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We spent 1 night before arriving at the Huacachina Oasis.

It was quite noisy, they accommodated us next to the tire shop and all night people came to use the air.

They charged us 5 soles for parking at night.
Pasamos 1 noche antes de llegar al Oasis de Huacachina.

Fue bastante ruidosa, nos acomodaron al lado de la gomería y toda la noche se acerco gente a usar el aire.

Nos cobraron 5 soles por estacionar a la noche.

Petroperu -14.25520, -75.68764

You can see the outline of the city, as well as Mount I’ve views and trails everywhere. Established fire pit. Very Rocky. I have a jeep wrangler so very easy for me. Will be back! :)

Curly limit sunset with Mountain View’s 38.51193, -105.03666
Must Hike Must Eat

I turned off on Santa Fe and turned right on Foothills to a small pullout I could back into. GPS said it was BLM, nice and clean, no garbage which appeared to be closer to 247. I stayed here one night, nice and quiet until about 6 am when a pack of barking dogs showed up. One just stood there barking at my car. No one was around, no collars. I eventually just drove over (the dog followed me part way down the road barking) to the other side of 247 and parked to make coffee before heading over to Joshua Tree.

Fire road off of Old Woman Springs Road 34.42486, -116.78836

Great spot for multiple big rigs. Fairly level. Beautiful view of the bridge and mountains

Bridge View on Burro Creek Rd 34.53374, -113.43891

Tried to sleep here but at 8 pm police came (all with weapons) and asked us, if we are terrorists. Of course, we are not, but we had to leave the place and go to the park nearby the motorway, because it seems to be not safe anymore here.

Candy Mountains 29.69686, 57.72288

140 Pesos/person which is overpriced in our opinion. Pool has clean water and was used by lot of kids. Cold showers have good pressure. Toilets are dirty and without TP. Actually they’re closing at 6pm, but there were people until 10pm playing loud music. Also a bit of highway noise. Gate was closed at 10:30pm and the night was ok.

Green Forest Park 18.05090, -94.56832

I called when we got here and she told me they do not allow overnighters! Sad face inserted!

Walmart 37.30175, -79.95858

Road Hotel with pool and bar restaurant 12 rooms with AC , warm hot bathroom and Tv . If you need to stop on the way to Lubango , it's a good place . 25.000 kw

Posada de Quilengues -14.04553, 14.04594

Nice Lodge with some very beautiful and well-maintained cabins. There are different prices. I chose a 10,000 kW cabin with bathroom and shower. Safe parking and there is a restaurant with a wide variety of food

Lodge Obama -15.19562, 13.68701

Unfortunately there wasn't any wifi here when I tried today. Would have been a great spot!

Crossroads at Silverbell District Park 32.34666, -111.09499

nice place, friendly owners/family. paid 10 USD pn for 2 adults+2 kids. suitable for big rigs. wifi did not work; toilets/showers/electricity.
Whatsapp: +593986721013

Hosteria Candamo -4.33562, -79.92189

Going from Malawi to mozambique, we had a nice experience. No queue, officers Wer super nice. Some guys tried to convince we need a transport from Malawi border office to mozambique border office for 10.000 kwacha. That is ridiculous, we walked the distance in less than 10 minutes

Immigration Malawi -16.25042, 35.87551

Going from Malawi to mozambique we had not applied for a visa (German Citizenship). In contrast to other reviews, we had no problems receiving a visa. All we needed to show was a booking reservation for a hotel (printed).
Streets are in decent condition on both sides

Mozambique Immigration and Customs -16.08089, 35.73800

Clean rooms with white sheets, water boiler, fridge... almost western standard. Decent restaurant with fair prices. Some rooms have a balcony with nice view on the tea plantations.
Well equipped gym and a pool. Restaurant offers good food for fair prices.
Good place to calm down and refresh after mulanje hike, if places like wild track africa are not within the budget

Hapuwani Village Lodge -16.02917, 35.51134

Super friendly staff, we spent a great week staying here and exploring the island.

