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Definitely park on the quiet side of Walmart. We hardly noticed the noise and there were a few vans there. We accidentally left the supermarket on the noisy side and it was incredible how loud it was in comparison.

Walmart 34.07493, -117.88569

Parking lot near the skate park (used "Manitou Springs Skate Park" as search on Google maps). The community website mentions this lot as "free parking," no signs say you can't stay overnight

Parking near Park 38.85877, -104.89166

Forget to cross the border and get going at the same day. You will sleep one night here. The room and the toilet is very dirty but it’s free. There was no food provided so we had to cook for ourselves. They said there is no more gas so we had to use our own. Next day at 8:40 the first escort arrived. They made us do the 650km all the way to Quetta in one day. No rest on the way. No break. No lunch. Arrived in the night in Quetta at bloomstar hotel. Very tired 😉

Taftan Levi Compound 28.97588, 61.55418

We stayed here on November 19th ‘23 and it was perfect! Very quiet valley and nice to have a cover and a flat space! There is also a nice hiking trail on the south side of the valley up to a families home and then down the other side. 10/10 spot

The best bivouac of our trip !! 23.25696, 105.29908

Ficamos uma semana. Fizemos o transfer pra Jeri com o sobrinho do seu Expedito.
Camping bom, bem pertinho da lagoa, atendeu todas as nossas necessidades com um preço justo.

Camping Hospedaria Paraiso -2.88165, -40.45584

Beautiful lakeside camping with zero amenities. You can use the restrooms at the visitor center but plan ahead.

Laguna Verde Camping -54.84546, -68.58011

Es una estación muy concurrida, y los baños quedan sucios por mucho rato, el estacionamiento es muy amplio, llega mucho camión a pasar la noche.
Estacionamos alado de la ambulancia y ahí llega un poco el WiFi, no hay señal telefónica en Tres cerros.
Las duchas son gratis , hay de hombres y mujeres cada uno está en su respectivo baño y esta abierto las 24 hrs.
Para 1 noche esta bien.

YPF Gas Station -48.12425, -67.64339

Bon endroit pour passer une nuit unnpeu bruyant en soiree. Aucun service

Park -32.89052, -68.86549

There are 2 Lone Mesa Campgrounds - group camp closer to the main road and this one. There are toilets and dumpsters at group camp, but no facilities of any kind here.

Had planned on boondocking further down the road but ended up in the campground just because it was easier (though definitely a bit crowded.)

Lone Mesa Campground 38.64371, -109.81965

Lots of primitive campgrounds available throughout Sand Flats. $15/night, definitely seems to stay fairly busy during peak times.

Stayed in the very small "F" campground a couple nights, and a couple others in "J."

Nice, one step above full-on boondocking. Main roads were all in decent condition, it seems they grade them regularly to try to cut down on washboard. Some of the campgrounds require more clearance or 4wd.

Sand flats 38.58111, -109.51457

Very quiet place. You can enter through a small side road, which is easily accessible by any type of car. We just drove down the dirt road for a little bit and parked right next to the road. The night was quiet and in the morning we spotted some monkeys

Little side track 14.02333, -16.33893

secluded open spot in the forest.
only accesible by 4x4 and no big rigs.
it's on a mountainfarm and the owners have a mtb trailcenter and is a licenced mtb guide.

no pets and a maximum of 2 vehicles.

snakebite paradise 46.16285, 13.83954

As described before. Very friendly owners, amazing view

La Molienda -2.99304, -78.47547

Beautiful little camp with terrace, pool, hot shower, clean toilets, bar, wifi, electricity and laundry. 20pp/night. Secure and behind fence. Only has place for few cars. Owner and everyone else are very friendly and helpful. Quiet night. They also have few rooms.

Paracas Camp -13.83016, -76.18285

Quiet and relatively dark place to sleep with 24/7 facilities. Would recommend for an overnight stop if you are traveling through the area.

