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Literally what everyone else has said, just checking in.

Rest area West/East Access 34.35111, -92.89215

Out in the bush between Gagarin landing and capsule landing memorials. You can hear the traffic. At night not to bat. Hidden from the road. 4G. Flat areas.

Near Gagarin landig 51.27927, 45.95092

Slept there for one night. It was quiet but windy. Nearest toilet is in Hotel Bajo Caracoles.

Bajo Caracoles -47.44471, -70.92652

We crossed this border without any problems. We did the salvoconducto 2 days before and it only took 30 minutes to receive it.

BTW, it is the most beautiful and astonishing scenic road we saw in South America.

Chilean Immigration and Customs – Paso Roballos -47.18398, -71.97397
Murielle et Marc

nice place for a lunch stop but also to spend the night there no amenities

Macha -18.81701, -66.03999

Did not see anything for camping at this location. We did see a Rhea.

Bush camp aside RP 31 -44.21167, -66.10958

Nor much wind protection unless the wind is blowing from the South.

Playa Honda -44.87117, -65.71173

Nice enough place with a handful of rooms and friendly host. Has a large common area for use and you can use the kitchen for a little extra. Didn't include breakfast and didn't seem to be WiFi, though the shower was nice and hot. Price is $15.000 pesos and an extra $2.000 for use of the kitchen.

La tranquera -47.25192, -72.57785

wow great camping site very very comfortable for all the facilities. shower kitchen restroom if you are around Ukmal you have to stop here for sure.

Hostal y Camping El Eden 20.45813, -89.72638

wifi average, nice boat, we sleep here

wifi moyenne, joli bateau, nous dormons sur place

Punta Loyolas -51.62744, -68.96087

Lovely little hotel with bright, clean en suite rooms in doubles, twins triples and quadruples. All excellent value for money. We paid 30AZN for a triple room (double and a single). Super friendly hosts which speak Azeri, Russian and some English but make everyone feel super welcome! They invited us in for tea when we arrived and promptly offered us a home cooked dinner for an extra 5AZN each - well worth it! They grow all their own vegetables on site and have their own chickens for fresh eggs. Breakfast is an extra 3AZN but well worth it. There is secure parking in a large locked courtyard. Space for several vehicles but big rigs wouldn’t get in, that said there is ample parking outside the compound and it’s well off the main road so I am sure it would be safe. Wi-Fi is good, A/C in all the rooms too.
We came for one night but over dinner found that the owner likes to play tennis so we’re going to stay another night and get a game in before we head off.
Throughly recommend if you are in the area.

Gostevoy Dom 41.15507, 47.16221

200$ per camper, 50$ extra for shower. Francisco is very nice and shows you around on their property. Kids can speak english. Campsite is nothing special but calm.. toilets are not the cleanest. You can also store your car here for 100$ per day. The 'guard dog' Esperancita is the cutest!! give her some treats if you have ;)

Camping Teotihuacan 19.69605, -98.85609

hermoso lugar. la gruta es increíble. perfecto lugar para meditar o rezar con el sonido de las cascadas. o simplemente para disfrutar el lugar. la gente que cuida el lugar es muy amable y servicial. para motorhomes grandes hay dos o tres lugares.

Gruta Nossa Senhora de Fátima -29.39213, -54.76474

We headed this direction based on the "don't research it, just come here" comments. Had lunch in Causalidad, almost turned around and headed the other direction, tired of bumpy roads and worried about fuel. Boy are we glad we didn't. What an otherworldy scene up here. Definitely worth it if you are wandering around Puna in a capable vehicle.

The isolated paved portion of 27, from Causalidad to Caipe, is a neat vestige of the old mining days, connecting the mine to the nearest rail depot. Unfortunately it is really starting to deteriorate from modern mining traffic.

Mina Julia -25.10432, -68.34947

very peaceful. spent two nights here. Starlink was partially obstructed. some phone signal. I imagine this would be stinky and mosquitoey in other seasons, but it's lovely in late fall. didn't see anyone else. picked up half a bag of trash. Marion national forest allows dispersed camping with a permit.

Francis Marion by little pond 33.06106, -79.74698

Couldn’t really believe we could park and camp here but I trusted the reviews and all went well! Tons of space to walk the dog. Did encounter a raccoon that was very curious and wanted to explore my car so watch out for that. You can definitely hear street / city noise but wasn’t too bad. Would definitely recommend!

Magnolia Drive 30.00067, -90.09795
Amar e viajar sm

Ficamos aqui por 2 dias, um grande estacionamento na praça de eventos, acredito que não poderá ficar em período de eventos.
O local fica próximo ao centro e tem vários comércios próximo.
Tem uma torneira próxima a caixa d'água, vi também tomada porém é usado pelos carrinhos de lanche próximo, energia teria que negociar.
Tem banheiro m/f só que não fica aberto somente em eventos.

Praça festival de inverno -15.46134, -55.74945

Estación de servicio nos permitieron pasar la noche gratis.

Masgas -2.44875, -79.12855

Sites are very basic and amount to little more than a parking space with water and electric. Dogs in nearby homes and apartments bark pretty much continuously

Hotel Playa de Cortès 27.91192, -110.94509
Miss Daisy

Very nice campsite, excellent and clean showers. Water taps only near the toilets. A bit expensive, $3000 pp and $1000 per car

El Oasis -40.76950, -65.03704

Water is shut off, and probably not just for the season. The spigot is hard to find. It is on the side of the pump machine of leftmost truck fuel lane, which makes it accessible if parked in the rightmost RV fuel lane.

Flying J Pecos 31.40024, -103.48687

I'd like to comment that the crossing is OPEN again with fresh wooden planks. there was even a huge 10 ton+ construction vehicle that crossed it to enter the building by the bridge, I think they are working around there and they fixed it. HOWEVER, the security guard told me it was 10 soles to cross, I just ignored and crossed. Other vehicles drove by without paying, I am not the one being the idiot around today.

Bridge Fixed -8.66399, -78.30205

Access not possible anymore, with the pavement on the road apparently they closed it.

Riverside -8.66701, -78.31238

No access anymore due to the work on the pavement that was built.

Gravel Pit close to Water Plant -8.66684, -78.32986

No access anymore due to the work done to pave hwy 123

Riverside. Hwy 123 -8.70196, -78.39467

Not far from the main road but enough to sleep without noise. Small place in the middle of the trees to park for a night. A guy came the next morning and just said “bem-vindos”.

No name wild camping -18.43946, -45.08075

Bridge is fixed. Saw a at least 10 ton truck fully loaded pass.

Route 123 -8.65232, -78.58416

Route 66 west of here officially closed to through traffic due to washaways. Still passable for two wheelers though.

I saw other 4x4 vehicles on the road but one bridge and its graded bypass have been completely destroyed.

ROUTE 66 CLOSED WEST OF HERE 34.73509, -115.24574

Beautiful beach with lots of campsites and garbage cans. soft sand near the point and in most of the sites. Quiet at night and a little windy.

Juncalito Beach 25.83081, -111.32590

no nos gustó para nada el camping tenemos un motorhome somos viajeros, nos cobraron 10000 $ por nada, los baños sucios llenos de agua y con los cables pelados, baños viejos y descuidados, nos prendieron un termo para poder bañarnos, o sea que durante el día no hay agua caliente, nos enchufamos a la luz eléctrica y cuando nos dimos cuenta la había cortado, te cobran el paisaje, que obvio no es de ellos, no lo recomendamos para nada

Camping El Biguá -31.83842, -64.52489

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