Ulisa Bay Lodge -12.04898, 34.72572

It is called blend lodge now. Great place, nice staff and restaurant. Good place to extend your visa as the immigration office is close by. They also offer a variety of activities for rather expensive prices

Blend Lodge and Kitchen -15.37934, 35.32214

A good spot away from the La Paz - Caranavi highway. Directed by locals to this swimming pool, lots of grassy space on the football field and a sheltered area with charging points too. Arrived on my bike but plenty of space for motos and campers too. Paid the guy working here B10 as a propina, he said overlanders have stayed here before. Was here on a Saturday but still quiet. River access too.
To get here cross the bridge off the highway and carry on about 400m

Swimming Pool camp -16.00843, -67.61678

Large slickrock/dirt parking lot just off hwy 95 large enough for medium size RV... several fire rings, No cell service. Road noise is very minimal. You can walk down the dirt road... will need 4x4 to drive down it.

White Canyon rim 37.70560, -110.24032

No one in both sides this Sunday ………………………..

Agriculture Checkpoint 24.12147, -110.46673

Far left side of building, when I pulled in around 10pm on a Sunday night there was just one spot left I was able to park. No issues, you do hear the highway traffic which is very close and a few trains in the distance if you are a light sleeper.

Cabela's 35.56000, -97.61184

25$ plus tax. was 27$ total and then they hold 25$ until you return key to open electrical box. totally worth it
free wifi that works all the way over in rv park, pool which was chilly(no big deal) hot tub, showers, on site laundry (second floor,clean, 1.50 to wash &1.50 to dry )

buffet, cafe, and snack bar

both my husband and i signed up for the players club which is free won 33$ total. so our stay was free plus our family got two showers each
free pop ice and coffee
very nice bathrooms

dumpster and dump were nice to have also
water was turned off nov 1 but great to have 50 amp and wifi

Royal River Casino 44.04246, -96.60618

90'000 XOF (137 EUR) is the reasonable and modest amount I was quoted. Parking is on the street which is a dead end.

The rally driver sure did an amazing job sneaking all these ads into iOverlander.

Misōa 5.27307, -3.97457

Place still exist an still possible to stay overnight.
Staff very friendly.

P&S station -0.79325, -80.24100
Lonely Road

Basic hotel in the centre of Ayaviri. Walking distance from the main square. Rooms with private bathrooms ok, if not a little dated. No heating so the room was reasonably cold. Water was hot, but pressure low. Secure parking garage for motorcycles and perhaps one car. A double with private bathroom was 50 soles.

Hostal Luna Inn -14.88119, -70.59103

Nice view and relatively quiet. 2 cars came in the evening, 1 left at 22 PM, the other at 1 AM. Lots of trash around.

Okay-ish for 1 night.

Humedal Putemún -42.42529, -73.73977

Stayed one night. Very standard Cracker Barrel. It is in a nice area with many shops around. Road noise but it didn't bother us much. One other camper van when we were there. No problems.

Cracker Barrel 30.43651, -89.09338

Public parking, flat, with lawn and trees with good shade. We saw police patrols several times during the day and at night too. Bathroom and shower 500m from this location. very silent and peaceful. We stayed 2 nights here.

Estacionamento público, plano, com gramado e árvores com boa sombra. vimos ronda da polícia diversas vezes durante o dia e a noite também. Banheiro e ducha a 500mts deste local. muito silencioso e tranquilo. Ficamos 2 noites aqui.

Estacionamento no parque 8.93634, -79.54998

Noticed there weren’t a lot of good quiet spots in the area so here’s a good legal one! A nice open area with a small fire pit. Any car can get here, but it may get very muddy or snowed in at times. Didn’t explore much but I’m sure there are probably lots of good options further down this road and the others near by. Hope this helps those looking for a good private spot while traveling through👍

On the edge of National Forest 47.99236, -116.72125

Very very nice campsite. You are next to the Beach (at least the two first camping spot). The beach is amazing, very clear, with very few people except some fisherman.
One flush toilet and hot shower.
We were alone so we can have the shadow spot below big trees. If you like to have a quiet place you will love it.

Vista de Bazaruto -21.58283, 35.24881

Beautiful Spot.
Graveled road to the spot is really steep, needs some skills with the motorbike. But is possible :)
Was there one night with tend and motorbike and nobody cared.

Flat field next to the river 45.12349, 15.57552

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