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We spent a nice night on the side of the road, the dune give some shelter from the wind and there is no traffic at night. There is space for 3-4 vans on flat terrain.

Ruta 40 -47.92560, -70.90583

Very nice man and helpful. He also has a motorhome. We had an alert from the motor and it was just the egr that was dirty. With the scanner he launched a self-cleaning program and in 1h back to the road again!!!!

Taller Lago Cardiel -48.74978, -70.24037

Says water NOT controlled. Doesn’t mean it’s necessary bad but who knows.

Water fountain 41.31527, -7.70283

We spent 2 quiet nights here on the edge of the football field. During this time there were only locals here, many during the day, no one at night. Everyone was very friendly and we felt safe. The nearby showers are not luxury but very clean! 5 minute walk along the lake to the center of Pana.
The view across the lake of the volcanoes is magical!

IG: compasschronicle

Parking/football field 14.73302, -91.15432

Very very nice laundry!
The price are still the same.
We paid $16.500 for 16kg and it was 1-day service (and very well cleaned compared to others places we went!)
Very nice family! While we were giving our clothes, the man took our little son with his children and made him visit the farm and touch the animals (cows, chickens, donkey, etc…).

Super laverie!
Les prix sont toujours les mêmes.
Nous avons payé 16.500 pesos pour 16,5kg et nous avons pu récupérer nos affaires le lendemain soir (et très bien lavées par rapport à d’autres laveries que nous avons fait!)
C’est une super famille! Pendant que nous déposions le linge, le monsieur a pris notre fils avec ses enfants pour lui faire visiter leur ferme et toucher les animaux (vaches, poules, âne, etc…)

Lavanderia la burbuja -39.28650, -71.92247

We spent the night here but at 8 AM the cops pulled up and said there were too many RVs (maybe about 10). Super friendly just gave us a warning. Said there is a city order, but overnight parking is tolerated at Cayoos.

Albertsons 35.36880, -120.84382

This a great and very recommendable BLM spot! Lots of spaces on both sides of the paved Pinyon Forest road. All of them are very clean, please keep it that way! The spots are a one mile drive away of the upper gorge parking lot. Please keep in mind that camping on the LADWP land is not allowed! Be courteous to the people working there and don’t endanger the access to the gorge.

Pinyon Dispersed Camping 37.53212, -118.59171

awesome brand new hotel. we paid 80k pesos (about $19.50 USD) for an enormous room with a huge king size bed and a single bed, balcony, smart tv and private bath with good American breakfast included for 2 people. mattresses and shower are amazing and a huge gated parking lot with a covered place for Motos. big rigs won't fit if you need really high clearance but vans should. top 3 hotels in south America after 2 years here and for a really good price. they were full on our third night when we tried to extend so had to move across the street (also nice but without breakfast and not as new and huge).

Hotel Las Palmas Villa de Leyva 5.63692, -73.52574

Great spot to stay! Very quiet and lovely nature. We stayed here 5 nights and mostly we were the only one. At daytime a few people came for a few hours. recommend it!!

Embalse el yeso -33.64074, -70.03090

Good place to spend the night, its price is very reasonable for what they offer.

Hospedaje 1.49796, -76.37531

Primarily works on tractor/trailers, but also repairs the automotive side of RVs, 5th wheels and travel trailers. They've replaced the axle on my travel trailer twice now, and did excellent work both times.

CM Mechanical 35.18587, -107.89917

Chez Charly c’est le paradis. Charly originaire de Suisse est un hôte adorable, il a construit un endroit magnifique avec emplacement tous services, terrasse, salle de travail, wc et douche chaude, piscine et bar restaurant. Nous sommes restés 2 nuits à avons été très très bien reçu. Denise qui parle Français est géniale également au côté de Charly. Nous avons mangé au restaurant de très bons plats. Charly fabrique son propre pain baguette et du fromage. Il y a une vente de fromage de chèvre, brie, camembert fabuleux à Queso (Quesart) a de bon prix.
Allez y les yeux fermés pour vous ressourcer et partager de bons moments

Charly's Restaurant and Bungalows 20.46495, -102.49686

Checkpoint with fumigation when entering B.C.S. They asked 28 pesos for fumigation.
I don’t know if it is an official checkpoint or not.

