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We stayed here and had a fairly good experience.
we arrived at 5:55 pm to the gate which closes at 6pm on weekdays (weekends might be different). You have to drive up to the registration building which closes at 4:30 on weekdays (see photo for times). There is a sign closer to the campsites that says you can pay the next morning if arriving late, which we did, R120 ppn for the night. Hot showers, clean-ish abolutions, as far as I could tell each site had a braai and a spot for a fire. It was very windy so we decided to move our bakkie and RTT under a tree for some wind breakage. Beautiful spot. We were the only ones there.

Lotheni Camping -29.43874, 29.51791

After climbing up and through the Pisac Ruins you reach the mirador with incredible views of the mountains and valley below. Continue down the mountain from this point to the town of Pisac.

Allow 3 hours from the park entrance back to Pisac.

Pisac Ruins Mirado -13.41095, -71.84388

Beside the road to Creel, large spot with nice view. Lots of places, visible from the street. Narrow dirt road on the left leads into the forest with invisible pitches. Good for one night.

Half way to Creel 27.26716, -107.46915

We spend one night there with other rigs. Local came to watch the ocean but no one bothered us. Toilets nearby but not working properly.

We saw sea lions playing when we arrived.

Playa Santa Barbara -42.85524, -72.79866

Beautiful farmstay in the middle of rice paddies. They have huts(750baht pp with breakfast and dinner), ready made tents, or you can bring your own tent (100baht for just camp, +250 for breakfast and dinner). Very peaceful with lovely hosts. Dinner was great, lots of veggies and a whole fish. There is also a cute cafe on the road with nice views over the rice paddies

Lhonlee farmstay 17.74512, 99.02169

This is a rest stop. I stayed one night. Some sound of passing cars but otherwise quiet. Saw a few other car campers.

Rest stop - I-20 Eastbound Rest Area 34.19908, -80.66366

It is called now GEC - Gas And Equipment Centre Western Province CC. They filled my German bottle, even though I didn't have an adapter. Recommended.

GEC - Gas And Equipment Centre Western Province CC -33.91180, 18.54938

Parking lot as described. Nice and level and right next to the lake. A couple of other campers, but otherwise very quiet.

We were here with a big rig and no problem.

Parking near the lake 41.11841, 20.78609

Good place and maybe the only one to exchange money in Bafq.

Jewelery Kosar 31.60016, 55.39714

Good spot and the bathrooms in the park (right behind all the tables and chairs under the shelter) was open late. Quiet street, worth being discreet as there's residential houses all along the otherside of the park.

29 Palms Dog Park Street parking 34.12569, -116.08337

No longer okay to sleep over night. Management changed this 2-3mos ago

TA Travel Center 35.11115, -106.62459

Same as described, find the parking spots that don't have a time limit- there's a few that aren't marked. Close to shops and Pearl Street

Canyon Point Free Parking 40.01573, -105.28549

Ferry costs TZS 16'000 pp/way and it takes about 5h. The schedule is according to the tides and varies. When I took the ferry, it was only running a few days a week: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday. This may change again. Contact Shabaan (see storage place) for detailed information. You can bring your car if booked in advance but I wouldn't recommend it. You can buy some food and drinks on board but best bringing your own snacks.

Ferry to mafia -7.79432, 39.27686

Local county RV Park that has a dump station and water fill for 10$ for dump and another 10$ for water fill, need to bring your own hose. Open late into the year

Water Tower RV park 43.06555, -83.31831

Nosotros pasamos 1 noche aquí, muy tranquilo, el acantilado nos cubría del viento, solo se escuchan las olas, pareceriera escuchar un mantra, hermoso.
No vimos Toninas, ni delfines.

Playa Minas -49.15667, -67.63352

Our first camp in Namibia couldn’t be better. Great infrastructure, with private showers and toilet. Amazing landscape. Owners very kind! Definitely stop here! 👍🏽

Mount D'Urban Campsite -25.70625, 16.85106

The dump station is to the right of the ramp on the way out of the rest area. It’s in good shape and easy to access.

I95N Rest Area 39.14176, -76.84552

I came here to make an adjustment on my injection pump, the owner is professional, he adjusted the injection pump for free

Good dieseliste 42.04447, 44.67654

Bel endroit avec superbe vue sur le lac et les montagnes au bord de la route qui mène au club nautique

Route du club nautique -31.46382, -68.64572

Cet endroit ou le lac n est plus present ressemble plus a un déchèterie qu un endroit ou camper

Playa Hermosa -31.46146, -68.71145

Nice little alcove/pull off just off the road. Nice for a night!

