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No issues. They zeroed the pump and did a great job cleaning my windshield. Gas prices were similar at all the stations.

Pemex 27.96769, -114.04820

We came with motorbikes and tent, asked the man from the hospedaje in the right if we are allowed pass (gate is closed but you can pass in the right with bycicles or bikes) and he confirmed. Nice canyon and several campingspots!

canyon camping -11.50656, -75.93699

Do not fill your tank here! They are thieves and scammers and apparently everyone in this town knows that (we unfortunately did not until a few people living here long-term told us). We were charged almost 2,000 pesos for 80 liters, but there is no way that many liters would fit in our tank (we keep records with every gas filling, we drove only 180km from the last filling to the full and our long-term consumption is between 26-29 liters/100km, if those 80 liters would be correct than our consumption for the last 180km would be around 44 liters/100km, which is nonsense). We don't know if their gauges show incorrectly or if they just add something or do not reset the previous fill.

Pemex 26.88334, -111.94793
[email protected]

it's nice and quiet around the back of the store.

Cracker Barrel 39.20905, -76.68038

Simple questions today about where we were going and where we came from. No inspection.

Military Checkpoint 28.50870, -114.02427

250 pesos a night for electric site. Bathrooms are clean and have toilet paper. The camp dogs escorted us on our walk into town this evening. Great location. Quiet. Clear view of sky for Starlink. I have full bars on Verizon/Telcel.

El Padrino Campground 27.28547, -112.90121

Walmart says they allow but the Plano Police can come and remove you at their own. So basically at your own risk.

Walmart Supercenter,Plano 33.00517, -96.77017

I verified RVs can stay overnight. The lot is well lit and leveled.

Cracker Barrel - Allen 33.11894, -96.67053

I stayed here, camped and ate dinner and was charged 800 pesos which is egregious. Nice people and food was ok but agree on the price before accepting anything from them.

Stop for Baja divide riders 24.84095, -110.95253

I stayed here, camped and ate dinner and was charged 800 pesos which is egregious. Nice people and food was ok but agree on the price before accepting anything from them.

Small Cafe 24.84096, -110.95255

This place seems to be an abandoned kinda picknick-, camp,- or caravan site and is already a bit overgrown. Nice to stay here and sometimes a few locals come to have a picknick. There is a lot of concrete seatings here and it's just a few meters to the beach.
A Van should be the biggest car in this park. Everthing's a bit narrow.
Mobile connecetion was barely working due to all the bushes.

Abandoned Caravan Park 36.40420, 32.17421

Staying overnight. traffic and Train noise. Tolerable. There is a mobile toilet you can see from google map. I didn’t use it.

Sleep along the River 44.94689, -93.08237

Perfect for a night on the way to Tehran. If you continue the track and go up the hill there is a large esplanade with great views. Next to the public toilets there is a tap to refill water

Haljerd Forest Park 35.90568, 50.89425

Be careful driving & walking. There are small 1” diameter pipes sticking up out of the ground randomly. A couple of ATVs went by. Pretty quiet. We are in a 30’ Skoolie.

Huge open field 32.77939, -111.58698
Des routes & nous

They are many picnic area where you could stay in the park. We've prefered to take the little track going down and sleep there. You can be seen from the main road but the acces is difficult enough to avoid many people to come.
You need a 4x4 to go down the 300m track that goes to the spot.
Good 4g reception.

Monkeys around.

spot on top of the hill 19.95722, 41.55829
Africa Twin Mike

good value for the money, but a bit old and worn. parking of cars in front, my motorcycle they put in the restaurant for the night. if you say you're member of Iraq trallevers cafe on FB, you might get it at a "foreigner" discount for 30.000 dinar (for a single person in double room at least). Some rooms are nicer than others, so maybe look at 2?

update from the second visit: seems like the price will be 35.000 from now on. still a good deal, breakfast is great!

Kasr Al-Barakat Hotel 33.32233, 44.41588

SA to Moz
SA side busy but easy
Moz with gate pass
Visa on arrival 6,252 M (~90 Euro) for 30 days (60 days are double the price)
They asked for a hotel reservation, which we had, but no printout. The immigration officer printed the reservation for us!
CDP was quickly stamped
Insurance: All the shops at the border are permanently closed. 4 km after the border, there is a Galp filling station, and next to it, a little insurance office. We paid R 700.- for our 5.5t camper. We also bought a SIM card there, but you can get it already at the border. (R40 for the SIM Card, R150 for 5GB Data)

Ressano Garcia Border Post -25.44873, 31.98940

Good place to stay for a night. Camping is allowed by the villagers! There is electricity, in one of the corners of the roof. Also big rig friendly, maybe not after heavy rain.

Skidra 40.77226, 22.11681

Next to the city, quite at night but a a few locals around in the evening.
Sunrise over the sea.

Hassatin Mountain Beach 23.28198, 58.91964
narsch safaris

As described.
A lot of nice places to choose from all around the river. Very limited shade.
Be careful not to drive too close to the shore where you can get stuck.

Lake Rusape -18.56395, 32.08702

Everything you’ve been craving for. Beers, wine, whisky, vodka,…
Remember, it’s illegal to drink in the street !

Booze 33.30915, 44.42629

typical water Station with drinking water. good flow.

drinking water 25.77388, 55.92485

Unfortunately, this place lost its magic. Looks like someone took up permanent residence but we saw nobody. There is lots of random stuff, a small tent, a rooftop tent chained to the rocks, a car and a yurt(?!)

Valley Near Sea 42.36351, 18.62863

Parking spot next to the road. Nice view from above.

Larzac 44.07028, 3.11325

Exceptional campsite offering beautiful sites with a view on Lake Victoria and very clean, luxurious ablutions (including big bathtub and tropical showers). You can use all resort facilities as well.
Very hospitable, friendly, attentive, and supportive staff and owner. For an unexpectedly low price.

Rocky Bay Resort -2.71600, 32.84491

The campsite is ok for 1 night. All amenities are old and dirty, need general revamp. We paid 150pp. The owner wasn’t here, the stuff was unhelpful and we wanted to pay by card but they didn’t know how to use a terminal. Got there eventually..

Jacobs Bay Backpackers -32.96294, 17.89429

Excelentes profissionais! Tivemos problemas com o freio depois da Península Valdés e eles nos atenderam fora do seu expediente e foram extremamente rápidos, solícitos e honestos. Recomendo para qualquer viajante, fica poucos KM do YPF.
Excellent professionals! We had problems with the brakes after Península Valdés and they attended to us outside of working hours and were extremely quick, helpful and honest. I recommend it for any traveler, it is just a few km from YPF.

Dani frenos (brakes) -42.77472, -65.04759

Live music on Fridays. The week we were here it was Jazz night at 8pm on Friday. Draft beer is 220KRG. Food available.

Chicken Star 42.87273, 74.60643

Note: Coordinates are just about a 100meter south of the actual place. Picture taken from Google (didn't make one myself)

Garage with about 7 carlifts. Specializes in German cars. 6.15meter/4500kg was not a problem. Looking for help with our gearbox, these people made time for us straight away. Helping us with advise, testdrive, contacts, a rentalcar and even asked if we needed a place to stay. Very polite and professional.

LBvia 39.69971, -8.82943

Absolute dump of a place. Massive pot holes, totally flooded, lots of long term campers parked up, and the electric point far away/broken.

Wohnmobil Stellplatz Bad Camberg 50.29679, 8.26660

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