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Very nice facilities and staff. It’s 50 soles per vehicle. Overall it’s a very nice place to relax so we ended up staying a few days.

Ecocamp Huacachina in Ica -14.08910, -75.76382

Uploaded Latest price list to photos. Gives break down Marc commented on above.

We stayed at campsite because we left Tofo at 8am and arrived here at 5.30pm.

Designated sites (roughly). Follow signs to chalets then take turn towards Chalet 3. Ablutions east to spit. Showers like a fire hose & needed a sweep but fine. Scullery had a sink. Scullery roof being renovated but could still use facility.

Summary - OK overnighter. We paid 1 night camping and one day park entry.

Warning- the park guy at Giriyondo border post tried to say we needed to pay 2 days. The police translated for us that we had arrived at 6.30 last night and it is now 8.30am the next morning. He agreed that our one day entry was sufficent however If they continue with this practice it would seem the Covane Community campsite is a better option.

Road from Chokwe to park entry gate was in worse condition (potholes) than once inside park (few corrugations that lower air pressure solved) as they have recently graded 85% of it. Still a bit slow going. We averaged about 40km/hr.

Limpopo NP Gate -23.87288, 32.14644

CLP 11,000 book online, pay on arrival! Park open Wednesday to Sunday at present, 9am - 4. 30. Camping closed til 10th December. 1½ hour rainforest hike to mirador, first km quite steep. Lots of mud, tree roots, water, boulders! If you are not energetically inclined the view would be just as good from the boat (CPL15, 000). Other shorter tracks closed.

Parque Queulat - Entrance -44.47163, -72.55840

Fabulous views over the water. Parked behind the rock and totally quiet, no traffic in night.

Viewpoint on the cliffs -44.49509, -72.57625

sitio muy lindo y protegido de los vientos , ubicado en el encuentro del rio San Pablo y el mar , al lado de una hosteria abandonada

Abandoned hotel -54.29448, -66.70552

The showers and toilets are closed - possibly permanently. Unfortunately there are NO signs stating this, you just have to ask other campers. No campground Host either.

Squaw Lake Campground 32.90293, -114.47744

Showers and toilets are CLOSED - possibly permanently. No signs telling you they're closed. No Host. Had to find out from campers.

TK Jones Campground 32.90265, -114.47579

We stayed here the night before doing the trail to the Torres. A guy at the Laguna Entrance told us that there are only two official places to park sleep in the motorhome, guaderia pingo and administration. But we decided to try it anyways and nobody sent us away. The toilets are open around 7.30 to 21.00.
When you want to make the Torres-tail we can totally recommend to stay there and start early (between 6 and 7) to avoid the tourists - it was really worth it, we were quite alone on the track and the top. In total we stayed there 3 nights, and nobody noticed or said something.
Tip for Shower: We showered in the Patagonia Camp on the top of the little hill beside the carparking. Really nice staff, let us shower for free (let a little tip and a friendly thank you!) Camp looks also very nice for eat & drinks, but we didn't stayed.

Parque Nacional Torres del Paine – Welcoming Center parking area -50.96447, -72.86222

We booked a private tour with Yordy to the Uros Islands. Yordy took us to the island where he lives with his family. He explained us how they live there, how the island are build, how the Uros-community works, why they islands were built... everything we wanted to know. Yordy explained everything very accurate. He also showed us the island where he attended primary school and where his son soon will join Kindergarden. We also visited another island where we could by some drinks and food. His little boy Jean-Paul and his younger sister accompanied us for the whole tour which was fun. We never felt like tourists, especially when we saw the big boats with more than 20 pax on it. Yordy is a great guy and he really likes what he does. We felt like good friends. The tour was ment to be 2 hours but in the end we returned after 3.5 hours (no extra price asked!!). Stll 20 pes/pp + 8pes/pp for entrance. Very recommended!!

Departure Uros tour -15.81667, -69.99106

We stayed here 2 nights with no problems. Nice spot in town.

Public Parking 33.33211, -105.66984

Spent 2 nights here without any issues. There was mild street and train noise but didn’t bother us. It felt safe and it was clean.

Pioneer Park 26.32153, -80.09621

this is a Nice place to see the ocean. there is a lot of space also internet work very well. the road is rough, you need 4x4 or suv. the view is awesome.

plaine 31.37173, -116.47228

No wind internet fast very good place there is no other campers here

Parking lot next Vialidad -52.12919, -69.51716

Lovely place! We fit perfectly with our truck camper, 7m long and 3.5 tall. Wouldn‘t recommend anything larger than that.

Camping Smoky Paradise // Charlie 9.80159, -82.89917

This place is super! Not only because of Marco and Alejandro but also the surrounding nature and excellent amenities. We had such a warm welcome. Marco also showed us frogs that we wouldn’t have found with our own eyes. Very much recommended!

Camping La Fortuna San Carlos (casa fabreca) - only a small sign on the roadside 10.47573, -84.63758

Beautiful campground, not too busy at all by the end of November. Small campervans can camp in the $20/night "tent loop" and larger rigs can book the RV sites. Totally worth it if you are visiting Zion. Lots of mule deer!

