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After some faffing about trying to work out where to stay, we decided on this site. Expensive for what it is 15,000pp however when we drove to the end and set up out tents 100m from the beach, we relaxed a little lol. Place looks like it’s in disrepair initially, but the sites closer to the beach are better maintained, and there was a maintenance man coming around in the afternoon. We were the only ones there, absolutely beautiful, rustic camp, huge gum trees everywhere, camp wherever you like, plenty of firewood so we had a fire, perfect! Toilets are fine, plenty of sinks around for water and cleaning up. Owners drove up in the afternoon to ensure we paid, lovely older couple with a sweet German shepherd. The beach is to die for, white sand and so few people around (during the week). Expensive but wow, what a place!

Camping El Bosque -32.13619, -71.51985

Wanted to camp here, beautiful location however two locals thAT lived opposite told us we couldn’t and that police would come around to move us along at night. Shame! We stayed at el bosque around the corner instead.

Pichidangui beach -32.13890, -71.52681

Three rangers were in the office but they didn’t ask for an entry fee.
So free entry mid November.

Entrance. Parque Nacional los Alerces -42.60697, -71.64548

Amazing camping spot only 20 minutes outside of Santa Fe. Quiet and safe with lots of spots to find your own area. 2 bars on Verizon.

Caja Del Rio Plateau 35.68887, -106.09409

Camping directly at the seine in paris. One Car, one person, without electricity for 60,70€ and two nights. Everything you need at the place.

Camping de Paris 48.86904, 2.23429
Gray Manicom

I have eaten many Indian-style curries in my live, but my mutton Afghan was simply the best one. Absolutely amazing. Butter chicken was good too, as was the naan and mango lassi.

Flavours of India restaurant -17.86785, 25.85478
Gray Manicom

Was cheap at 200 Kwacha for two people to camp, but there were lots of really big ants so we stayed in a room for 300 Kwacha. Had a shower and a toilet, lights, and a plug, but no wi-fi. Good place to stop if you didn't make the border on time.

Njiwa Lodge & Campsite -17.77471, 25.29616
Granger nicolas

Possibility of buying gasoline and diesel only in 20 liters tank in a tienda that sells stuffed potatoes and empeñadas. Very nice, 140 bob for 20 liters

gas in tank 18.27814, 69.00468

As already said, great camping onsite or bush.
We did both!Very friendly
Would highly recommend

Buffelsrivier Riverside Camping -33.12620, 20.88591
Gray Manicom

There was a lodge but we only came for dinner. We had the Zambezi bream special, and it was delicious, about 120 Kwacha. The whole fish was served and the flavour really came through. It is cash only, which we hadn't realised, and they let us pay in Botswana Pula. The price for air-conditioned rooms was 600 Kwacha, and they had a nice-looking pool.

Kasbek lodge and tours -17.77801, 25.29637

Local muito bom e noite tranquila, mas madrugada apareceu os benditos barulhentos. Ficaram até umas 3 da manhã.

Frente a la costanera -31.40625, -64.48937

Christian is not here anymore but his parents Armando and Berta are happy to host people (tent) and prepare food.
They were really welcoming and also offer shower (cold but perfect after a long day on a bike…)

Christian’s Oasis Restaurant 26.19116, -112.06840

I would Never do this road at night or in the rain. I wanted to bail but had no space to turn around. There is no quick escape if trouble happens. I seem to be the only one here. The views are great, but it's a bit too much of a scary and remote road for me.

Upper Juniper Flats Rd 31.47125, -109.94815

No free wifi here today.
Nothing more to say.

Huamachuco Plaza -7.81523, -78.04820

Dormimos 3 noches en el parking de la cascada India Carú, el parque es hermoso (solo 35bv la entrada). Su cuidador (Rambo) es súper amable y servicial. Se puede subir hasta la 3er cascada con guía (a colaboración). No wifi. Buena señal de Movistar. Hay Baños y agua (no sabemos si es potable)


We slept 3 nights in the parking lot of the India Carú waterfall, the park is beautiful (only 35bv entry). His caretaker (Rambo) is super friendly and helpful. You can climb to the 3rd waterfall with a guide (for the tip). No wifi. Good sign from Movistar. There are bathrooms and water (we are not sure if it’s drinkable)

Parking Cascada India Curu 8.23990, -71.81148

Beautiful camping with all you need. New tables, BBQ (you can buy wood for 1$), clean toilets and one cold shower. Bring toilet paper, power bank and headlight as there is no electricity.

