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Small place, simple. propane was $4.00/gal.

Junction Fuels 30.41440, -99.66803

Blacky and his Familiy are the Place to be in Benin .
Camping at the Beach , Enjoy The breeze , super clean , good Food , nice conversation.
.. Bucket toilet and shower.

Paradis du Soleil 6.34838, 2.31910

Nice and clean campgroung. Sites are close to each other so there is not much privacy. Showers and toilet are very clean, 32$ with water and electricity. Dumping station available.

McDowell Mountain Regional Park - E.I . Rowland Campground 33.69531, -111.73657

Closed for the season As of November 2023

Falls View State Campground 47.79022, -122.92470

I camped here for 15.000 a night. There was a festival and everything in town was fully booked. It’s a nice place for all sorts of travellers.

Ksa Andina 4.87421, -75.16907

Lots of free camping along this road. Spots are marked with fire pits. Can camp for up to 14 days! Beautiful place. About 4 great spots for big rigs and many spots for cars. Can’t beat it!

Rainbow Falls 39.15003, -105.11080

Decent accommodation and nice place to relax, but the staff are beyond useless and can't even manage a "merci". The other travellers make this place what it is, but the owner really needs to get competent staff in.
Locking everyone upstairs at night isn't just a pain when you're trying to leave early, it could easily cause death in the event of fire. Expected more from a French-owned place.

Auberge Triskell 18.07349, -15.96404

This place is permanently closed.

Entrance N.P. Torres del Paine - Lago Sarmiento -51.02781, -72.77330

We’ve spent a good few days here. Very relaxed. Ablutions fair. Restaurant good. Staff friendly. Price good. One can keep busy exploring the area. Weather lousy at this time and we’re struggling to get our laundry dry after three days. A very nice campsite 4/5 nice art all around and renovations going on.

Red Rocks Campsite -1.56041, 29.63606

Fermé la nuit par une clôture

Waterfront-Julian B Lane Parking lot 27.95545, -82.46534

Updated to previous post (sorry so many!) breakfast and dinner NOT included. Dinner for two was 12 and breakfast was 8.

San Antonio de Lipez -21.77634, -66.87205

Several cars passed by until 7pm. Quiet at night. Beautiful spot.

Pyramid Rock 39.31418, -108.27307

great camping spot with tons of space. multiple campgrounds with fire rings.
definitely would camp here again. cell phone service spotty with T-Mobile

National Forest - near RimRock 34.67473, -111.72570

nice spot
6 spots
next to the castle

Pfaffendorf near Bergheim/Erft 50.96396, 6.61178

It s very nice place in very safe neighbourhood
There is guard every day and night.

Terrence and Jocelyne let me park in front of the home for free i just take some food or drink here
The food is pretty good.

The Saturday night there is jazz session is very cool.

I stay here 4 days, the WiFi when I was here is not available problem technic

B&B Chez Rita 6.35402, 2.42260

Regresamos a este lindo Hotel /Camping, muy lindo, con piscina, caballos y mucha sombra y vegetación. 60 soles x 2 personas y la motorhome.❤️🌿☀️

Fundo San Rafael -14.83821, -74.94494

beautiful rest stop before you get to Des Moines. very clean. Picnic tables and a 2 mile nature trail that takes you off into the woods away from the traffic of I80. I have stayed here many times and never had any problems. fairly decent wifi if you park close enough to the building.

Rest Stop I-80 WB Grinnell 41.69632, -92.77265

I wasn't able to find this place.

Parque Nacional Los Alerces – Tres Bahias -42.63753, -71.66851

This place is in wrong location - it is located at -42.63753, -71.66851

Parque Nacional Los Alerces – Tres Bahias -42.63753, -71.66851

This place is permanently closed.

RV Friendly Parking 38.77786, -75.13161

Free showers in the state park, Discovery Pass required

Lake Wenatchee State Park 47.81134, -120.72140

Tractor Supply in Calais does fill propane bottles.

Johnson's True Value Hardware 45.18371, -67.28152

Nice public park with picnic tables and playground. Public wifi available here.

Cottonwood Public Library 34.73849, -112.02458
El tip viajero- rv park Lima Perú

This place is no longer open, it is closed, this happened after the pandemic.

El Gran Caiman Hotel / Parking for Airport -12.01425, -77.08686

As described, lovely place close to town. 300 pesos for full hook-ups. 14 sites separated by nice lime and grapefruits trees and concrete patio. The place is well-maintained with clean bathrooms. We are alone here and the owner had some gas delivered the first morning to ensure we had hot water in the showers, that was very appreciated.

Rancho Acosta (RV Park & B&B) 27.02315, -108.92486

Ficamos 3 dias, lugar muito tranquilo, a água do rio muito boa pra banho. tem tomada 110 e 220 liberada, banheiro com água quente. final de semana tem bastante gente mais durante a semana é bem tranquilo.

Balneario Por Do Sol -17.56081, -54.75508

No overnight parking

Crescent City Beach 41.74322, -124.16928
Alexander GER

Nice, Quitte in front of the Lage
No Electric no WiFi no 4G, perfect.
5000 pro Person pro Night

Camping Brazo Rincon -40.72485, -71.78162
Family Life on Wheels

This place is permanently closed.

Ankara 39.77831, 32.74414

This place is permanently closed.

Duck Boardwalk Public Parking 36.16542, -75.75443

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