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Parking lot right next to hwy-40. There is a sign that says 14-day limit for stays. Some highway noise, but the back section of the parking lot is a bit better.

Ranger Station Parking Lot 40.47697, -111.39761

Good place but quite crowded. We arrived on a Sunday and there were literally thousands of people on the beach. After sunset we were totally alone. We parked under the palm trees but early in the morning they told us to move because the workers began to arrive with the boat trailers and jet skis. So the place is ok for one night and leave early before 9. Decent 4G with Airtel

Perfect spot on the beach 18.44856, 72.90252

With NPS Park pass sites are only $8! Camp store has hot showers for $2.00. Whole load of laundry for only $2.00 (WOW). And free WIFI that's good enough to send emails, What's App Calls, & YouTube videos. Really nice place 👍

Rio Grande Campground & Store - Big Bend NP 29.18165, -102.95522

I've spent about 6 total nights in the National Park. You are supposed to pay $10/NT for a Backcountry site (Ludicrous) considering with a NPS Park pass a campground in the park is only $8/NT. 3 Nights I just boondocked 5 min down "Primative" Roads with no problems. The night I did pay for a "Backcountry" permit they gave me a site 45 min off a paved road. Even in an extremely capable 2023 4x4 4Runner I feared my rig was going to break and just camped close to the paved road anyway.

Big Bend NP West Entrance 29.30177, -103.50903

Established free campground with toilets next to a creek. Crowded over the summer weekends, but there are less cars during the week! There is a lot of space here though. We ended up driving just 5 minutes down the valley since the campground was a bit too full for our liking, and there are some decent pull over points along the road - minimal traffic. Cell reception here, too!

Old Ford Reserve -33.73217, 150.23525

I've spent about 6 total nights in the National Park. You are supposed to pay $10/NT for a Backcountry site (Ludicrous) considering with a NPS Park pass a campground in the park is only $8/NT. 3 Nights I just boondocked 5 min down "Primative" Roads with no problems. The night I did pay for a "Backcountry" permit they gave me a site 45 min off a paved road. Even in an extremely capable 2023 4x4 4Runner I feared my rig was going to break and just camped close to the paved road anyway. *If you Boondock just get in late 7pm and leave early 7 am. Lots of little Gravel pullout along the Primative roads. Seldom traveled by any at dark.

Big Bend National Park 29.24990, -103.25016

Huseyin's bike shop has a good quality service and wide selection of essential parts, including both new and used ones. With his expertise and knack for fixing bicycles, customers trust him to keep their bikes in top condition. Plus, his shop carries many reputable brands, making it a go-to destination for cyclists in the area.

Memon Bikeshop -4.04743, 39.66699

25,000 for a double room with shared bathroom. 30,000 for the en-suite room. We had issues with water in our bathroom so ended up paying 25,000 as water only worked in the shared bathroom. Depending on which room you have the wifi from Eco Shamba Café next door may work ;-) They have a nice outside area where it’s easy to do hand washing in large buckets and we could use their washing lines to hang our clothes in the sun. It was quiet at night, often no electricity and the water issue in our room was never resolved but was still good value for money.

Kaddo Guesthouse 1.07333, 34.18140

The place looked completely deserted, no other guests staying, not a single car in the parking lot but we were told all rooms were taken. Very strange. I think Kaddo Guest House has a much better location, same price and you can use the rooftop of the coffee shop next door!

HOTEL 100 1.07334, 34.18139

nice quiet spot with a water spigot: filled up and left. Followed out by possible park maintenance but no issues.

Sand Point Park Parking Lot 28.66045, -80.83202

Good place for a stop, no services, friendly poeple

Chami, Gendarmerie nationale 20.16830, -15.97601

Agree, along this track there are so many great places to wildcamp.

Bushcamp at the Boteti river -20.38876, 24.38065

As said, loads of easy wild spots in this area, very convenient when driving from Riyadh to Jeddah. Entrance to this pinned location now looks like a community garbage dump, but it is easy to find your own way on hard gravel to a spot that is hidden from the road, free of garbage and human activity, and out of the wind. (this was a factor for us in January) Light signal on STC. Local pickup stopped by in the morning. We didn't share a language so we couldn't really communicate but all seemed friendly and they gave us a thumbs up for being there.

