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Awesome campground. While you are there ask the rangers about the national park "Patagonia Azul" - what a great project!

Camping Libre -45.09158, -66.51053

The pist to come until here is amazing (4x4 is better during the rainy season). You can sleep here for free with access to shower, toilets and share lounge with kitchen. The Visit to gorilles is interesting but we have prefered the trek that we did in the forest in Cameroun. Of course here you see gorilles really well not like in the forest but the sensation is not the same. For the price the expérience is ok.

Camp Abio -3.13163, 15.52707

Great spot. Out of the wind, lovely flat platform tucked right into the cave with views out onto the flats. Pin is not quite in the right place, the cave is directly on the east side of the island looking towards Incahuasi.

Sheltered cave in isla mogli -20.10888, -67.80267

Was here over Thanksgiving weekend. Very crowded, many people come every Thanksgiving. The next week they were all gone and only about 3 campers. Lots of space in an open field or under the trees.
Forest ranger came by and said they will do a planned burn and the campground will be closed for awhile beginning the week of December 11 2023.

East tower camp Osceola NF 30.38247, -82.33047
iNomads OnTour

Just an emergency parking space in the middle of a narrow parking lot. The food is mediocre. Clearly too expensive for that.

Kairoh Garden 13.66887, -14.89088

Nice hostel in the city. I paid 11000 pesos (11euros) for a single room with breakfast included (very light breakfast). Very clean and there is aircon in the room so it was perfect.

Hotel San Martin -30.23913, -68.74691

Super helpful people, most of them can communicate with English some better than the others but all friendly.

We made 2 months insurance for our Landrover defender for 14.000 kwanza ( 14 euros) at the time of the payment because of the inflation.

I paid the girl cash and she paid with her credit cars the insurance to the official insurance account.

ensa insurance -5.55846, 12.19396

Place is still passable for a night though it’s been planted with corn and doesn’t have as much coverage as it sounds like it did previously. We went a little further up the road (<1km) and found a more protected spot though it was not elevated from the road like this one.

just before vietnam - cyclists only 21.19938, 102.85239

Just a convenient spot to or from the border. Hard to find a wild spot here. We chose one of the many picnic spots at random.
Nobody came during the night.
Close to the road of course.

Picnic spot next to the main road -27.25864, 18.57826

It seemed to be a confusion between two guarderias here. We marked the one of Soledad at the other place, where she lives.

Judi is another woman with this guardería. We wrote her shortly to make sure, her guarderia still exists. And yes, it's open. We didn't use it, because we already had a nice appointement with Soledad.

But to actualize the infos here: Judi was really nice to give information. She works together with a vet, seems to be really professional, too (my opinion after texting with her) and takes care of dogs and cats.
The costs for a night depends on the size of the dog - about S/ 20 per night.

(Ask about the exact location in whatsapp, I'm not sure if it's actual here.)

Escuela y guarderia canina -13.55354, -71.88435

lugar top para ficar muita natureza, cidade pequena super tranquila. o local tem wifi, chuveiro que te, geladeira, churrasqueira e cozinha compartilhada. os donos são super gentiles. Ficamos dois dias dormimos no carro mas da para instalar barraca, motorhome e também tem gampling no local. é também da para alugar a casa que está no terreno. nós somos @viajandodecorsa.
importante o acesso na cidade está super fácil estrada nova.

lugar muy bueno con cocina compartida, heladera, ducha e wifi. lugar para quien gusta de naturaleza. los dueños son super buena onda. lá ruta que lleva al pueblo está nueva.

camping casa hóspede. -13.09622, -38.79153

O Dono Don Marco nao e amigavel, parecia que eu nao era benvindo!
Gastei mais que 140 soles no restaurante e passei apenas 2 noites aqui!
Pisco sour estava bom!
Arroz com marisco, tequenhos e Pacu frito estavam deliciosos!
As meninas do restaurante sao muito amigaveis e acho que foram instruidas pelo dono de nao passarem a senha do Wifi para mim! Nao tenho ideia do porque!
Triste ser rejeitado Triste ter uma espectativa baseada nas informacoes do aplicatvo iOverlander!

