checkpoint with Fumigation 28.00035, -114.01316

Beautiful rest stop of the beaten path. 2 trucks parked quietly at 6:30pm. On site security and a spotlessly clean bathroom. Vending machines too. Kudos Alabama!

Covington Rest Area 31.09162, -86.29435

Nice showers indoor and outdoor. Beautiful!

Nice indoor and outdoor showers -33.63893, 115.02593

Free showers and bathrooms are not at this location but a little bit further down the parking lot to the beach. About the last comment, there is water but not all showers works. Same in the lady’s room, only one sink work.

Playa Santa Maria 22.93343, -109.81552

No good. There are “Overnight parking and camping prohibited” signs all over, including on the main street where previous person commented.

Patagonia 31.53949, -110.75570

Ecuadorian tour of bomberos, I'm thinking about adding it on Anywaaaayy, suuupperrrr friendly bomberos (probably one of the best we stayed at). Kitchen, WC, shower, no WiFi, they offered us food. We camped in the central hallway. Super safe, no light or noise at night.
They are super keen to help, talk and very interested in other cultures and about the trips of the cycloviajeros. A must !

Bomberos Pasaje (cyclists only) -3.32586, -79.81922

short negotiation, got gasolina for 5bol per liter. didn't want to fill jerry though, only the tank.

YPFB -16.53960, -68.05706

Super friendly employees, here. The business hours are better than Cortez, just down the road. We have a small, 1-gallon tank, and they didn’t even charge us for a refill! Definitely recommend this place.

Mountain Propane 32.96066, -105.97540

Still open as of today. Got there around 2PM, guy said to come back at 4PM, when they open to the public. Men’s showers are in a open room, water’s warm, gets hotter. Woman’s showers are individual with curtains. Warm, doesn’t really get hot and almost no water pressure. But hey, it’s free and the people are pretty nice!

Castaic Sports Complex Aquatic Center 34.48869, -118.61624

Drove into rv parking lot and a security guard picked me up and took me to the casino to check in. You must show your DL and fill out form. They sign it and put the time of check in on this form and you have 24 hrs to stay unless you go and renew your check in.

Desert Diamond Casino - West Valley 33.54751, -112.25870

Dump is open but water is shut off for the season. Not potable water anyway

Jerome sanitary station 42.68997, -114.51568

According to Campendium there free beach camping for 14 days. We pulled onto the beach and made a right and found I nice spot to back in and be away from the hide tide line. The launch pad is right behind us. Pretty neat. Can see a light flash from the Mexico side of the Rio Grande from Bagdad Lighthouse. Quiet with lots of sea shells if that’s your thing.

Boca Chica Beach. Wild life refuge. 25.99319, -97.15039

I went here to get my front forks fixed (replaced oil & seals). I brought parts, incl. oil, with me. Denis did a fantastic job: Within a bit more than an hour everything was done. The workshop looks small and insignificant, but there are many big bikes there (I saw 5 or 6 just while being there). This is clearly the place where big bikes go for maintenance and repair. Denis was overall extremely professional. I would go to him for any job on big bike.
Friendly, and fair price too. Only a little English, but it was enough.
I got referred to Denis by Tom, who works at the KTM dealership downtown, as the best person to do the job

Garage Moto Denis 6.19852, 1.17896

Okay it’s an expensive “shower” but a place to shower nonetheless! It’s $30 for a day pass but it gives you access to the hot springs (super nice, four different ones of varying temps), gym, locker rooms, etc. and of course- showers! Not a ton of shower options in town so this is a nice option to get a workout in, hot tub, and then shower all in one. It’s a whole experience. There’s also a cafe and stuff that you can hang out in and could probably even work from. Worth the money.

Old Town Hot Springs 40.48231, -106.82830

We asked the guards at the entrance and confirmed that we can park inside in front of the stadium. Higher vehicles have to pay attention to the low cables hanging just in front of the entrance gate.

Good place to stay & explore city 31.51133, 74.33107

posto semplicemente fantastico... se avete passato giornate di vento e freddo....è il posto che volete

Argentina Border -53.29945, -68.45758

se proprio avete bisogno va bene.. siamo passati per una pausa oggi e abbiamo trovato dentro uno sterco umano... Non ho PAROLE.

Refugio4(118km E of PorV) -53.29950, -68.45746

I tried to get to the lighthouse using the coordinates given here and navigating with google maps. I was coming from the south and first tried the shorter route. Dirt roads were fine and easy passable with 2wd, but after passing several gated houses I ran into a locked chain across the road with a no trespassing sign. I backtracked to the main east cape road to try the longer route. This just brought me to a gated community right off the main road with a security guard who would not let me enter. On the first route there were lots of alternate roads, so if you have a bit of time to explore it might be possible to get there, but I couldn’t say for sure. One other note, there were lots of cows on the narrow dirt roads. Sometimes they were blocking the way, but I proceeded very slowly and they seemed to take the hint and eventually moved out of the way.

Punta Arena - Lighthouse 23.55294, -109.46931

BLM!!! quiet no one to be found out here! very peaceful.

off the 9 31.80593, -107.24825

Good place for breakfast with European bread, sandwiches,... and pastries with croissants in house made...also you can eat different kinds of food. A very cozy and quiet place (you can play chess). I recommend.

Chotu's French bakery and South Indian Food Pushkar 26.48804, 74.55720
R.T. Van Go

The water is back on, at least westbound side.

I-10 Westbound Rest Area 33.62102, -114.44780

sweet little spot whit safe parking for motorcycle. locked and 1 km from the beach. comfy bed and hot shower.

oscar airbnb 20.63425, -105.21647
Nomad Katia

Very clean and modern hotel, with secured parking underground for my motorcycle (and another car).
Good price, paid 30 USD/1 person, comfortable bed, clean room and bathroom, hot water, AC/heater, fridge, toiletries, drinking water.
Free breakfast, good for Iraq standards, but bring your own coffee, only tea available. Average wifi. They accept and exchange dollars. Very friendly guys, speak english. Eateries and groceries around. Very good base to explore the amazing mountains around.

Hotel Diane Palace 36.64496, 44.55360

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