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Acampamos en éste lugar. Poco viento y tranquilo.

Camping -52.77591, -69.29187

Nice parking lot in the back. We are here in February and it is busy so recommend getting in a little bit early to make sure you get a spot.

Big Cracker Barrel Parking Lot 26.54736, -81.79830

it is possible to stay here wirh a motorhome. you can use the shower and toiletts but there is no electricity or dump station.

national park chiloe camping -42.62301, -74.10854
Roberto Wilson

Great place to stay the night. Watch out for high tide as it can reach beyond the trees.

Riverside Camp -49.78074, -68.63969

Super easy crossing on a Saturday around 8:30am. It was even smaller than I thought. They basically had us parked in the middle of the street. One officer got in the van and did no more than a 1 minute inspection of the inside - didn’t open anything. The other guy asked us if we needed FMM and had 1 of us take both passports to his office. He said the credit card machine wasn’t working so I had to pay cash. I was able to pay in US dollars. Between crossing and the paperwork, it took maybe 15-20 minutes.

Los Algodones Border crossing 32.71827, -114.72833

The bakery has delicious whole wheat sourdough bread!! Seriously the best bread since we left Europe. If you miss good bread - that’s the place to go.

Agricole - organic grocery store and cafe 23.48728, -110.27296

We just spent a week in Gold Canyon and would VERY HIGHLY recommend staying here! Absolutely stunning views and beautiful sunsets.
A few things we would recommend:
-Don't stop at the first available sight. Drive around for awhile and drive farther to the back- it gets a lot more secluded and much more scenic. We picked a spot close to the front but ended up moving several miles back because we got tired of all the traffic noise.
-Be aware that there is a Peralta bike trail to the left when you drive in. We were not aware and accidentally parked right on it.

Gold Canyon 33.34938, -111.41359
La belle et la bête

Vans, Tent, and roof tent camp area in a tree covered area…Bath house close by (clean)…easy trail access to the Devils Backbone brewery and festival site…great for a chill night in the woods type feel but with the access to all amenities with a good social vibe…everything from Dinner/breakfast/coffee/fire pits are in close proximity. At the same time you can have your own solitude if desired.

Devils Backbone Camp Area 37.87146, -78.92165

pretty quiet for a side of the highway rest stop. just enough other people resting in their cars to feel safe.

Innisfil On-Route 44.24647, -79.67151

Definitely can’t park on the beach anymore, but there’s a dirt lot right before where you can camp. Easily accessible with any vehicle. We were one of 6 or 7 rigs on a Saturday night. Perfect spot to watch the baby sea turtles release and then walk back.

Playa Tortugas 23.46613, -110.25574
A sudden leap into boondocking

from 380 it is about 2.8 miles to the Quebradas Backcountry Byway sign. there is a small level area near the sign. The roads to this point are fine for any vehicle. They are very bumpy but no problems with 2w drive low clearance. I could see it being a mess if it rains.

Quebradas Backcountry Byway East 33.93067, -106.68311

Same price now (30 soles), same basic conditions and same roosters around the block.

I would consider this place just as an emergency stop if it's getting dark and you get anywhere else. I understood that in San Fernando there is accommodation available as well but I don't know the details. Maybe it is worth to check it out.

Hostal Cusco -13.41064, -73.16089

This is great large and flat parking , absolutely no signs on no overnight parking , sign allowing trucks, trailers and boats. Walking distance from downtown near and behind the cinema.Laundromat at the end of one street and public bathrooms near by.Garbage can on site.
It was so quiet, thank you and keep it clean

Public parking 37.36233, -118.39782

Called and confirmed permission to stay the night. The operator at the store suggested that we stay on the side opposite Dave and Busters as it can get loud on the weekend. There is interstate noise not a problem in my motorhome, but others might have an issue with it.

Bass Pro Shop 27.93375, -82.33223

.Quiet place between the river and the forest.
.Endroit tranquille entre la rivière et la foret.

River side near snake castle 37.00632, 35.74191
PNW Traveler

quick and friendly. tank is in the front of the store that is in a strip mall. Price was $3.99 per gallon.

Brawley Ace Hardware 32.97980, -115.54870
PNW Traveler

large flat BLM area. There were a few other campers and there was plenty of room for more. we did have quite a bit of noise from I10. would stay again.

Scaddan Wash 33.66642, -114.18754

Looks like it's closed, unfortunately, I couldn't see any sign of it. but A La Fruta, half a block closer to the church, sold decent ice lollies with real fruit and no sugary syrup, nice and refreshing.

Alaska Snacks 13.49811, -88.52936

As at Feb 2024 the whole park is fenced off, no access to the tower.

Torre Kiosko 13.64481, -88.78408

Very good place to stay for a night or two. Jislan and his family are very welcoming. Ingrid, his wife, cooked us dinner (fresh veggies!) and we ate together. They also shared fruits, tea and local coffee with us and brought us fresh bread in the morning. At night it’s quiet.
Definitely recommended by us.

Stay at a Bio Farm 7.65355, 2.22288

Very nice wildcamping site on a working sheep farm, with beautifull views in the Namaqualand. Very nice farm meat and other produce available to campers.

Steenbok Lêplek @ Brakkie -30.79216, 18.56367

We‘ve got a place for 2 big rigs in the late afternoon. The parking was totally full in the evening and you get locked in next morning by other cars. Next time we would rather park at the not paved area close to this parking, As this was quite empty the most time. (29.37905° N, 47.97898° E). Nevertheless it also gets overcrowded in the morning.

Parking Lot opposite Grand Mosque 29.37957, 47.97798

We got cash at this ATM without any problems. With receipt. The maximum amount was 2000 dirhams.

Al Barid Bank 21.36730, -16.96090

Free water in nice place between the old village

Logah 29.81609, 42.73666

Nice place and quiet but 400 Rand per night, kids under 12 free.

Homestead B&B -33.53822, 25.68227

PRAIA do centro atrás do galpão da feira de artesanatos. Bastante sombra e local seguro sem barulho de nada.

Beach Parking -23.43831, -45.06950

Entrance to the fenced moon valley. Perhaps closed on nighttime? On the other side you find also plenty of nice places for camping and picknick. Some trash but no moskitos in February.

Fenced Moon Valley 22.05756, 39.47729

Currently closed due to cold weather. All spigots in park are taped off. Will reopen in spring.

City of Cameron Park 30.85312, -96.97378

Public parking with specific places for motorhomes and campers. Tents are not allowed. Parking lot is very wide. It's unlikely that you won't find a spot. You can drop grey water (not black). There are several taps with potable water and one grey water dump pipe on each tap. There's electricity available for free. Toilets are clean (considering they're open to the public). There's a shower between the two bathrooms. The door doesn't have a handle, but it's easy to open. Shower is warm (electric). Restrooms are kept open during the night. Police passes by often during the night. As it was a Saturday, there were many people with loud music and some of them were car-drifting before leaving the parking lot. We've been to worse places in terms of noise though. We had a good night of sleep. In the morning, we were gifted! We saw some Capivaras wandering around. So cute!

Parque Municipal Harry Hobus -27.21026, -49.64681

Stayed one night with our RTT cost 600.
Took an afternoon boat trip to see the chimpanzees. Saw and heard lots of them as they feed them in the afternoon. Note that the park fee has increased to 500dalasi.

Kairoh Garden 13.66887, -14.89088

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