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Not 500 metical ppn all year.
Camping prices are :
Adult : 600Mt (15Nov-15Jan), 500 Mt rest of the year
Kids younger than 12 : 450 Mt (15nov-15jan), 400Mt rest of the year.
Visa card with extra charges 4,5%.

Goody Villas Campsite -21.56213, 35.22550
iNomads OnTour

This is a kind of public taxi stop for mopeds and horse carts for people. So many people know where you sleep. Has nothing to do with the restaurant. It was very quiet at night.

Île des Pelicans - Chez Ibra 14.50081, -17.08681

The road is closed by branches and rocks. So we stayed just before on a flat area. But a few minutes later, the couple from the house just opposite the hill came to get us explaining that it was better to sleep in their yard, their location being more safe. So we went back down the hill, took the right and it is the first house on the left when we return to the road. They are very welcoming and told us to warn the next travelers that their little garden could receive them, probably in exchange for a little something.
They even have a pool!

D1232 Hillside -23.11672, 17.10405

Nice rooms for 15,000. Fairly standard at this price, with mosquito net but no fan (not necessary though this time of year). Plenty space for bikes. Big bathroom. Make sure you pick a room with a bathroom, as far as I could tell there was no price difference yet she first tried to give me one without. Local food and chips places right nearby.

Pori Kwa Pori Guest House -7.78316, 35.69043

Small supermarket, may be useful for cyclists

Small Supermarket -18.57905, 19.13118

Big, professioanal, well-equipped Mercedes garage ideal for problems with your Sprinter. Friendly and good service.

FUSO Mercedes Truck Garage -25.89425, 29.22790

We were made welcome to camp here since the park campground is closed until Dec 10. There is a bathroom. There is also a museum in the large historical sheep sheering building with exhibits on the history of the estancia. We asked permission to hike up into the hills behind the buildings and park staff said it was fine. It was really nice and we saw rheas with chicks, guanacos, wildflowers and good views. A quiet place to camp.

Park visitor center -50.20810, -68.93853

A amazing place with a good overview. Nice for a break and enjoy the view. We was there at saturday and it was so crowded the hole night. be aware, there is also downhill a big construction side and they are working 24/7.

Al Wathbah Hill 24.16365, 54.69784

Excelente ponto para motorhome, um camping municipal bem em frente ao lago, basta ir ao escritório da secretaria de turismo (a 100 metros do Pier), assinar o termo de responsabilidade e pegar a chave, no camping tem energia, banheiro com chuveiro, pia, tanque e muito espaço.
A orla do lago possui muito espaço para estacionar motorhome, tem duchas e torneiras espalhadas e moradores receptivos.
Ficamos 5 dias, mas poderíamos ter ficado 15 dias.

Camping municipal (gratuito) -18.98427, -50.52521
iNomads OnTour

In your own car only possible with a guide. It's more like a large zoo, where many people are carted through in safari cars in a short space of time. Not our thing, we drove on. Overnight stays not allowed on site. Prices: 12,000 per person, 10,000 for your own car and 6,500 for the guide.

Bandia Animal Reserve 14.50431, -17.00052
iNomads OnTour

Overnight stays not allowed on site. The boss is unfriendly and has no interest in Overlander.

Réserve de Bandia 14.49284, -16.99521

Saro welded our gasoil tank and water tank. He was very helpful, invited us to stay in his Garden for the night and offred to fill our water tank again. A lot of people came for mechanic issues a'd he is totamly dedicated to what is doing. Thank you Sato !

GBC Garage Okangwati -17.43826, 13.28728

Good for filling water, nice people working there, low pressure but a lot of waterstations. blue poles, upper side airpressure, downside water, all over the carpark

Water at Adnoc Station 24.07143, 53.10254

Still open and quite nice. Enter ONLY from east (abu dhabi side).

Abu Dhabi wetlands 24.23995, 54.30523

Lugar ótimo de ficar. Há uma ducha por 1000,00 pesos, muito quentinha. Os frentistas são muito simpáticos.

Lugar mais tranquilo que achamos próximo a Bariloche.

Estación de Servicio Puma -41.06986, -71.16306

Leave the E90 junction airport and drive road 53 into the mountain area. There is a beautiful lake and good gravelroads. Many spots to choose from. Average 4 G. Very quiet.

Lake above Alexandroupoli 40.99357, 26.01357

The whole road shoulder going west is considered by police parking prohibited. There are two no-parking signs on the ground 100 m before Bonprix but it's not clear at all that they mean the whole stretch.

Police clamped car's wheel while I was in Bonprix. Officers talked a lot but the main guy didn't tell me what he wanted.

They went away doing other business. I dug my tools out and removed the wheel clamp. I got cought and they reattached it.

Because I wanted a proper fine with a receipt, we walked a few 100 m east to the police building.

Turns out police chief was worse than the cops. He first wanted 50000 XOF. I ended up paying 15000 XOF and got some pseudo receipt because the normal cashier office was closed. They don't have or want to have a price list of the infractions. Chief wanted an apology after I gave them money but I told them I already paid.

I saw another car with a wheel clamp.

Due to the proximity to the police station I would consider this a permanent checkpoint.

Corrupt police with wheel clamp 5.32306, -4.37595

We came across this site. Did not stay here ourselves but the camper you see on the pic did. There is power and there are toilets. In the middle of a tiny village. Very nice.

Préchac 44.39885, -0.35258

Orange office.

5.000 GF for SIM card
50.000 GF for one month 4,5 GB

Orange official agency sim cards 12.48406, -13.29535

Added photos.
Some windshelter for NW-wind.

Rio Chico -49.71118, -68.75202
No Fear Reizen

Totally unnecessary to come late afternoon. They close doors at 2.30. We couldn’t find any streetboys, so came back next morning.

MTC Shop at Mall -17.91627, 19.76988

Were here in a campervan, cost is 3$ pppn. Includes a hot welcome beverage and wifi.

La Rinconada Campsite -0.63403, -78.48222

It’s a peaceful dirt road. At this point, there’s a cold shower and a path to the beach. Quiet at night and we felt safe.

Dirt road facing the sea -26.47602, -48.61337

Nice restaurant overlooking a lake, farmstall with a lot of preserves, frozen food and much more. A Formula 1 car is the decoration of the filling station. Very well maintained bathrooms. Great stop on the route.

Reststop at the N4 called Millys -25.68905, 30.21198
Family Life on Wheels

navigate to this point to go to my other place to stay overnight. there is some garbage here, but If you enter the field further you will have amazing spots to stay.

entrance to field for stay over night 37.12734, 31.46548

Up a paved road off the N10. a few spots off the road, we picked this one. There is broken glass but it is easy to avoid. Nice cliff views. We had a donkey visitor. 4G and nothing else, no dogs, no call to prayer and you cannot hear the N10

Pullout 1km from N10 31.44575, -5.65639

Best Panaderia! Delecious pan, sweets, tortas - high recommended

Panaderia -38.52564, -70.36774

Lots of vans and RVs although demolishing was going on next door all.night.long. So loud. Thought it shook my RV at 3am. Wouldn’t come back anytime soon. Wish I went to winco.

Cracker Barrel 33.68145, -112.11460

temporarily closed as of 21/11- work in progress on waterways. Check for opening date

Camping Municipal Carlos Xamena -24.81324, -65.41969

Small picnic are along the less driven road. Very calm here, just a fisher came along here and there. Mobile connection worked well.

Seaside Camp 36.19103, 33.64064

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