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Update: avoid this place if you want a good night sleep, as the music right outside the rooms is atrocious.

Scotland Bar and Guest House -7.65460, 36.12659

Wonderful tranquil farm stop. Just relax on the verandah lounging on the rocking chairs. Discover all the different fruit and veggies in the back garden. Camping is 30000 for 2 people in a car with roof tent but we treated ourselves to a room for 50000 for a night. Cold shower but ok in this warm weather. Most welcoming host, she even offered us her kitchen to cook in. We thoroughly enjoyed our stay here.

Gigante. El Recreo 2.40881, -75.52682

Belo estacionamento para todo tipo de motorhome. Barulho do mar, nascer e por do sol maravilhosos! Banheiro com chuveiro (frio) público. Pia para lavar louça, tanque para lavar roupas. Bom sinal de 4G. Decidimos não dormir dentro do carro e sim montar a barraca de teto, e foi bem tranquilo

La Coronilla -33.90150, -53.51113

Very good hotel not fat from the center and with secured parking. 800 pesos for room with AC. Has also pool and breakfast included.

Hotel Dolores Alba 20.96525, -89.61890

I wasn't able to find this place.

La Rioja -21.44000, -66.85000

This place is permanently closed.

Hostel de la Plaza -41.13868, -71.31280

This place is permanently closed.

House Hostel -41.13430, -71.29658

This place is permanently closed.

Hwy 101 Pullout 45.92457, -123.93139

Everything was ok at this campsite. It was a little bit hard to find but If you follow the signs you will find It easely. Press the button on the pole 10 meters left before the second gate and you will get acces. Nice hot shower in the morning and big shower/toilet rooms. Water and electricity on the pitch. We were there for 2 days and were even able to do a flight above the camping with a Cessna 1 prop aircraft. Our contact was Gert and hè is really the most nice person you can meet. We give this campsite a 10 out of 10.

RV Parking & Campground Parque Las Varas -33.37040, -70.46612

We can fill all recreational vehicles, motorhomes, bottles, anything propane .

Boondocks RV Station 34.14270, -114.28398

We supply drinking water that is from the Town of Parker that is monitored by ADEQ, we also installed a additional inline filter.

Boondocks RV Station 34.14267, -114.28422

On fully loaded touring bikes. No problem to cross by walking or riding as long as you don't mind wet shoes.

river to cross 10.49828, -85.72481

So much dog shit! Clean up after your pets or train them to shit in the woods. Close to Yellowstone and nice spot other than awful stink and fear of stepping in poop. Two bars ATT

FS 1700 44.64751, -111.10983
Cold nights, warm showers

We pitched our tent in this park on top of a hill. It is quite hilly, but there are a few flat spots to pitch a tent. There are two shelters but both have benches assembled inside them. We squeezed our tent halfway under the roof.

There's a large parking lot at the entrance with toilets and drinking water fountains.
The park is popular during the cherry blossom season, so it might not be suitable to camp here throughout the year.

Maruyama Park 34.02924, 133.79619

Too often people in the West fetishise the past and disregard the modern. Not so in China, where historical sites are demolished or reconstructed as places of carnival capitalism. Take a moment to appreciate the building blocks of contemporary China by camping underneath one of the hallmarks of its modern infrastructure: the overpass. Find space for your tent near a disused JCB and sit under the stars with the soaring pillars of the bridge, illuminated by the moonlight, watching over you.

A dirt slip road exits off the East side of the overpass. Follow it down and take a left. Theres plenty of flat space for tents hidden from sight below the road. The river runs clear if you want to collect, but there are also restaurants and a petrol station nearby that have water. Noone passed, the road is high above so you can't really hear it, and the sound of the stream is peaceful. Good China Telecom signal.

Admire Modern China 27.18370, 100.71381

Great spot for a night. Not far from the city. At a beach, relatively clean. Had a quite night. Locals come especially for sunset. Otherwise not very busy. Good Internet connection.

Beach camping 25.67034, 57.77809
Tous Azimuts

What a chance to have found this parking ! Quiet all night long, flat, and easy to reach with any vehicle. This is a place where trucks use to park, only one driver came at 9 am to leave, no problem to stay here apparently.

Flat parking in countryside 31.27018, 76.81885

Flat level car park at back of beach under the trees through the day, gate closes 9pm opens 6am the security letting us park in cafe car park for overnight stays, cafe closed at 9pm.

Pantai Tarindak 4.94665, 114.82659

In between villages, this quarry offers lots of choices and was also accessible during rain season. Despite the villages around we were not approached or disturbed. We did not hear anything from the road during the night. The "landscape" of the quarry is actually really nice. We liked it a lot.
Vodacom signal.

Big Quarry Camp -5.09889, 32.62467

Double room with AC, TV and private bathroom (cold water), 19000 Kz and upwards. Small breakfast (small bread, omelette and cup of coffee).

Aldeamento Turistico Pasargada -8.47035, 13.37091

Showed up around 8.30 and bought a ticket for 1.2 million ($2.40) per person. Just walk towards the jetty and you can't miss the ticket office. Boat left around 9 and took us around for 2 hours, including Hengam island. Saw loads of dolphins.

Dolphins watching boat trip 26.69619, 55.91317

This is beautiful secluded spot close to the road. You will need a bit of off road skill to get here but the award is worth of the effort.
There are no trucks on this road so noise from cars is not that bad.

Secluded motorcycle/bicycle camping 26.67546, 37.85557

We came again, as our turbocharger had to be replaced. Mercedes didn't have the spare part. Therefore, we had it shipped to Pretoria and Lionel did the replacement. He did a very good job and we are very grateful we could do the repair in such a knowledgeable garage.

LA Sport 4x4 -25.64300, 28.34120

Toilet building (blue one) was closed when we were there. Guy (guard?) at the mosque/parking helped us get water from the mosque.

Suza Park - Water supply 26.77486, 56.05729

Tabora fresh produce market with a wide selection of vegetables, fruit, lettuce, and mini market with canned products.

Tabora Market (and mini Market) -5.02148, 32.80184

Nice place on the water.

Locals come to get water and wash themselves. All friendly.

Rio Corubal 11.61786, -14.67608

Call before you get here if you want to see the chimpanzee. They have to track them first.

No one there when we arrived around 2 pm. People came in the late afternoon around 5 pm. Very basic place with tap water and a dusty bathroom.

We stayed for one night but they couldn’t locate the chimpanzee that’s why it’s better to call in before you make all the way down there.

U'Anan Camp & Hotel 11.23502, -15.03833

very quiet spot in November. lovely sunset

Vounaki beach 37.33130, 21.69811

Very good place !

Green grass. great location. very clean and modern shower. electricity.
swimming pool very clean too and the bar and restaurant and terrace perfect!

Symponia Guesthouse -21.65204, 21.69758

Standard ATM on a Puma filling station. One of the two working atms in town atm.

Puma & Standard ATM -14.48530, 35.25785

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