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Perdido Gringo

4WD definitely recommended, road is very rough. Camped 4 nights, beautiful spot.

Playa Matapalo 8.38556, -83.28082

Hose with nice long reel, easy to fill up your tank here.

Remington Dog Park 37.86966, -122.50492

Emplacement tranquille fidèle à la réputation de la chaine. Comme d'habitude, j'ai demandé la permission et je n'ai pas eu de problème. Une autre belle expérience.

Cracker Barrel 36.46644, -86.67969

Emplacement généralement tranquille. J'ai demandé la permission avec succès. J'ai pas eu de chance pour la tranquillité car comme j'étais là juste avant la fête de l'Action de Grâce, il y avait une grosse promotion pour les plats surgelés commandé sur le web et il y avait donc une vanne réfrigéré de 25 pieds dans le stationnement avec nous à l'arrière et le cooler à fonctionné sans arrêt.

Cracker Barrel Texarkana 33.46088, -94.08119

Nice place to stay and hike the gorgeous trail with a spectacular cliff about 100 feet high. Petroglyphe site not very far away but not so many petroglyphes to see. We have seen a few on the bottom of the hill. It seems it has fallen down from the cliff. On the negative part, gun shooting pretty intense and almost everyday! Good AT&T cell signal.

Saddle Mountain 33.45218, -113.03633

Shabaan was of great help and storage is now not any more on a government ground but in a restaurant. All went fine, left my car for 1 week.

Shabaan -7.79341, 39.27697

Stayed here one night. The sign says trails are open dawn to dusk. No other signs posted. Several cars went by, no issues. My mountain biking app says no camping here. I checked the county website and they did not mention overnight parking. Maybe that's implied? Pretty quiet spot. Decent T mobile.

Mc Kenzie Ranch Mountain Bike Parking Lot 32.02261, -110.56986
Guy Giesa-Wilson

I stayed here for a few days and really loved this place. The owners were so friendly and kind and the rooms were spacious and very comfortable and clean. The Wifi was also surprisingly strong; I think I was getting like 30Mb/s most of the time. They have secure parking for probably 4-5 motorcycles in their little storage area but no room for cars, although I highly doubt you'd have issues parking a larger vehicle on the street here; the town is very safe.

Hospedaje Miel -13.12868, -72.59345

This is state land trust BUT they told us today no camping or motorized vehicles allowed on land.

mind you, we've been here a week and on day 1 a sheriff officer told us we had 14 days with the permit, but Daniel Lopez with the AZ State Land Department said if every camper doesn't leave before the end of today they will be towed away. He also wanted to mention that the Sheriff's Office has no authority here.

Olive Road 33.56593, -112.48997

Perfect place for Overlander ,a little bit out of ton,we camp there for 140000Gnf ,Room for 100000 Gnf with shower and toilette .Cold beer and softdrinks.

Motel la Maison Blanche 8.55339, -10.08179

parking lot on the lake, we were the only ones there except for a few cars that came and went earlier in the evening. Was quite windy, but a great sunset.

Trailers parking Dina Huapi -41.07196, -71.17336

Great place to stay. 100% off grid. No amenities. Would caution any trailered vehicles that a turn around will be very tight with any significant longer trailer. Van was able to almost make the circular turn. Few tent places off the road and decent sized turn around at end of road. Spent one night there in a camper van, rainy and windy but worked out well. Looks and feels remote when looking at actual map road wraps around just down the hill and homes are somewhat close by.

Mile High Road NPS 35.51215, -83.17775

a shell gaz station with a large car park. we didn't used the toilets but they were some baños indicated.
there is also a tap that you can use to refill your water tank. the gas station attendant let's us used it for free even if we had not bought gaz here

shell fuel station -51.71482, -72.48371

wonderful place. water was turned on even though it is mid november. 50 amp check out at 3pm we parked at site 17 with our 40 foot 5th wheel. fit nicely beautiful landscape trees
12$ for electric 6 for non
bathrooms and shower house locked for the season. dump station was still open
we will be back. small playground for kids. hiking trails. cabins available.
there was one other camper there but never seen any movement. just filled out sheet and put money in envelope and dropped it worked smoothly

Waubonsie State Park 40.67344, -95.68837

Very nice park, check gate opening times as they may vary. The WiFi password is written on the board (for the Fritzbox SSID) : 57644398481452579542

Make sure to have enough fuel as the closest options are Hukunsi or Nossob - both over 150Km away.