The owner Don Marco is not friendly, it seemed like I was not welcome!
I spent more than 140 soles at the restaurant and only spent 2 nights here!
Pisco sour was good!
Rice with seafood, tequeños and fried Pacu were delicious!
The girls at the restaurant are very friendly and I think they were instructed by the owner not to give me the Wifi password! I have no idea why!
Sad to be rejected Sad to have an expectation based on information from the iOverlander app!

Bambu piscina y restaurante -13.08447, -70.36243

I live near the lake and we use the BRA sites often. They are very well maintained and during non summer times are very quiet. There are a few other BRA areas close that have showers and during off season they are free to use with no fee. There are organic toilets at South D&D.

D&D South Free Camp 32.88421, -98.48541

A very good restaurant to stop while you make your way to Comalcalco... They serve delicious butifarras (a sausage which is the local speciality) with platanos. The owner and his family are very friendly and helpful people.

Al Punto del Sazón 18.17511, -93.04771

The access is by a narrow asphalted road. But if you drive slowly you can easily go, even with a big rigs.
The baths are not so hot (~29 °C), but the water is very very clear, and there are not so many people so it's very pleasant.
There is a 20 m long pool where you can swim.
There are toilets, showers (cold) and restaurant. You can spend the night in the camping, which is included in the entrance ticket.
Entrance fee : 8 soles per person.

Cconoc thermal pools -13.54292, -72.63884

Beautiful store with everything from food to kitchen related items to body/health/wellness products. Including jars to store your products in. Very beautiful store, absolute recommendation.

Also for gluten free diets, lots of items available such as flour etc.

Zero Waste Store -22.57328, 17.10145

We wild camped here on 30th November. Glorious spot at base of Shingwedzi cliffs with incredible view up and down river. Trail is available on Gaia maps of route down from Shingwedzi cliffs road. Very overgrown, don't attempt unless you have bullbars and little concern for your paintwork.

Shingwedzi Cliffs -23.36931, 31.65283
Project Soul Quest (Tori and Dylan)

Great spot to stay just outside of Cabo Pulmo. Lots of spots depending on your vehicles capabilities, we’re in a 170 sprinter and had no issues. We were some of the only people staying just a few nights, people come out here and set up for awhile it seemed. Great snorkeling by the point to the north without having to go into the national park. Came in from the North, road was fine, as expected


Los Frailes 23.38068, -109.43222

No overnight / Camping signs. Apparently they had a enough of the long termers.... Another one bites the dust :(

Walmart Bedford 44.75089, -63.64289

It was lovely! Make sure to take the road furthest to the south which has a sign saying “Arantas”. We initially tried the road furthest to the north as we were coming from north but decided to turn back as it’s a bad road and far from the beach. We asked a local fisherman if it was ok to stay, he said yes, it’s very calm. No amenities but a perfect wild camp! So beautiful, amazing sea views. We saw a perfect sunset. Loved it :)

cliffhanger&sunseteria -16.79109, -72.33088

We had a little stopover while on the way to Chimoio. Nice place, but a little expensive (two Sandwiches, two Cokes and two Coffee for 1000 MT). But very pleasant staff.

Buffalo camp -20.90165, 34.28975

It is not a campsite, but if you nead a brake, you can stay here and can also have a hot shower and there is also a toilett.

Gan El Matarara -19.93202, 33.67255

If you have a problem with your van maybe Yair could help.
He is planning to set up his own shop to build vans and support travelers who are facing problems. At the moment the shop is not built yet.

We had a serious water infiltration that we undetected because covered by furniture. A large part of the floor has been rotting over time and we found out when we were heading to Costa Rica.
Yair was able to find the source of infiltration and fix it. He removed the furniture and all the rotten plywood and replaced with a new one and a lot of epoxy to cure the surface.
He also fixed a few other little damages.
The whole work took about 10 days.
Unfortunately Costa Rica is not the cheapest country for buying materials but we found a compromise on Yair’s fees which helped to contain a bit the high expense.
During the repairs we stayed in an Airbnb very close to Yair’s place and quite cheap. The Pueblo does not offer a lot but there are buses on the main road that bring you in Limon or Puerto Viejo.
Contact +506 6004 2055

Van Love - Mechanic Services 9.82560, -82.93800

estava fechado para reforma, não conseguimos entrar!

