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Self-service laundry. Cc operated. $17R per load of washing or drying. Clean. WiFi. Music. Charging cables. Don’t need soap as Toni’s dispensed in the machine.

Camping Praia de Itapoa -26.06964, -48.61683

Self-service laundry. Credit card operated. $17R per load of washing or drying. Clean. WiFi. Music. Charging cables. Don’t need soap as it is dispensed in machine.

Lavanderia Vem Lavar -26.06956, -48.61682

This walk is really beautiful! Our guide, Roberto, was one of the best guides we’ve ever had! We pretty much rapid-fired questions at him for 2 hours about everything from plants to politics, and he was happy to chat about it all (in Spanish). We paid the 300 entrance ($0.30) and 2000pp for a private tour ($2), which was slightly more but allowed us to take the time to translate to our family visiting.

Quebrada de Las Señoritas -23.30866, -65.36397
Stefan M

Very welcoming place 25 minutes from Diama border. Good AC, lots of hot water. Not the cheapest but didn't mind after the ride from Nouakchott. Can park motorcycle right in front, plenty of other parking too. Decent breakfast. Some rooms have kitchens. Fast internet.

Hotel La Perle 16.04213, -16.45695

ever had a bad experience with a road side dorilocos? believe or not, this "prepared in the crisps bag" meal can actually be tasty, and as always for a bargain price! this very-fast food joint is akin to a Subway restaurant where you can pick and choose what goes with your chips. highly recommend for the genuine Ecuadorian experience

Pozorale - Amazing dorilocos 0.22453, -78.26546

its an empty dirt lot. i spotted it a few days in advance when I saw an rv sitting there. i stayed the night. it was quiet besides road traffic noise and pretty dark to be right off a main road.

Empty Dirt Parking Lot Near Strawberry Fields 38.27597, -104.66356

Playón amplio, con 220, agua y baños. Súper tranquilo y seguro. Ideal para mascotas!

Huge parking lot with electricity 220, water and toilets. Quiet and safe place. Good for pets!

Huge Parking near beach -27.48178, -55.82114

Yes this is indeed a MUST !!!
Came cycling (2ppl), paid 5$/2p/night. We had a room, double bed with fan, could use kitchen, WiFi, shower, WC. Fresh beer for 1$.
Katty and Nelson are absolutely genius !!
We wanted to stay a night. We stayed 3.

Villa Paula 8.46697, -82.54699

Free potable water just beside the dump station.

City Park Camping Dumpstation 32.69790, -101.95035
Chris Ratay

Nice guy, super friendly. Best to call ahead to arrange a time. +57.311.482.0123

I needed my own adapter as he doesn't have any.

Gas del Fonce 6.53044, -73.17942

same, just go out and show your documents and stamp the paper you got before. no problem

Corrupt Police Check -18.72304, -63.27495

Really great wild camping spot! The beach is pretty hard on the southern side so you can drive on it without risk of getting stuck. We parked right below the big rocky hill where we were sheltered from the wind. Fishermen on the shore. Seems like a good surf spot when wavy.

Beach Camping Tirúa -38.34148, -73.50350

Bonne place, facile d'accès. terrain plat.
place pour de grands véhicules et plusieurs.
17 novembre -6°C la nuit

Bryce NP (Dixie NF) 37.65763, -112.16799

Extremely quiet spot. There’s two trails to walk. Turned around and parked my Minivan on level ground. Wouldn’t go bigger than that.

Small plateau at the end 39.50990, -81.13831

Not allowed to stay here anymore with a camper or casa rodante - if you wish a bien of confort for a reasonnable price, the hotel, kind of very Nice backpaker is super !

Beach Parking -18.49209, -70.32805

Lugar adecuado para parar y pasar la noche. La cafetería es bastante básica. El wify es malo.

Shell -18.42122, -39.93484
Miss Daisy

western Union, open 09:00-14:00/17:00-20:00

Western Union -31.25575, -61.49044

restaurant food Mart and liquor store. they have a water spigot on far left, frost-free with hose although we use our own. open 24/7

water spigot at truck stop 38.91310, -115.04335

very friendly, next day, 4000pesos for a huge bag of clothes.

Lavanderia à Puerto San Julian -49.30845, -67.72706

Precisei ficar aqui por 4 dias com a kombi quebrada para consertar. Paulo da borracharia me emprestou uma tomada, tem ducha quente e fria , restaurante, padaria, lugar seguro posto 24 Hrs porém muitos caminhões e ruído dia e noite então... siga Kombiletsgo nas redes sociais, viajando pelo brasil e América Do Sul.

Auto Posto Carreirão -18.85740, -41.80209

We arrived towards the end of the day mid week in November. Most of the amenities were closed, save for a few porta potties. No staff and just a sign saying to find a spot and check in in the morning. We parked in the open field designated for car camping. No staff in the morning to check out. There were a few full time residents around, but pretty empty otherwise. The door to the shower/laundry was locked, and no staff around to access it.

Tico Time River Resort 36.98994, -107.86842

This place was so great! The spot where she asks you to camp isn’t super level but with some rocks we got it pretty close! The view is spectacular! And she raises and sells bunnies (she has over 50) and our son went in and held them and helped feed them! Absolutely would return here. She gets here water from a clean spring so it’s very clean (and tastes delicious)! Although we have a lifesaver her granddaughter was drinking water from the sink! There is also a nice nature hike close by that we walked! (Took about 20 min)

Villa Beatriz 1.21232, -76.92600

We ask the security guy and told us no problem we can fill our tank at the corner of the parking there is a water sink.

Walmart parking lot 10.62541, -85.44759

Julián is a owner of this hotel and he loves the travelers, he has bath and wc For free. it's a Big flat area

Hotel El Sol de Oro -13.28239, -72.17739

Can’t recommend this place enough. The views are top notch, the weather is cool, hardly any noise and the host (Andy) will make you want to stay a week. Camping on grass is one of our favourite ways to camp. Facilities are clean and thoughtful, very close to tiendas and the centre. Wifi is fast all around the property. Would absolutely come here again. 10$USD per person. 15$ USD for couples (currently)

CoDa Vista -0.24086, -78.48007

Filled our 11kg Gasco (Chilenian) and Megal (Uruguay) bottle within 5 minutes, super fast, without the need of any kind of adaptor. What I paid per kg was a bit vague, but it's around $535 per kg. Gave the guy a propina since they are going through the rain for us

Propane Gas - Sartini -54.79019, -68.22896

Great free hot shower!! As described in original message. Walk towards the picnic tables and down the steps - can’t miss it!

Fontana Dam camping and shelter 35.44947, -83.79663

It says "the most remote hotel in the UK" and definitely looks like it. Nice warm place to stay in the middle of nowhere or just pop for a cup of coffee and grab a bite on the way. It's not a luxury place and the prices are reasonable. The food is good, the place is warm, cozy and clean. You also have the opportunity to use the wi-fi and the facilities on site. There is enough parking space, although for campers/ caravans the electricity would be a problem as the place is off grid and relies on batteries and generator power only.

Garvault House 58.31953, -4.08192

A little disheveled but a good stop for a night or two, I was the only one here. Road noise quiets down after dark, there was some train traffic but that didn't disturb me. Surrounding trees are in full fall color this time of year, and an added bonus were the flocks of sandhill cranes flying overhead on their southerly migration.

San Antonio Riverine Park 33.92039, -106.85370

campingground is closed and will open in december

Santa Teresa National Park. Playa Grande -33.97524, -53.53876

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