Mabuasehube Gate -25.08305, 22.15698

Same info still applies. Everything is dry, no water in the park on all of the Mabuasehube side. Very hot during day (40C+) cooling down in the early morning. The structure provides shade. The ablutions are in-op

Lesholoago camp 1 -24.94429, 22.04797

Great Road if you have a pickup or a rental you don't care about. 4x4 isn't necessary but I'd recommend airing down for comfort.

Road to Cabo Pulmo 23.10963, -109.53822

Good place for water
Pour eau potable bonne adresse.

Fresh water reserve 26.68613, 55.72399

Diesel carte without, The small truck possiblity
Station de carburant au port, un chauffeur de petit camion ser heureux de vous faire le prix fort 2000000 les 10 litres.

Delphine port 26.69618, 55.91476

I came here to fill up my 20lb propane tank. Definitely not recommended - he totally ripped me off. He said he charges $1.45 per pound refill, I agreed. He wouldn’t let me see the meter and charged me $35. Way too much money, the math doesn’t even work out. Definitely not a good stop.

George's Barrel Laundromat 45.81852, -64.20581

We stayed here and had a fairly good experience.
we arrived at 5:55 pm to the gate which closes at 6pm on weekdays (weekends might be different). You have to drive up to the registration building which closes at 4:30 on weekdays (see photo for times). There is a sign closer to the campsites that says you can pay the next morning if arriving late, which we did, R120 ppn for the night. Hot showers, clean-ish abolutions, as far as I could tell each site had a braai and a spot for a fire. It was very windy so we decided to move our bakkie and RTT under a tree for some wind breakage. Beautiful spot. We were the only ones there.

Lotheni Camping -29.43874, 29.51791

After climbing up and through the Pisac Ruins you reach the mirador with incredible views of the mountains and valley below. Continue down the mountain from this point to the town of Pisac.

Allow 3 hours from the park entrance back to Pisac.

Pisac Ruins Mirado -13.41095, -71.84388

Beside the road to Creel, large spot with nice view. Lots of places, visible from the street. Narrow dirt road on the left leads into the forest with invisible pitches. Good for one night.

Half way to Creel 27.26716, -107.46915

We spend one night there with other rigs. Local came to watch the ocean but no one bothered us. Toilets nearby but not working properly.

We saw sea lions playing when we arrived.

Playa Santa Barbara -42.85524, -72.79866

Beautiful farmstay in the middle of rice paddies. They have huts(750baht pp with breakfast and dinner), ready made tents, or you can bring your own tent (100baht for just camp, +250 for breakfast and dinner). Very peaceful with lovely hosts. Dinner was great, lots of veggies and a whole fish. There is also a cute cafe on the road with nice views over the rice paddies

Lhonlee farmstay 17.74512, 99.02169

This is a rest stop. I stayed one night. Some sound of passing cars but otherwise quiet. Saw a few other car campers.

Rest stop - I-20 Eastbound Rest Area 34.19908, -80.66366

It is called now GEC - Gas And Equipment Centre Western Province CC. They filled my German bottle, even though I didn't have an adapter. Recommended.

GEC - Gas And Equipment Centre Western Province CC -33.91180, 18.54938

Parking lot as described. Nice and level and right next to the lake. A couple of other campers, but otherwise very quiet.

We were here with a big rig and no problem.

Parking near the lake 41.11841, 20.78609

Good place and maybe the only one to exchange money in Bafq.

Jewelery Kosar 31.60016, 55.39714

Good spot and the bathrooms in the park (right behind all the tables and chairs under the shelter) was open late. Quiet street, worth being discreet as there's residential houses all along the otherside of the park.

29 Palms Dog Park Street parking 34.12569, -116.08337

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