Parque Nacional Montecristo - Campground No. 2 14.39858, -89.35987

Heading south from Seeheim, we tried taking the shortcut (google map showed this is the main road). First 24km are driveable but not great (very corrugated), but the WORST part is the river bed within the last kilometre. VERY soft and deep sand, doesn’t look bad until you get in. We got stuck for the night. Took us about 5h to get out, but then we were too tired to continue trying. Then a person came out of the bush and he helped us to get out (apparently he lives near by). He used his metal beams conveniently hidden in the bushes to set us free. Most likely we weren’t his first customers. You can only attempt this river bed with a highly equipped 4x4 and experience in driving in soft sand. In other words it easier to go around!!

Road - Seeheim -26.82745, 17.80534

Quite a steep walj but rewarded with wonderful views. Took us nearly 1½ hours from the parking where a friendly chap took 1000 each. Chatted to a friendly gaucho en route - his homestead at the top looks like something butch cassidy would have lived in! Beautiful country, well worth the effort!

Trailhead to Piedra del Aguila -43.15836, -71.89118

Sharp 15 minute climb to a nice rocky viewpoint above town. We parked on the road. Entry through 2nd (middle.gate) and will see path to left under trees - then a big staircase!

Trailhead To Mirador Torre de Agua -43.18472, -71.85474

Great hotel. Very nice location, super clean. Staff is very helpful and they speak english. Nice breakfast.

Mansour Hotel 23.69775, -15.93144

Nice and quiet spot vite à 360 view with no body around

Campside moddle of nowhere 34.28965, -2.10681
Jamie Z

I stayed here two weeks while I recovered from a minor accident.

Very nice hotel. Some rooms are nicer than others. Be aware that the rooms facing the street get a *lot* of sun, and there is a lot of traffic noise. I opted for a smaller room in the back for the same price, s/50 per night. Rooms have a bed, small table, chair, Smart TV, and a clothes rack. There is a convenient light switch near the bed.

Great staff. Friendly. Always cleaning. They wanted to clean my room every single day, even if I said I didn't need it.

I believe they use a solar water heater, so some days the water isn't very warm, other days it's hot. Depends on cloud cover and other factors.

No parking. Wifi works well most of the time, but there were times when it ran very slow. Elevator in the lobby.

Inka Palace -13.52361, -71.97002

just information: the whole section is under contruction atm. several stops, we had to wait once more than half an hour. and it could be difficult (or at least not cosy) to use the freecamping places along this road.... beside that the road is fine to drive.

under contruction -9.85936, -76.88443

3000AR$ pp. On the wall at reception is written 3500, maybe in high season.
Clean sanitary rooms, hot showers, very good pressure.
Electricity at pitch, didn‘t work all the time. Water kettle at reception, 50AR$ for use. WiFi only at reception, works quite good.
Table and bench at some pitches.
15 min to city, paid around 5000AR$ for Uber/Taxi

El Mangrullo -32.85599, -68.89410

Idyllic spot. Next to beaver dams. Amazing views. See photo. No wind for our visit.

Flat Vista Camping Spot -54.55092, -68.81217

Still the end of the road! Do not enter. Explosives in use.

End Of The Road As Of February 2021 -54.58645, -68.82126

Better not to choose this access road any more because it ends on a field as a single track. Prefer the easier drivable access approx. 1 km southwest, which is now also mapped on OSM.

kisegese forest reserve -8.15104, 36.33868

Indeed overgrown and unmaintained. Prepare for action. Just behind the ranger station I had to cut my way through branches of a fallen tree. Then, 400 m before the actual campsite another huge tree blocked any further traverse. But even this was a wonderful spot for camping! Pure nature with sound (and smell) of hippos.

Kisegese Forest Reserve Camp A -8.10414, 36.32515

The usual, lovely Cracker Barrel overnight experience. We are so grateful to them for always having a space for us.

Cracker Barrel Battle Creek 42.26139, -85.20347

Just off the main strip through town, this facility, boasts, high-speed Wi-Fi, laundry facilities, clean bathrooms, dog run, and full hook ups for both 30 and 50 amp. The staff in the office were incredibly gracious and kind and helpful. More hospitable than most locations I’ve been in.
Walking distance to a couple of restaurants. Highway noise isn’t so bad. Paid about $49 for the night.

Southern Star RV Park 31.03753, -104.84994

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