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3000AR for RV including electric and non potable water. If you turn left out of the campground and walk toward the headland it is really beautiful with cliffs, caves along the beach accessible at low tide, tide pools and nice open space on dirt roads to run or walk. Henry is the caretaker of the campground and he's very nice and helpful. Everything is old but it's quiet at night and convenient for being in town.

Camping Municipal -47.75534, -65.88850

Friendly staff, nice lay out and clean amenities.
We were there on a Tuesday, I can imagine it would be super popular and busy on the weekends with off road riding.

Hot Springs Off Road Park 34.53653, -92.96580
Smart as a Goose

we were blocked from going into Guatemala at Nuevo ville Flores by a mob at a road block so we just came here. then we had a guide latch on to us and demanded money. not a good day. but the ruins were cool.

Zona Archeologica Chikuntic 16.12762, -91.77886

Guy was really rude. “They are not just showers. It costs a lot of money for us to offer showers.” Then was $3 per person for non resident showers.

Blanca/Fort Garland Community Center 37.43075, -105.45543

Spent one night on Mariano's property with a view of the river, walking distance to the beach. Mariano is very friendly and welcoming. He runs kayak tours and rentals on the river. Contact him at 646 151-1780 before you arrive. Price by contribution.

Guadalupe River Mouth 32.09520, -116.87722

CLOSED ... gate walking the entrance and water is turned off.

Sunbeam Rest Area 32.77345, -115.66859

Very noisy with the cars passing by but a nice place and sight in the morning. Some fishers at night but no disturbances at all. Very close to Santa Monica and with 0 restrictions.

Seaside Rest Area 34.03929, -118.59998

A very nice, clean and friendly place where we came with my family ( a couple with 2 dynamics boys ,less than 2 and a half & less than 5 years old) in a Casilla rodante. The owner, a woman, Silvia, was so gentile and let us slept one with kids in a bedroom and the other in the coche in the garden all with electrity and WiFi. She prepared a diner at her home, time to finish the restaurant. So good place for kids, everybody was so cool with them and it cood for more than a night but one was what we need.

Hotel Don Alfonso -25.32452, -64.01746

Visit 14 November 2023, still one ATM don’t working, used BancoEstado one.
5.500 commission for 300K

ATM BancoEstado -22.91050, -68.19976

clean rooms, hot showers. we (two people) paid 600 pesos for a room with one bed. little store next door.

Hotel Pacifico 28.66808, -114.23539

National Parks Police knocked at 19:00. He was friendly but asked for our ID, ran it in the system for any previous national parks warnings, and gave us a warning. No camping allowed.

Little Tonoloway Picnic Area 39.69782, -78.18093

Très bruyant à cause du chemin de fer passant juste à côté et des routes avoisinantes. Toilettes et douche très propres.

Grand Canyon Railway RV park 35.25024, -112.19481

Recreation site, I think it’s free, pit toilet, and an incredible view of the lake and mountains !
No cellphone service

Cogburn Beach Recreation Site 49.52255, -121.76652

Easy access from highway. Great Verizon service. Big gravel lot. Had a great night sleep.

Near the I70 and Access to Moab 38.94012, -109.39688

As described... and still open. Limited supply of cold drinks and were willing to make us lunch.

Los Pinas restaurante 24.59066, -111.46874

The road next to this spot is now paved, so way busier now. And as you are very visible from the road, we didn't stay.

Crique 26.69298, 55.78369
Trota Glober

Llegamos al lugar en la tarde, pasamos la noche.
Pagamos Q20 por persona la noche.
lugar tranquilo.
acceso asfaltado.

Piscinas Xemal 15.40502, -91.69595

Very nice hostel with friendly staff. Clean and in quiet area. Good restaurant and breakfast options. Wi-Fi, showers (a little weak), good bed and room with balcony. Enough space to store bicycle in the room. 340 pesos

Casa Violeta 21.49499, -104.89776

Off of US 1, it brings you to a road a little before/ after the actual forest road you should turn down.

You should turn off US 1 onto ‘double gate road’. It will be the first road on the right after Harry Pringle road if you are coming from the south.

Coordinates for double gate road are

29.71616° N, 81.30277° W

Then travel onto longleaf road, then evan’s road, then eagle leaf road from there. Directions available on the website for the campsite as well

Cedar Creek Campground Matanzas State Forest 29.72360, -81.26195

this place is currently closed due to a large construction site

Corniche of Abu Dhabi 24.46696, 54.32889

most of the parking on this block is 2hr parking or pay to park/permits. However this spot is unmarked & not directly in front of a residence or business. Van friendly. close to your downtown amenities & a little market on the corner.

last parking 40.01627, -105.28497

Friendly but not so efficient. I had my TIP from Cabinda but they had to check something about the TIP with the Caminda office and this took two hours and they gave me a new TIP without charge

Angola Customs - Luvo -5.84866, 14.08476

Nice camping spot on little plateau in Wadi. Only 4x4.

Wadi Abyat 23.42267, 57.67248

We didn't stay as they asked 270 NAD pppn for a pitch... And it was empty ! Far too expensive

Nakambale Restcamp -17.98379, 16.02272

They sourced an oil filter for our Toyota Land cruiser and they seem to have a lot more stuff. Paid $10 for the filter.

Parts store 30.28541, 57.04905

Car camped here in the parking lot by the sign. Says no wheeled campers but I think they mean on the grass by the established campsites. Here on a Tuesday and no one else was here. Good Mexican food within walking distance!

New Haven River Lot 38.61511, -91.21263

Some pics of the auberge and the tunnel. See our last entry for details

Auberge de Choum 21.29974, -13.07160

Official Parking of the UNESCO Village Meymand. Water taps at the place with drinking water. Normalky you habe to pay an entrance fee, but in mid of november nobody bothered us. Nice locals and good cafe! We had a very quiet night.

UNESCO Village Meymand 30.22726, 55.37630

If you want to hike/run, this is the place to be. Lots of great paths, amazing views, nice waterfalls, great signposts.
Camping also great: decent roof on the camp spot with braai area and camping table. Good warm showers. Both sinks and dish washing area. All outdoors. Long drop toilets. $20pp, kids halve price. No airtel reception, WiFi at reception.

Mutinondo Wilderness Camp -12.45271, 31.29117

very good Italian restaurant. Risotto en de beef salad where great

Tony's spaghetti *Grill -26.09379, 27.94037

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