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Best supermarket in town. All European products you don’t find anywhere else in the country. Expensive though…

Santy Supermarket 11.85833, -15.60936

here ended the good road. becareful with animals crossing way and try drive slowly

Aqui termina a pavimentação da estrada e inicia o trajeto de terra. Alguns buracos e trechos piores que outros, precisa dirigir devagar e tomar cuidado pois há muitos animais cruzando a pista.

Fim do asfalto/ Finish good road 11.89412, -72.18869

No one on the road at the time we passed.

Ninguém na estrada no momento que passamos.

Attempted Robbery and Full Robbery 12.08587, -72.08787

Great spot, quiet, nobody bothered us. No traffic during the night. Some wind during the day. Saw lots of flamingos.

Laguna La Salada alternative wild camp -39.47025, -62.70960

Vending machine at the entrance of the IGA
$2.50 5 gallons

IGA supermarket 27.83082, -97.06525

No se puede parar mas aqui, por lo menos en motorhome. Son muy amables pero tienen la orden de su superior de no dejar entrar vehículos. Fuimos a dormir a la plaza de armas, muy linda y segura pero movimiento toda la noche.

Bomberos -11.56676, -77.26675

Baños limpios y ducha fria en ambos baños.

Grifo Caleta km 182 -10.84684, -77.69409

Nice coun operated laundry. $6.75 for large washers and $3.50 for smaller ones. Usually takes about $1 to get a load dry. Good restaurants across the street.

Midland coin laundry 38.99416, -105.05356

Still open, lunch or dinner 5 000 francs good portions, cold beer 1500 the big one, 1000 small, let you camp with a tent anywhere you want for 5000 a night. French and Spanish (the owner's friend) spoken. The beach is practically for your self, from morning untill afternoon surfers may come depending on the forecast.

Surf (Othman) 14.58090, -17.14011

awsome place to spend afternoon and the night. maybe can stay whit a camper, I dont know. Easy to pitch a tent in the nearby area of the parking, so many spots to hide.There its a restaurant in the top of the dune, maybe can ask for water and electricity. I stay in November, no problem at all🤙🏻

praia de Carvalhal 38.30691, -8.77808

plenty of open spots. train came by all night but that was expected. good internet. no power or water but big sis with fire rings

Poutnef River Lower Access 42.64203, -112.00532

Works well. There is a lock on the end of the handle but not locked to anything

Smiths Gas Station 37.10975, -113.59320

Drove by today and there was nothing in both directions.

Checkpoint - Police Municipal 18.58646, -92.56789
Salty Vanventures

Really nice pools. They are man made but the water is coming strait from the river and the water is super clean and clear and refreshing as it’s really hot here. The area is surrounded by a cocoa farm and you can also see lots of cool birds. The pools are 6k pp. To get here from San Vincente we needed to find an alternative to google maps as the road was closed. There was a dirt road for 1km that bypassed the closed section

Piscina Naturales 6.93019, -73.42161

Great spot. Washrooms are heated and have running (non-potable) water. Lots of level space to park. Dog walkers coming and going.

Park La Barrière 49.71984, -97.17298

Perhaps wrong timing , but no helpful at all. No time. Send us to the opposite of the gas station.

Electronic & mechanic - Sem & Re -17.84619, -60.73339
Salty Vanventures

Google tells you to go on a road that is currently closed and we could not find another way around the closure so a local allowed us to follow them to this bypass road. It’s about 1km of rough dirt road with a little sketchy bridge. Then you get back onto the main road to the piscinas

Bypass road piscinas 6.88703, -73.41751

This is a beach as if it was from a commercial for the carribean. Deserted under palm trees with blue waters.
We were the only people for three days in this paradise.
The people who keep the beach clean 'charge' 5$ a day which is absolutely OK. They even bring you some fresh coconuts every now and then for free.
They said that they would love to see more foreign tourists as until this here, there weren't foreigners for 10 years.
So don't hesitate to come here. You will need at least high clearance to get to the beach. Some low hanging trees. No phone reception and no facilities.

Chaguarama 10.70934, -62.98919

Nice little tour on an organic Cacao farm. Takes around 45 minutes and you see the plantation, the processing and a nice little movie about the region in the end.
Costs only 2$ per person and you can buy the chocolate in the end for 2-3$ per block.
We didn't ask but I am pretty sure they would let you camp there for the night. They have toilets and showers.

We would absolutely recommend the tour as it is inexpensive and you support the local economy.

Cacao Tour Paria 10.65590, -63.03808

filles our German fixed GPL tank here fast and easy. used ACME connector. Super friendly.

SHELL - Propane & Fuel -53.11551, -70.87662

Officers sitting next to the road and looking at cars, but didn’t stop us.

Routine Inspection Point 18.64226, -92.45821

really nice! nice modern house converted into small hostel, with private rooms. pet friendly. parking for 2 cars, with lots more on the street which looks safe. very cheap. paid about $4-5 for a private room, one person.

la Casita hostel -37.38597, -70.26868
Brian Bourbouze

Bikecenter, technical service for your bike in Loja, attended by cyclist, Jorge Ramón +593 98 022 2312

BIKECENTER -3.98046, -79.20156

Easy to get a day pass for $8. I was going to hot tub then shower but a lot of local elders use this facility and the hot tub was full. You can bring your items into the pool area if you don’t want to get a locker. The showers are hot and they have soap

Newport aquatic centre 44.63447, -124.05208

broke a wheel, got me right in and fixed me up. Does all general mechanical repairs.

Vics Tires 27.50831, -97.86744

Eric at the front desk was super welcoming and helpful. They are also able to provide towels!

center YMCA 39.74894, -75.55128

Has a sign on it that says Out of Order.

Valero Water and Ice 32.28152, -107.76055

Good bicycle shop with lots of spare parts and good mechanics.

Bicycle shop Ciclo Castillo 2.97065, -75.28760

open campsite space. trail to the river is starting to get overgrown where you would walk it. the parking area for this WMA land has plenty of space though.

Hoot Owl Bend 40.31547, -95.61747

Pessoal é mal educado, não tem balança, cobra um valor e não entrega o botijão cheio! Me cobrou $7.000,00 pra completar e entregou faltando uns 4kg de gás e ainda querem ter razão!
Com o botijão cheio o marcador fica da metade do verde pra mais e mal saiu do amarelo! EVITEM!

La Union -42.91948, -71.32094

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