Alcove off 564 36.62738, -110.50958

A big Walmart lot, signs saying no trailers or big rigs allowed so be aware. Well lit, 73mbps down with ATT

Fort Scott Walmart 37.80709, -94.70677

If you go from Chile to Argentina and would like to head towards Los Antiguos over RP41 try to inquire if the road is passable - it is a high-mountain road along first 40kms close to Monte Zeballos up to Estancia Frontera. Even in late spring it might be blocked by snow and there are no warning signs at all.

Argentinian Immigration and Customs – Paso Roballos -47.15832, -71.85133

tuvimos un desperfecto mecánico a 20km y tuvimos la desgracia de pasar acá 3 días hasta resolver (yendo y viniendo en bus a Juliaca) hace 5 meses estamos en el altiplano (Bolivia y Perú) disfrutando mucho de los lugares y la gente pero puntualmente en este lugar la gente me pareció desagradable.. ni la hora ni nada.. tampoco la policía quería prestarme el wifi para poder buscar repuestos para solucionar.. una mierda, ni duerman acá y sigan de largo por que si su vehiculo es diésel va a costar mucho arrancar ya que hace MUCHISIMO FRIO y por la altura cuesta horrores hacerla arrancar , tampoco hay mecánicos ni absolutamente nada, sigan de largo🫠🙃

Police Station -15.83778, -71.09077

Great flat spot to overnight. Stayed here on our way to Taos and it was great. Awesome little paved river trail that you have access to. Only drawback is there's a constant, albeit diminishing, flow of traffic all night.

Empty Dirt Parking Lot Near Strawberry Fields 38.27597, -104.66356
Petra Blaho

Luis is a very helpful person. The campsite is sufficiently equipped. We felt great here and would definitely come back. The location is amazing. You can enter the park thru the camp ;)

Camping Casa Viva 9.15014, -83.73245

local Bom, tem lanchonete até às 22 e banheiro, posto, 24horas

posto ipiranga -28.44063, -48.82319
Daniel DuPont


The location of the property is on Highway 1, S out of Loreto, heading towards La Paz... Heading South, a left turn off the highway would lead you to the airport... although it is here that you can see in the distance Fili's building on the right side of the road.

During our time in Bahia de Los Angeles, I discovered to my horror.... a clicking sound any time I put my Jeep Wrangler into 4x4. After researching this, I felt pretty confident, that the clicking was a bad CVJoint in my driveshaft... and driving in 2-wheel would be fine, although I did have limited reliability with 4x4 before becoming incapacitated.

Anyhow, I had searched out Jeep Dealerships... as I do not speak the language and honestly... who else could I possibly trust to the work correctly.

So, I had a Jeep Dealership in La Paz identified and it was just about then... that I noticed a Facebook post on Talk Baja, where mechanics were being discussed. It was under multiple suggestions on this post that I researched Fili's on iOverlander.

To my surprise, as I was still a long way from La Paz on my itinerary, that Fili was located within Loreto, our very next stop!!! I ventured over to his property knowing what was wrong with my Jeep, although would allow him to do what he does to identify the problem and see if all information aligns.

Setting my expectations (as per previous reviews) I allowed File all the time he needed to start and complete discussions with multiple people whom arrived before me. He is thorough and therefore believed if I wait long enough... I too with get his thoroughness and therefore a quality repair.

Once I was able to secure his attention, as suspected I had his full attention and he spoke with me (English), lifted and looked at the Jeep and identified what I had... a bad CV Joint.

He had his girls research obtaining the part and within minutes, had me a price and timeline.

I set my appointment for a few days from now, arrived and it was then that they offered me a ride... to wherever I needed to go... if I did not want to wait. Well, thank you very much, I accepted.

A few hours later, I got the call, was picked up and brought back to his property.

I paid American dollars for the part... pretty much exactly what I found online myself... although the hourly fee for his mechanic to fix was penny's on the American dollar. Almost to the point where even typing this out, I feel guilty... to have paid so little.

I did question Fili's girls, although they reassured me this was the correct amount.

I would ABSOLUTELY go back to Fili if I needed some work performed for me to continue my journey. I would at this point, go out of my way, traveling back to Loreto just for the privilege of feeling safe and secure in regards to the quality of the work and more importantly what appeared to be an honest working atmosphere.

We would return

Fili's 25.98385, -111.36778

Safe place to spend the night in Lima. Security all the time + under cameras.

Playa Redondoo -12.13374, -77.03034

been there yesterday. looks completely different than on the photos. forgot to take some. looks better now. road is good and place on top also. great sand quiet spot for one night. hiking to waterfall recommended

Beside cemetery 44.57171, -63.72450

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