Brady Westbound (i80) Rest Stop 41.03574, -100.46564
Project Soul Quest (Tori and Dylan)

Beautiful spot to stay! 200p a night, palapa or not. The couple in the bus is still there(long termer), but keep to themselves so don’t mind them being a little ornery. It’s paradise, they can get over themselves haha no aggressive dogs to report! This is our favorite place to stay in Baja

( Update December 16 busier than when we stayed in November, the snow birds are finally arriving! We stayed in the big open first lot before going over the hill. Still a great place to be )

In a 170 sprinter


Playa La Escondida 26.74420, -111.89654

The structure is complete, the service is excellent and so I recommend it to everyone, it is worth knowing, it is certainly one of the best options in the city.

The preparation time of snacks or portions is very fast, today I waited for 10 minutes, (unless there are a lot of people, which obviously can impact the waiting time for the order.)

I’ll leave a suggestion: chopped chicken snack with cheese and vinaigrette on French bread, it’s simply divine, delicious snack and in the right size.

There is also the “Big X Burguer Choppão”, another spectacular option.

For those who want to have a beer, Chopp Heineken is stupidly cold, just writing here makes you want to order another one.

I can’t help but talk about the natural juices, you can order them in the 1L jar.

In general I found the price affordable and very fair, the good quality of the products is remarkable, all very fresh and very tasty.

That’s it, it’s worth visiting.

Choppão Lanches -22.95379, -46.54499

Place for 6 motorhome with eletricidade, water, bathroom, and living.

Camping Prive Refúgio do Guerreiro -7.14663, -34.81542

Sehr große gepflegte Anlage. Wifi im Restaurant, Essen gut. Campingplatz zum Glück nur halbvoll. Preis inklusive entrance fee für zwei Personen 1378 Rand.

Satara Camp -24.39337, 31.77962

Great spot, very peaceful but such a horrible night we slept in the car, didn't bother putting a tent up!

Playa Santa Barbara -42.85262, -72.80049

We spent 2 nights in this beautiful place and especially enjoyed the quiet evenings in the lake house! Mario and his children are super nice, helpful and always ready for a conversation. Unfortunately it had rained a lot the two weeks before, and we were lucky that the one spot that wasn't under water was still free!
We paid 100Q per night for 2 people and our van.

IG: compasschronicle

Markus Vogel 15.63063, -89.00386

Near the waterfall there’s a grassy area on the river bank. There you can camp in a tent for free (coordinates -26.140214, -49.29355). Across the street there’s a pink house where food and local products are sold. It’s possible to use the bathroom for 5 reais per day. It’s also possible to vampires on the pink house property.

Salto do Engenho Waterfall -26.14101, -49.29344

Nice Laundrymat. I park my RV and toad on the side of the building or in the rear.
This is in a large strip mall, so plenty of nearby parking for large rigs.

Suds laundromat 33.63690, -112.33358


LAS BUGAMBILIAS 19.44347, -97.05552

Very good spot where we spent one very quiet night, with a sunny early morning

Plazoleta de la Cruz -35.47038, -58.81471

This one is quiet after about 11pm. This one does not have a Cracker Barrel near it, the Cracker Barrel is about 3miles away at the Lynnhaven mall. Yes there are signs saying RV parking for 24hrs…I called ahead and the answer was yes on parking overnight.

Walmart 2021 Lynnhaven Pkwy 36.79358, -76.12058

Nice spot if you find yourself alone. Some train noise at night. Camping beyond the gate, near the base killed our Verizon service, but it’s strong most everywhere else. The Lava Tubes/Caves are fun, but not close to road. Had to Google a bit to find info. All around a nice overnight.

Pisgah Crater 34.74668, -116.38051

Closed for the season. You can not drive in there, just walk.

Long Lake Provincial Park 44.62187, -63.62621

There is free water and a dump station. There is a donation box

Rest stop 42.06478, -124.30147

Lots of deep puddles in the winter that get deeper the closer you get to the beach. Higher clearance needed. Great camp spot.

San Juan River 48.57899, -124.28189

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