Well hidden in the hills 23.82292, 45.01428

We camped here for three nights. Very chilled and friendly place. 4 toilets and 4 showers all working. 2 wash basins plus a covered area with dish wash up facilities. Great food, cold drinks, use of pool and chill areas. Sort of shabby chic, very relaxing and close to walk to a lot of the local sights. Maasai guards all night

Firefly -6.43982, 38.90789

local amplo, tranquilo, polícia passando o tempo todo , porém com muitas crateras na área

Barreira na Praia das fontes -4.18485, -38.07856

We parked the other side of the football pitch near the beach and under the trees
very nice quite place to sleep walking distance to shops and one restaurant with the lady owner which was an ex police lady with very good english and very nice local food.

Mota`ain on the beach /football pitch -8.94605, 124.97211

local bom porém não tem acesso. praia, porém super tranquilo

Estacionamento na Praia da fonte -4.18484, -38.07857

Pretty good bike mechanics with lots of second hand parts. The place is oposite to the biggish bike market next to the road and the petrol station, 10m down a small alley then there's a gate to your right side.

Bike Mechanic and spare parts -3.37348, 29.35367

Good food at reasonable prices, cold beer and many alcoholic and non alcohol options for drinks.
camping was 500 dalasi per night with breakfast included. breakfast is a very simple affair of bread, fried or boiled egg and tea or coffee.
many places to pitch a tent but it's on a beach so very sandy, maybe difficult for cars or trucks to drive in.
beautiful location but music and noise went on past midnight though the hosts were quite kind and tried to do many things for us.
Good wifi and small outside shower only

Jonny's Beach Bar & Camping 13.34161, -16.81154

A litle concrete road leads to the little parking Spot. A few locals are there in the evening. Very quiete at night. A path through the rocks leads down to the river, and a litle beach.

Swarg Dwari View point 23.12840, 79.80112

Very interesting place. after five minutes even a German speaking guide came. he speaks English, Italian and French as well.
He cost 3.000 CFA extra though it was well worth it.
entrance is 3.000 CFA pp and shares about the whole history of Cameroon and explains the historical nature of the current crisis.
we stayed here for the night. after the cap final, it was very quiet and disturbance and safe.
we really enjoyed it here.

Musée des Civilisations Dschang 5.45015, 10.06607

The information center didnt know if we could sleep on parkings in a fully autonome campervan (asked two times, both didnt say yes or no, seemed to had to encourage us to go to a paying place)
The camping was full and expensive, hostel even more so we slept here and it was ok, only music from the camping and the beach but not too loud.
We didnt cook in it or took out the chairs though
It's labeled as "caravan park" on

Bus terminal parking -42.57247, -64.28077

Small place with 2 cabanas. Run by a very nice family. parking for motorcycles and cars, but larger vehicles may not fit. It was more money than I usually spend (90k pesos Feb 2024), but El Bolson is expensive and with no reservations I could not find any other options. The owners are fantastic though, they made me feel like family, drove me to see sights, offered to let me join them for dinner and made sure I enjoyed my stay, and that I had everything I needed.

Alas Cabañas -41.98347, -71.53459

Great spot! Quite a way back from the road, didn't hear the traffic. Good 4g reception.

Between the hills near a tree 25.83892, 56.09365

very interesting museum and good exhibition. they renewed it 2023.
highly recommended to have a guide as he gives a great introduction into he history of Cameroon, the different regions and the traditions.
we parked for free, the night was completely quiet and no disturbances. it was safe as well and a good size for parking. high rigs can only park on one spot.
entrance is 3000 CFA/pp

Musée des Civilisations Dschang 5.45020, 10.06597

it is NOT a run down place! True, that wifi does not reach the CC, but you can seat at the terrace of the very friendly owners house to get internet.
Flat grassy place with 220V. Clean toilet and shower in the main building.

Quinta Gutierrez -18.17755, -63.88087

Spot is still here, volcanos are as well
Could be windy with no protection

Sagebrush camp - nice views -36.85856, -69.92269

Revision: as I was leaving, I got charged 19$ usd for a greasy pizza, a shower and 5l of gas
Way too much
Lady was fidgety when he asked for that amount, both her and I knew that it was excessive and she took advantage of a “rich gringo”
Not recommended after all

Camping Ranquil-Ko Payunia -36.18509, -69.45543

Very lovely, friendly and beautiful place. We stayed in the Rondel for 6 nights and enjoyed it very much.
Thank you Martina and Team for everything! Hope to come back soon! Koni - Barbara

ecoLODGy Sustainability & Permaculture Centre Camping -15.90339, 35.07086

There is a flat place just 200 meters from the main parking, you take a nice ripio and find this lovely place with view on sunset

Just above the hotel -34.75363, -72.08766

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