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Cold nights, warm showers

We camped here for a night. There is a huge shelter where you can set up multiple tents - great for rainy nights. The toilet block with running water was open, but showers were closed. The light and power outlets at the shelter worked. There is an adjacent parking lot for cars and campervans.

Okiura Beach 34.19316, 133.11222

This place is permanently closed.

Franklin Street 37.38907, -122.08481

Great spot. Always has people around. Service plaza is next lot of it to the north.

Snapper Creek Service Center 25.66031, -80.38660

Beautiful location with extensive views. Wild, only long drops and no caretakers, just an open piece of ground. Hippos through the camp at night and heard hyenas, lions, elephants. Be careful where you camp though as there are lots of ants nests, don’t sting but bites are an annoyance. Only one other couple there who arrived late.
In all suited me perfectly, wonderful solitude.

Eluai Public Campsite -1.39653, 35.00390
Mosheh's Travels

This is the Imperial Dam Recreational Area (fee area). Cost = $75/year. Well worth it! Just outside this area is the Imperial Dam BLM LTVA (long-term visitor area). Cost = $180 for the season (Sep 15th thru Apr 15th), and this pass is good for ALL the BLM LTVA's in this region (Quartzsite AZ to Yuma AZ area & couple areas in California).

Senator Wash, North Shore 32.91161, -114.48583

Good spot. We went almost all the way to the gate at the end of the road and found a decent, flat spot for our 18-foot travel trailer. The road is quite sandy, so it may not turn to complete slop when it rains.

Pinta Road 35.10977, -109.64850

We stayed for 2 night. Price is 5 USD pppn converted on Blue dollar rate. Johan and Martina build a nice house and you share their toilet and shower and camp on a lovely green lawn. Nice hot outdoor shower. Toilet is very far. Everything is basic but works.

Camping Utopia -25.48383, -66.23705

Police sent us away

Next to the reservoir. 32.71520, -5.84514

We stayed at overlook with no problem. There is a sign that says no camping one exit before the spot. Keep going straight past the first sign, there will be another sign further down. I have attached a picture of the sign you should turn left at.

Happy camping!

Cedar Bluff Overlook 38.75457, -99.84715

Arrived around 8pm, one RV there. Beautiful, secluded spot off the road, clean port-a-potty, lovely walking trails with civil war trenches and educational plaques. Some other trucks arrived in the morning but no one bothered us.

North Anna Battlefield Park 37.86563, -77.46824

Hermoso, parador restaurante temático.
comidas típicas como trucha, cordero y cerveza artesanal.

El Viejo Almacén El Foyel -41.65852, -71.46014

somewhat larger campsite in a beautiful place. Fantastic views of the mountains. Nice showers. Toilets not clean. Very expensive! 2 persons and car 32000 pesos per night !!!! No wifi. Only against payment.

Lago Pehoe - Torres del Paine -51.10774, -72.98764

We slept a very peaceful night here, without power or water, but there is the station's convenience store with bathrooms.

Dormimos aqui uma noite bem tranquila, sem energia nem água, mas tem a loja de conveniência do posto com banheiros.

Posto da HAVAN -27.09852, -48.90537

also named lido Persephone
very close to Lori epizephyri

Marina San ilario 38.20349, 16.23556

It's not free. You pay per day and per use (grills and barbecue areas apart) 1 mobile home per day pays 900 pesos November 2023 (approximately 1 dollar) There is little cell phone signal (3G or H) Showers ok, bathrooms ok. 220v fine. There is no free WiFi at the campsite. It's very busy every day of the work week, lots of motorcycles, lots of cars, lots of people. It's very loud most of the time. And it has little shade. The good: beautiful view.

Camping Municipal Santa Elena -30.95365, -59.80220

Drove up to the port and the que of cars. We were picked out as foreigners and parked the car on the side. People who helped us were all very kind and helpful. Paid 800.000 for the copies and at the next window paid 2.800.000 for the ferry itself. All very straight forward and done within 20 minutes. Ferry leaves when full.

Bandar Pol - office to obtain permission to visit Qeshm 26.97264, 55.74781

Grilled meat to much cooked. Not so good for us. But if you like meat cooked to much come here.

Parrillada San Cayetano -32.59166, -69.34845

best and most clean and modern shower I had since leaving Panama year ago..

Motel Pastali/Hotel Interprovincial Truck stop 48.03254, -66.70471

Cetex/Vecun is indeed upstairs in the yellow building behind the blue and white monument. They made photocopies for us but if can bring a copy of your passport and rabies vaccination (or pet passport) you will help the process.
They will give you a package with all needed papers to give to the IPSA at the border.

Cetrex Office 11.44137, -85.82635

Camping municipal, custo Ar$ 800,00 por motorhome, com estrutura de banheiros, tomadas de energia elétrica, churrasqueiras, amplo espaço gramado para estacionamento.

Possui piscina, porém abrirá em 01/12/2023 temporada de verão).

Ficamos por quatro dias, e param muitos motorhome, trailers e barracas.

Local seguro, com policiamento 24horas.

Camping Municipal . General San Martin -31.36127, -64.26376
Athir Nuaimi

Got caught in rain to needed a place close. Very basic but clean room. Single price was 15,000 tsh.

Open Heart Lodge -5.49552, 38.48143

There is now signage prohibiting overnight parking.

Ellijay Public Parking 34.69617, -84.48385

Great location with about 9 spots, unpaved but they have gravel. There is a pit toilet, BYOTP. Each site comes with a fire ring and covered picnic table. We snagged a great spot with a view of all the hills and sky. The road to the site was minorly washboardy at first and really narrow and winding toward the end when we were about 10 minutes from the campsite. We managed it fine with a 2WD sprinter. Only two other campers on a Thursday and Friday evening. This spot has hike and bike trails. We were a bit wary because some of the signs on the road leading to the site had a bunch of bullet holes in them (target practice is allowed in some areas, but not near the campground), but once in the site, we felt safe as two women. Decent Verizon and AT&T service.

Williams Hill blm 35.97817, -121.00992

Rua lateral à orla de matinhos que está todas reformada.
bem em frente ao hotel do sesc em vagas públicas gratuitas.
Praia limpa, organizada mas mar muito forte.
local bem seguro.
Ficamos 1 noite e 2 dias, conhecemos 2 famílias em MH além de outras que vieram pra conversar sobre o estilo de vida em MH.

Side street on the edge of Matinhos, which has all been renovated.
right in front of the sesc hotel in free public spaces.
Clean, organized beach but very strong sea.
very safe place.
We stayed for 1 night and 2 days, we met 2 families in MH as well as others who came to talk about the lifestyle in MH.

Praira Brava Matinhos -25.82470, -48.53393

I wasn't able to find this place.

Walnut Flat 37.31894, -80.14975

This place is permanently closed.

Gravel Parking - Tucson Estates 32.16243, -111.10282

This place is permanently closed.

BLM 32.16127, -111.10381

This place is permanently closed.

W Old Ajo Highway 32.16024, -111.11048

Nice place, friendly people. Room and bathroom are quite spacious. Stayed here for a couple of days. WiFi works well.

40.000 for a single person (2 person bed), 55.000 for a couple.

I put my bicycle in the room, it could easily fit two. My room was on the third floor, but the stairs are wide and easy to carry a bicycle.

No car parking available.

hotel alferes 4.44124, -75.23964

They now have “No overnight parking” signs posted all corners of the parking lot. So sad.

Walmart - Red Bluff 39.81833, -122.36825

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