Watchman campground 37.19681, -112.98873

Parking au bout du village tranquille et sur
Wc et douche dans le bâtiment de la poste.
Point d’eau à côté des Wc

Oficina de correos de Cacao 4.57369, -52.47268

Safe good lighting. Close to the Starbucks and grass all around for dog walking.

Cracker Barrel 33.54507, -101.95792

the road is really noisy. but the spot is easy to park for big rigs (with our 29feet) and only few blocks from the center. enter the city from the main road on WEST side. and follow the bus road to get out

Hostel La Casa de Paco 16.73615, -92.64537

could not reach the spot with my big rig. we went to the pemex for our first night

Hostel, Camping & RV Park "Infra" 16.73298, -92.62081

Très confortable pour y avoir Très bien dormi 2 nuits. Beaucoup de place pour tout types de VR. Publix et plusieurs magasins juste a côté.
A revenir assurément.

sécuritaire bien éclairé, caméra partout.

Walmart 32.04272, -81.00433

Surprisingly impressive hot springs on a floodplain. The water comes out at 80 degrees C, so not for swimming! We washed ourselves a bit further downstream, as do the locals. They were very friendly, a bit shy. No facilities, but no entry fee either ;) We stayed there the whole afternoon and ended up sleeping there with the permission of the local men.

Longola Hot Springs -15.81803, 26.05820

We arrived and the sand was full of diesel. It was not possible to stay, because diesel is everywhere in the air. There was fresh traces of trucks in the sand so maybe the „diesel-action“ is now every night… we drove further and slept at the salt cave.

Bivouac near the beach 26.59447, 55.45358

We loved our time at the Chacrita de Milu - Milu wasn’t there when we arrived but Carlos (the groundskeeper) and his family were there all the time, very sweet and keen to help. Milu was so kind and responded very quickly to messages every time we had a question and gave us a lot of useful advice for our onward travel. The chacrita has hot showers, good WiFi, and is a perfect place to relax - it’s an especially good option if you are on the road to Lima coming from north and want to stop for the night before getting into the busy city. We took a walk around the chacrita with Kevin (Carlos’ son) who was lovely and the farm has lots vegetables and fruit trees (shame none of it was in season yet). They also have two dogs who love a good belly rub! There are plug sockets in the sheltered area to the left of the swimming pool. We intended to stay only one night but ended up being there for four :) Thank you so much Milu and Rolando for a brilliant stay!

La Chacrita de Milu -11.45759, -77.20709

Buen lugar para pasar el día y la noche. Lindo pueblo para visitar

Estación de Servicio Gulf de General Guido -36.63787, -57.79534
Eloi Sanchez

Amazing family-run camping farm. If the door is closed but WITHOUT a lock it means you can open it and go inside. They have it locked to avoid the animals from running away. The camping part is run by Evaristo (son). He is a very knowledgeable person and is a very interesting person to have a conversation with. In the morning we had breakfast (Desayuno Campestre) prepared by Marta (ask her about the origin of this breakfast!). Freshly made bread with butter and homemade jam, local (or fresh, depending if they have it available or not) milk, coffee and scrambled eggs from their chickens. We really recommend it, it was amazing. She served it in the living room of their own home and invited us in as if we were family. We felt very welcomed and ended up having a several hours long conversation with her and Evaristo (father) by the warmth of the wooden furnace. Marta also spends the winter crafting wool caps and ponchos with the wool of their sheep colored using the products she forages from their own land (flowers, spices, tree bark...) which are beautiful. We ended up buying her three wool caps and leaving a generous tip, since we felt she was giving us a very cheap price for everything. We will recommend this to every person we know that decides to travel through the carretera Austral and are very thankful for having met this amazing family.
As for the camping part, it has everything you may need, hot showers, toilets, water hose and plenty of space and animals (horses, cows, a llama, sheeps, pigs with like 15 new-born that were very cute, cats and dogs), though the animals may not be there, since they are sent away to another field during the summer. There is also a very cute river spot driving less than five minutes through their property which can also be reached by walking.

Rio Grande Farm -44.66561, -72.26708

Cost C9000 for the night for one without tent rental.

Los Toros 10.31740, -85.80328

We stayed two nights, it was really cool! WiFi is free and really super fast. The toilets are clean, access to electricity inside the station. There were many of us both evenings in RV and van. Showers are way too expensive... Might as well stay dirty

YPF - El Calafate -50.33162, -72.23061

clean and simple rooms. just showed up and they had free rooms, 10.000 for single room, 13.000 with AC. AC was very loud, water quite cold.
Mattress was pretty uncomfortable (soft with deep depression where I was laying).
Walking distance from everything.

Casa Tina 12.58823, -16.27549

Magnificent camping (self catering with my own camping gear)

Camped at the main section where they allow vehicles

Warm showers, Clean toilets (Asian bowls), WiFi etc.

Well lit campsite

Camp Ndunda Falls -0.48808, 37.42931

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