Checkpoint with Fumigation 28.00035, -114.01316

Great campsite, lots of (small) trees, the lower sites are quite protected from the crazy wind.
Most sites are not accessible by vehicle, only by foot or bike which makes for a very quiet and natural atmosphere. very clean toilets and showers. Also has a very nice room to stay at night or during the heat (AC).

Eco camping piscu yacu -32.58211, -65.14490

Simple clean guesthouse in the same street as more famous but looking dilapidated Résidence du Fleuve.
Rooms with bathroom, AC and tv cost 15k. I got it for 10k as I only wanted to use the fan.

Résidence Bilbassy 15.65712, -13.25466

The owner of the hotel will give you bolivianos in cash, you can transfer him with VISA. 4% fee.

Hotel Camana Inn -19.63787, -67.67472

As others said, signs say 3 hrs max but idk if anyone is actually checking if you don't abuse it. Nice bathrooms and wifi though. I doubt all the truckers are only staying 3 hrs because they have certain times they need to rest for.

The Dignity Statue and Overlook 43.78640, -99.33845

Was as expected for a late night pull in. Not a ton of parking compared to others I've stayed at but bathrooms were clean and has wifi so that's a bonus.

Love's 43.73620, -98.95709

It’s clearly private property if you look at a map. There also a no trespassing sign you have to pass to get here. Giant mud puddles everywhere rn

NF 12 Side Rd 45.06921, -123.86074
Blue Sky Adventures

Interior border checkpoint. East bound traffic only.

Near White Sands (Eastbound) 32.34890, -106.61265
Blue Sky Adventures

Interior border checkpoint. West bound traffic only.

Border Patrol Checkpoint (Westbound traffic) 32.34890, -106.61265

Fairly quiet, spent the night no issues.

Cracker Barrel 39.60212, -77.72824

easy CB overnight. no designated RV spots, but great for vans or cars. some road noise but to be expected.

Cracker Barrel 33.53803, -112.26040

The coordinates were slightly wrong (and tried to make us arrived by the wrong side of the river). it's rather -42 .10012, -71.54632.
When you arrive, you can either use a short downward path going to the river, or stay on your left, close to a small water-plant treatment (or something similar). If you take the access to the river, you will see a sign saying "no acampar". So, we stayed behind, close to a tree and the water-plant : it's the place indicated by the coordinates above. It's flat, shaded, remote (we saw no one else during our stay, no road noise, no house near), and you can have an easy access to the water.
The access road is not on : when you arrive from the Ruta 40, you follow some secondary roads. The path you need to take is at a little crossroad. The road (RPA34) continue, at your right the road will go to a bodega (2km left anounce) and you have to take the dirt road on your left.

Río Epuyen Camino al Desemboque -42.10013, -71.54618

Nice spot, clean bathrooms 24/24. Lot of space

Preble Rest Area, NB I81 42.71551, -76.14571

O local não possui mais as informações descritas

Entrada da ponte -20.30280, -40.29009

Great site right off the road, so there is traffic. Nice flat spot for a tent, stone fire ring. Great views! I arrived at night so I got to wake up to them. Perfect sunrise location! Room for 2 medium vehicles or one large. Need a vehicle with a like clearance up this way. A Subaru outback be ok but maybe not a legacy. Just done ruts and rocks. Unmaintained roads up here. Some sites you need a truck to get into if it has rained but there’s plenty to be had besides what is listed on here.

Small Site w/ View 35.87825, -81.90947

Lugar tranquilo, seguro, em frente à praia, mas sem água e energia.


estacionamento na rua, próximo a praia -23.62726, -45.39682

Fantastic place to stop over night, electrical.sockets, watet, dump station, wifi, restaurants. All you need. Recomended

Ypf Federación -31.03251, -58.07387

Very clean hotel. Paid 776 pesos, parking and restaurant for diner and breakfast. Not really fancy but clean and friendly. Stayed two nights and prepared for Belize.

Hotel & Suites Arges 18.49974, -88.29716

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