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Very polite. Hours are 10:00 to 14:00, Monday to Friday. Exchanged our gas bottle. Less than 2000 pesos.

Gas Austral, (Arg Bottles) -53.80074, -67.74593

day use only... signs posted, no overnight camping.

Bayou Campground 30.51009, -87.00326

It’s open!! I am camped here right now!! Not closed.

Flagler Reservoir 39.28578, -102.98490

I wasn't able to find this place.

La Casona 2 -54.38172, -67.45414

No es un lugar seguro.

Near Vergara Frenos -33.50835, -70.62549

I wasn't able to find this place.

Londres -3.99691, -79.20317

Marcelino +44935650309 - he may not have much signal but could be worth trying to call or WhatsApp so he knows to unlock the chain for you.

Beach camping location for the turtle project -13.87854, 12.42329

Nice place, I agree, five star batrhrooms, hot water. Nice town, quite and safe.

Charla Wasi Camping and Cabins 0.10932, -78.41858

Not good for big rigs. All the larger spots are marked reserved for truckers

TA Travel Center 34.95968, -106.65975

This place is permanently closed.

Jardin Suizo - Hosteria & Camping -1.34486, -80.74169

I wasn't able to find this place.

Cliffs - Mavikent 36.24246, 30.40339

One of our highlights of our trip! Beautiful camping with a friendly owner who speaks English, German and Spanish. First day it was raining so we used the home made SAUNA! Second day we had an amazing time going horseback riding with the daughter of the owner through the valley. Beautiful camping with a cozy common area, woodfired stove, clean bathrooms and a lot of space! Definitely coming back here.

Refugio y Camping Rio Nadis -47.48455, -72.94168

This place is in wrong location - it is located at 5.79397, -6.63049

Chutes de Nawa 5.79397, -6.63049

My favorite campsite ever. It’s magical. It’s a little tight on the road at the very beginning and towards the end. I’d recommend a 4x4 or an AWD would work. Definitely 4x4 during the snow like you see in the pictures I’ve attached.

Gold King Basin 37.87779, -107.84428

This place is permanently closed.

Cracker Barrel 40.69900, -111.95112

Very nice hotspring! We arrived at 14.30 and had the cave bath to ourselves. When we left at 16.00 some guys from the military arrived, they didn't go naked so we were a bit confused. Price was still 20 somoni p.p.

Bibi Fatima Hot Spring Baths 36.96373, 72.25299

Came cycling in this very fancy gas station. Asked for camping, seemed a bit difficult and negotiating, but ended up camping in the backyard. Using stove is not allowed here for obvious reason, but they gave us warm water for our express noodles.
Free fast WiFi, free clean shower, free clean WC, restaurant and shop inside. Big variety of beers, good pastries.
Laundry for only 0,75$ + dryer 0,75$.

Terpel Va&Ven 8.42732, -80.29967

What an amazing place. You can camp in his garden and he his an incredible guide for Lamanai and has an enormous knowledge of nature. Best drop him an email upfront.

Mauricio's Camp 17.75482, -88.66071

Whispering pines dispersed camping about nine sites that are quite large and spaced far apart. site six had very deep ruts entering but manageable with SUV. sites are 25 minutes from prescott. feels remote. few campers. sites relatively clean. more traffic than I would expect.

Trittle Mountain dispersed camping 34.44904, -112.44592
iNomads OnTour

Very nice! We were here all alone for 3 days. Very friendly. Campsite 1 car 2 people 5,000, dinner 3,500 per person and 1,000 for a gazelle.

Camping Eden 14.02596, -16.77102

Superbe endroit pour dormir à proximité de la piste, au coeur du delta du Saloum. A emprunter uniquement de Septembre à Mai. quelques personnes de passage le soir, très sympathiques.

in the bush 14.31563, -16.52921

Temporarily closed

Cayley Chinook Park 50.44942, -113.85175

Temporarily closed

Nanton Lions Campground 50.35351, -113.77239
Martin and Amy (@eltruckito)

30s/person. cold showers. men's toilet does not work. parking lot smells like urine. there seems to be a permanently parked garbage truck on the lot. pool has toilet paper floating in it. at least it's not too noisy!

Fundo San Rafael -14.83808, -74.94445
Desmond Ong

Overnight parking at the seaside road with lot of restaurants nearby. Busy at night with people, but its come quiet later at night. Wake up and be able to view the sunrise and lovely sea view.

Unfortunately there is no public toilets near by.

Pin Anuson Road Beach Front 11.82147, 99.80075

Important to note that owners of the café and crafts shop downstairs are completely separate from the badly run guesthouse!

The cafe (especially the terrace) is lovely and they have a great food menu! Nice coffee, juices, cakes …

It’s also a great place if you are traveling solo and trying to get a group together for a trip to Ruaha NP. Within a few hours of sitting here we found enough people to fill a safari car as this place is very popular with tourists!

Neema Crafts Cafe -7.77799, 35.70231

Another wild camping spot suitable for big rig. As you enter you’ll see power lines crossing left to right. Two dirt roads each side, with lots of connecting strips between. We parked on one of these in our 40ft MH. Frozen ground but not an issue. May be muddy after heavy rain. Starlink works surprisingly well and two bars AT&T.

Kachess Dam Power Lines 47.26180, -121.19538

Great spot. Big view of SLO. Road in is passable by any vehicle of you take it slow over the rutted places. Clean with virtually no garbage.

TV Tower Road - BLM Land 35.34518, -120.64345
Jim Kennett

An amazing place to stay in Portland's historic district. This hostel is rated as one of the best in the world. There's a lot happening there from music nights to free walking tours. The on site cafe has great food and has local beer and ciders on tap. Friendly staff and a great vibe! It was rated the 3rd best mid size hostel in the world.

NW Portland Hostel 45.52931, -122.69145

Beautiful lodge with a super sandy beach on the lake. 25,000 francs for two people and a camper. Belgian owner Patrick is building a camping ablution but for now, no shower but clean flush toilet and small sink. Camping is on a level gravel ledge above the lodge, you have a nice lake view but are not lakeside. Slow wifi at the restaurant and light cell service on MTN. Road in is horrendous! 9km of super bumpy small road. Takes one hourly, high clearance recommended. Access to nice walk on the Congo Nile trail.

Next day addendum: be careful about restaurant orders! We didn't eat but ordered a glass of "house dry red wine" at the bar. Our fault for not asking the price. Waiter brought a bottle, opened it, poured a glass and left the bottle. When we went to pay the bill, it was 19,000 francs, we asked if that was for the whole bottle and were told yes. We shrugged at the miscommunication seeand took the bottle with us for another day. The next day when we left, Patrick sent an employee to chase us down on a motorcycle and tell us we owed another 40,000 francs for the rest of the bottle. Very expensive wines being served with no price list! Best to ask first so no surprises. At other restaurants in Kigali we visited house wines were 6500 francs a glass. We also have never at a restaurant had a waiter leave the whole bottle at the table when we ordered just a glass. Made us question the practices of the owner.

PALEGA BEACH INN -1.89879, 29.27822

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