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In the other orange place (main road) they told me they do not sell sim cards anymore. They sent me here to buy the simcard. Same price 1000 fcfa. They need your passport to activate it.

Orange simcard 7.25897, -8.15514

I pitched my tent in the forest. At 2 am in the night a car showed up. People with flashlights walked through the forest. Lots of shooting near my tent. Super scary. Eventually, after maybe 15 shots they disappeared.

What a scary night.

Among gum trees -37.73280, -72.30753

it's in a fenced doff location. aka closed.

Lago Lezama -42.43134, -71.43375

Be careful here. I made a big mistake here of being distracted by multiple guards and took my eye off the one in the cab while another one was asking me something else. They stole 1000 pesos, a pocket knife, and flashlight. I realized it before I left the inspection and called them out and they played dumb. Bottom line is I messed up and if you only allow one to do the inspection and keep your eye on them, you should be fine.

Military Checkpoint 26.19108, -111.43941

Large grocery store that (likely) offers all the supplies you need. Includes in the back a selection of prepared foods for takeaway.

Shoprite -11.19762, 28.89112

Arrived at 8, spent the night next to the gas station in my RV without incident - as did 1 van, 2 SUVs, and several car dwellers. didn't ask permission. left by 8AM. quiet (other than a bird who sang all night) and felt safe.

Walmart Yulee 30.61925, -81.53374

the shop is closed now.
a bit lower in this street is crown ltda. for Toyota

Schugamotors -19.04377, -65.25138

a bit lower in the street,than the coordinates is Crown ltd. for toyota service and spqre parts. we tried but the responsible person was not here.

Crown Ltd. only Toyota -19.04377, -65.25139

This is not a state park. it is NPS. I spent 3 nights here. Overly manicured camping. You can point your van to stare into your neighbours campsites or you can face the road and watch the traffic. only place near the water is a small boat launch. Saw no waterfowl in marsh areas. Also most hiking trails are on the road. Need 20feet of electrical and 20 feet of water hose to reach utilities. Not worth the money and I would not return.

Davis Bayou State Park 30.39728, -88.79548

large rooms, hot water, good wifi. right in beach. secure parking closed lot. paid 100 PEN soles for room with private bath

Hotel Las Olas -13.71168, -76.21883

Sehr schlechter Wasserdruck. Für Betankung per Filter nicht geeignet.

Dispenser Agua Potable -32.72112, -68.59387

Bus stop / wind shelter next to lago porteño. Looks like the other stops we’ve been seeing. No door, windows are enclosed though. Bench and floor space for 2 or 3.

Next to lake but not easy access right here. Looks like you can get water down shore though.

Glass window shelter -51.31654, -72.82980

Camped here as a cyclist with my tent. Perfect spot, quiet and with tent you can go up on the hill and camp with views of Torres. I was there on a windless night but I was in the trees and felt protected if the wind came. Few other spots around with wind protection too.

No water. I was heading south and got water at the stream 3km or so before the site.

Pullout with lots of camping potential -51.28960, -72.84957

30.000 for 2 persons in a campervan is a lot. first off all she did not want to accept the Campervan. we should sleep in a tent. it was raining😅. she is realy from yesterday

Camping y Hospedaje Bordemar -42.38142, -73.65859

Big and important YPF. They sell drinks and food (empanadas, pizza, Hamburger...) Apparently has wifi aswell.

YPF -44.68910, -66.62487

very strict at the beginning but relaxed when I calmly showed them everything they wanted. Maybe they know will find no hook, let me go after 5 min.

Corruption! Bad Police stop 10.02711, -10.79237

This was not bad at all. They asked for a passport and document for motorcycle 🏍️ . Instead of CDP I showed them registration papers from my home country and they were fine with that. Let me go after 3 min.

Corruption. Bad police stop 10.00356, -10.72332

Belíssimo local. Mas sem estrutura, e com bastante vento. Paramos de dia para almoçar, não sabemos se o pernoite é permitido.

parking lot in front of sea -34.84784, -54.63594

great spot for a fill up. 50ft of water hose did the trick

sugar sand park 26.34862, -80.12728

small hotel and parking lot where we left our van whereas we where visiting the cathedral.

Hotel Las Lajas Confort 0.80486, -77.58162

Basic Walmart parking lot. Do park near the car entrance/exit, it gets a little noisy.

Walmart. Chiefland 29.50184, -82.86974

Bulk propane for RV. Excellent service. $ 3,90 a gallon.

The crossing 30.09188, -99.20020
La belle et la bête

This location is good to go…I’ve stayed here on 2 occasions once early January and then last night. It is really peaceful. Sunrise in the morning is a bonus.

Three Ridges Mtn Overlook 37.90731, -78.97894
Eden Schwartz

Tire rotation and oil change for 650 pesos (brought our own oil). Price on par with US prices - we probably got the gringo price - but no complaints as the service was quick, thorough and mechanics were very nice. Mechanics did not speak English but happy to use google translate and were patient with our broken Spanish.

Autoservico Armando Valles 26.89443, -111.95939

Very clean Laundromat. $ 2,00 per wash and 50 cents for 15 minutes dry time.

The crossing 30.09170, -99.19965

If you park in the back of the parking lot you can get closer to the 24hr MCD drive thru and get WiFi. Use the dumpster from the sport clips, but be nice reach out lift the lid so your trash is inside the dumpster and not on the floor. I stay here 2 nights in a row while working on my rig.

Home Depot 26.28440, -80.20121

This is a huge parking lot off I10. About 6 transport trucks stayed with us, too. We tucked as far away from the highway as possible and the noise was a soft constant drone. There are trains nearby, too, and we heard them 3 times. Very level.

Old closed gas station 32.20014, -108.42352

good spacious rooms for 500 and 600 pesos. off street parking. which is not gated but it was not a problem.

they also have a restaurant with breakfast that opens at 0800 hr.

they provide a gas heater in the room.

Hotel Palmas 26.82977, -107.07526

le câble électrique de notre panneau solaire était arraché. ce n' était pas simple pour le réparer parce qu'il fallait enlever le panneau du toit de notre camper. Le travail a été fait avec efficacité

Taller Exodo, Repairs/Services of Electro-Mechanic Parts 8.11720, -80.98228

On a eu un souci avec notre lanterneau. Le dôme a été arraché. ADACOR nous a trouvé une solution de remplacement en fabriquant un dôme et en le fixant au toit. Travail rapide et efficace

Taller ADACOR chapisteria 8.11720, -80.98228

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