Parque Linear -24.25496, -49.70369

A large rest area with clean restrooms and vending machines. Although it’s close to the freeway I found it to be quiet enough.
Full tmo service
3 bars att

WisDOT Rest Area 53 44.22584, -90.70616

Camping e Cachoeira........................

Recanto da Natureza -22.10200, -48.94912

Camping com estrutura de água, energia, banheiros e uma conexão incrível com a natureza, inclusive Cachoeira maravilhosa no próprio camping incluso na diária de R$ 20,00

Recanto da Natureza -22.10206, -48.94913

C'est le pire passage de frontière en 4 mois. Les agents du Nicaragua sont extrêmement désagréables. Ils posent beaucoup de questions ridicules. Il y avait 4 agents à l'immigration et on était les seuls touristes, car il était environ 19 heures. Ils ont fait exprès de nous faire attendre, passant leur temps sur leur smartphone. Au bout de 2 heures, on a eu notre visa. Puis la voiture est passée aux rayons-x. Pour le drone, on a utilisé une technique qui peut être risquée, mais qui a fonctionné: on a mis le drone dans le sac à dos du passager. Seul le conducteur amène la voiture aux rayons-x. Et les sacs à dos ou sacs à main ne passent pas aux rayons-x. Le douanier a demandé si on avait un drone dans la voiture: on a dit non, ce qui était vrai. A vous d'évaluer les risques, mais on a économisé pas mal d'argent en n'utilisant pas DHL... Le passage de frontière a duré au total 3h40. Très éprouvant mentalement! De plus, un agent de police du Nicaragua a usurpé de ses fonctions pour utiliser le numéro de portable de ma compagne, qu'elle avait noté sur la fiche de renseignements. Il a voulu la draguer, et même l'appeler! Bien sûr elle l'a ignoré, mais c'est vraiment honteux...

This is the worst border crossing in 4 months. The Nicaraguan agents are extremely rude. They ask a lot of ridiculous questions. There were 4 immigration officers and we were the only tourists, as it was around 7 p.m. They made us wait on purpose, spending their time on their smartphones. After 2 hours, we got our visa. Then the car was x-rayed. For the drone, we used a technique that could be risky, but which worked: we put the drone in the passenger's backpack. Only the driver takes the car to the x-rays. And backpacks or handbags are not x-rayed. The customs officer asked if we had a drone in the car: we said no, which was true. It's up to you to assess the risks, but we saved a lot of money by not using DHL... The border crossing took a total of 3 hours 40 minutes. Very mentally taxing! In addition, a Nicaraguan police officer usurped his position to use my partner's cell phone number, which she had noted on the information sheet. He wanted to flirt with her, and even call her! Of course she ignored it, but it's really shameful...

La Fraternidad, San Marcos de Colon, Honduras to El Espino, Nicaragua 13.44577, -86.72460

Several small streams crossing the road near this pin. Made it through these with high clearance but higher up the road is completely blocked by snow.

High clearance needed -32.81376, -70.06444

It was an incredible experience!
We were very well received by Yordy and Dina's family. We visited their family's floating island and the capital of the Uros Islands by boat, they explained to us about their culture, how the island is built and maintained and how they live. Mainly his mother Rosa, who accompanied us for most of the tour, whether welcoming us, showing us her crafts, piloting the boat and showing the strength of the Aymara woman. In the end, she even gave us a craft for our little house on wheels.
We slept on a football field in front of the church, for two nights.
Foi uma experiência incrível!
Fomos muito bem recebidos pela família do Yordy e da Dina. Visitamos a ilha flutuante de sua família e a capital das Ilhas Uros de barco, eles nos explicaram sobre sua cultura, como a ilha é construída e mantida e como vivem. Principalmente sua mãe Rosa, que nos acompanhou durante grande parte do passeio, seja nos acolhendo, nos mostrando seu artesanato, pilotando o barco e mostrando a força da mulher aimará. No final, ela até nos deu um artesanato para a nossa casinha de rodas.
Dormimos num campo de futebol em frente a igreja, foram duas noites.

Departure Uros tour -15.81667, -69.99106

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