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very good place, yurts 12€ pp breakfast included, dinner 7€... friendly staff.

Eco Lodge Village 42.41481, 78.21335

A hidden Parking spot with nice views. space for a few RVs, there is a little spot of grass for tents too, table and chairs

rest place with views 68.46242, 15.33445

Small beach on a sea estuary, protected by high ferns but with beautiful view along the water. Jetty with swimming ladder. A dry toilet, two little changing rooms. 5G. Room for only a few cars. A bit further along the (blind) path are two more area’s for some cars, very beautiful but without any sea view.

Small beach near Klamila 60.50852, 27.47441

Passamos 1 noite, foi tranquilo, não tem ducha.

YPF -41.94733, -71.53696

cabaña de troncos que cuenta con cocina, heladera con freezer, wifi, salamandra a leña, parrilla, horno de barro, luz 24hs, aire acondicionado frío calor, vajilla para 6 personas, una habitación con cama matrimonial y otra con dos cuchetas.
Ropa de cama incluida.
También hay lugar para aparcar con motor home. Con acceso a luz

Ñukün -35.87978, -59.40377
sonny jadun

Wide dead end street where you can wildcamp in Tela. Its a hike from Tela but a great place to stay overnight. Stayed here 3 nights. You can swim in ocean while also keeping an eye on the car. At the end of the street with Calle 9 there are security cameras mounted. Ask couple of locals. Its all good to stay. Local kids may show up to park their bikes for soccer play on the beach.

Street Parking 15.78708, -87.44675

Next to river flat area to camp. We did only lunch, but it’s like an oasis. Slowly flowing waters, birds chirping and turtles sunning on the rocks.

Tuzla Cayi 39.53068, 26.20509

next to a hotspring, beautiful view. it's sort of paid but come at dusk it's free.
we paid 7 dinar pp

hotspring horizon 35.40662, 9.61723

Great variety of food, clean, chinese pakistani hunza food, cold and hot drinks

Hotel Blue Moon Restaraunt 36.68945, 74.82175

Office still in this place and very friendly staff

Khwai Development Trust -19.93874, 23.51060

Quite beach area but not a beach as you know it, more like a mud flat with a 2m strip of sand but good overnight stop after seeing the fire flies.

Pantai Jeram 3.22602, 101.30452

Old road (bridge) has washed away. A new road is being constructed here. River crossing is replaced by concrete pipes that act as a small bridge. Marking as closed.

Tire Destroying Road 37.13492, 72.72607

According to the insurance employee, the minimum insurance period is 10 days. the costs for this are 7000 dram, when we got the printout for our insurance company he suddenly wanted 6000 dram. But the insurance only says 4000 dram, so we asked him why we have to pay 6000... The answer: The insurance costs 4,000 and the 2,000 are for him. We immediately said that we would either pay the 4,000 or nothing at all, so he settled for the 4,000. He also wanted to sell us a SIM card, which we advise against. There is an MTS store in the next town (see i overlander point), the owner is very friendly. It is very important to check your insurance and not to pay any more if it occurs.

Car insurance Armenia 41.13724, 43.79645
Des routes & nous

Car insurance for one month or more.
One month 17 OMR
Very efficient.
Take about 30 minutes.

Dhofar Insurance Compagny 17.02154, 54.09223

One of the few places open at this time of year. I paid 8000 pesos for a heated room with hot shower, breakfast and good WiFi. Safe parking and friendly cats. Ernesto the operator very nice and helpful. The restaurant was closed.

Cacique Restaurant and Hotel -44.04666, -70.59873

Ufuk is a great and helpful guy. If you need any repairs or improvements at your van, he is your man. He also has solar panels and can help with diesel heater or anything you want. Very reasonable price. It feeks like an overlander club. He also likes to spend time with you, have a tea, a good talk or go for lunch together.

Ufuk Karavan 40.91092, 29.21695

Camping super completo, wifi, chuveiro quente, cozinha, com uma vista de tirar o fôlego.
Camping with excellent structure.
Full kitchen, hot shower, bathroom, everything was very clean, organized and well maintained. wifi, beautiful views of the mountains. It is 850 meters above sea level. There are 4 km of dirt road in excellent condition.

Sítio Vista Das Pedras Hospedagem -27.75511, -49.37245

Stayed 1 night without issue — peaceful night, with 2/3 other people staying over night as well

Cracker Barrel 40.10009, -75.29626

We park on the Main Street after asking for permission with the police and the neighborhood office they were really nice and told us to park near the cameras on the Main Street really quiet we felt safe in this spot. See picture for the building office.

Free street parking 14.94759, -91.10711

1500ft (~3,80€) per laundry and again for drying
not busy, free wifi, nice cafe next door
can pay with card or cash
explanations in Hungarian and English

Super Pop self-service laundry 46.07729, 18.21249

We park at the Main Street after asking for permission with the police and the local neighbors office is the first build across from the bakery we park near the cameras on the street. Really quiet we felt safe.

Street Parking 14.94759, -91.10711

The top was unaccessible for us (truck), too narrow and inclined road so we stayed few meters down, not at the top of the hill but still with a great view.

Wild camping small mountain -7.63205, 31.30613

This place is CLOSE now football field is in use everyday by the locals

Football Field 14.94759, -91.10711

Big open area as described. There is definitely road noise due to your proximity to the freeway, but it did not prevent a good night’s sleep. Fairly clean, and there are trash cans in the area.

Boat ramp under bridge 31.16822, -81.43741

Last gas station to take a break before the last and the steepest part of the road going tho chichicastenango they let you sleep over night if you pump gas or park here to go to chichicastenango to see the market.

Gas station 14.91384, -91.10291

municipal campsite 10 reales per person, stay on the asphalt, electricity and water, do not go to their enclosed part, small, without shade

camping municipal 10 reales par personne, rester sur le bitume, électricité et eau, ne pas aller dans leur partie enfermée, petite, sans ombre

acampamento municipal 10 reais por pessoa, ficar no asfalto, luz e água, não ir para a parte fechada, pequeno, sem sombra

Camping Municipal -20.38397, -51.34351

quiet at night. Operation in the port from 6 a.m.

Sandy Beach 48.82618, -64.44240

There were elements to block the road but they were moved aside when we arrived. At 13:30 no problems crossing here.

Road Construction 37.56903, 71.73175

Très bel endroit, tranquillité absolue, pas de toilette et pas trop de moustiques à cette époque de l'année, fin septembre

Île Verte 47.99783, -69.43142

Last gas station to take a break before the last and the steepest part going to chichicastenango they let you sleep or park if you pump gas and go check out the market.

Gas station 14.91386, -91.10284

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