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Dedicated RV parking in the back. Expect some road noise from I-17 right behind the restaurant. Would go again as it's a convenient location to stop before going north.

Cracker Barrel 33.68170, -112.11436

Good spot for a quiet night. Wifi from McDo. a welcome perk.

mc Donald parking river 44.39342, -71.18588

Angenehmer als direkt an der Hauptstraße zu stehen, nur um dichter am Strand zu sein. Toiletten am Strand, ca. 300m entfernt.

Motorhome Parking -34.44007, -57.86565

Lugar bonito, acesso por estrada de terra e alguns buracos, mas devagar da para passar com motorhome. Pessoal da região acolhedor. Passamos duas noites tranquilas nesse ponto, na primeira noite ficamos meio assim, por estarmos somente nós de MH ali e a noite somente a luz da lua 🌙, mas lugar aparentemente seguro. Acesso para fazer trilhas nas encostas.
Nos sigam no Instagram: @a_aventura_esta_la_fora

Praia Tucuns -22.80602, -41.93124

got the knock. closes at 11pm says the police

Lawson Creek Park/Boat Launch 35.10798, -77.03455

very good tasting local food. the lady makes it all fresh.we ate plantains, white Couscous type, fish, eggs and fresh vegetables, nothing spicy (it's optional) for 1500 CFA. they even brought good chairs for us. its the hut on the left of the yellow barber/ haircutter house.
we named the mama Maryam, so the location name is not the official name

Maryam's food 7.85647, -7.01985

What a lovely little restaurant and lady. The food was delicious, we had vegetarian pad Thai and tatami (or something like that). Real Asian flavor, definitely a good place for dinner!

La Madera Slow Food -46.62595, -72.67612

Come and see yourself, our breeding sable bull.

Royally Rest Camp Pauwkop (Royally Wildlife) -26.76892, 25.38746

Spacious location, with all the hook ups (15amp) for 500p/night for 2 people and your space is secure. Good food options nearby, especially the Sushi House Valle if you’re looking for something out of the norm.

Misiones RV Park (formerly Manfred's RV Park) 25.04902, -111.67940

Due to the popularity, the employee told me this is now a paid service.$2396
this price is for all you can do; Empty grey & black water and fill up fresh water. If for example you only want to dump black water price is same.

Monday to Friday 10:00 - 17:00
on Saturday & Sunday the person needed for payment is not there so it has no sense on coming.

Planta de Pretratamiento de Efluentes Industriales Vaciadero de Camiones -54.83033, -68.32624

Got in and out easily. Filled the LPG. Great service

Bell Hydrogas 29.35148, -98.46477

Be aware of thieves. early morning they broke into my car and stole many things.

forested beach 36.80133, 34.80554

As you ascend on Echo Canyon Road, there's a detour with sign E8.

Echo Canyon Site 8 36.46640, -116.75975
Chavaleh Jahn

Dirt lot with full hookups. Hosts were very helpful. Escapers Park.

The RV Park at Pima County Fairgrounds 32.04578, -110.78357

is sophatroph a busy body? just be judicious when parking in lovely Sebastopol 💛✊🏻

Sebastopol street 38.44479, -122.70364

stayed in back, had no issues at all. will utilize again if needed.
thanks walmart

Walmart 32.18560, -90.26003

Had five guys in a truck drop by around 9:00pm last night. They tried to extort us into giving money. I managed to talk them out of it. About half an hour later, the state police (soldiers on the back holding machine guns) drove by this small dirt track we were on, patrolling. They didn’t stop to talk with us but kept on driving. Maybe this place has a reputation of easy pickings from people stopping to camp?

Out in the fields 16.74659, -96.86279
Fernando Quevedo

Good place to spend a night behind the restaurant, very quiet and no traffic at night.

Shell Estación de Servicio -26.86334, -65.69527

Called before we arrived since the last review was 2 years prior. Staff said it was fine. Slept great! One other RV here for the night. Nice grassy area for the dog to use the restroom. No issues! Would stay here again.

Cracker Barrel 34.49258, -89.02867

Didn’t get “the knock” but this has been by far the worst sleep I’ve ever had. I
Tons of cars doing donuts until midnight, then a leaf blower man working until 3am. The showers at this PF are also terrible - barely warm and little shower pressure.

Planet Fitness 36.06403, -115.25099

Rooms are big and clean, all rooms are facing the ocean wifi in the reception area, parking for motorcycle next to entrence guarded.
Doubel room 25k kwz with breakfast

Ritz Sumbe -11.19807, 13.83532

As described. A handful of hook ups or partial hookups in the back. Go inside to check in.

Cattlerest RV Park and Saloon 32.23714, -109.85049

Nice, flat dry lakebed. Plenty of people camping here. Very convenient access to Jtree :)
I will say, be prepared for noise and lights if you come here. One group had strobe lights and a dance party situation and were shooting off fireworks and there were several buggies and cars driving around and doing donuts.
Nice, free place to stay though! And absolutely nobody bothered us and we had plenty of room despite the multitude of campers.

Joshua Tree North BLM 34.16837, -116.24721

Nice place to enjoy sitting under a shelter and watching the endless, unrelenting rain.

Finca Cañas Castilla 11.12199, -85.59412

Nice campground. Not very private. Hot showers. Stayed along the dune for wind block. Lots of sunshine. Stayed on D area. 31 bucks a night.

Nehalem Bay State Park Campground 45.69637, -123.93715

Estación YPF FULL ,Hay estragón amplio , baños , comidas
Muy tranquilo de noche

El Dante -40.71502, -65.00637

Small county run Rv park. 1st come first serve.. pick your spot and someone comes in the morning to collect the fee. $15 water, electric, & sewer included over 65 $10..included a photo of the rules board by the rest room..very pleasant overnight

Uncle Dick Davis Park 30.26890, -91.70672

Everything as already described but an extra mention for the fantastic food we had - it's a buffet but you pick what you would like braai'd and there is a fantastic salad bar, veggies, breads and cakes. A real treat night or two here is well worth it.

Praia do Soba -14.74728, 12.29074

There’s a sign off Hwy1, but none to turn you up to Windy Hollow road. It’s just a block or so off the highway to the left. Super nice security, quiet parking lot. We played video poker just to give back a couple bucks.

Garcia River Casino 38.93712, -123.69107
[email protected]

YPF muito novo, moderno. Amplo pátio, equipe muito educada. Banheiros limpos e grandes. Full com media Lunas, empanadas, lanches prontos, cafés, água quente com fichas e bebidas em geral.

YPF - San Antonio del Este -40.71467, -65.00638

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