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Enchemos nosso Botijão do Brasil e não precisou do adaptador

Alquilo Todo -41.95949, -71.53594

This place is permanently closed.

Hwange -18.36612, 26.50565

Rangers are saying parking overnight here is not allowed and people will be asked to move

Mabry Mill 36.75176, -80.40517

Nice campground, we only came here because Walmart was a no go. $10 a night not bad, we usually try for free places but there’s not much around this area for a 40’ Skoolie. We ended up staying 2 days. Nice creek that runs through campground, has water didn’t see a dump station. Cell service is slow but works. We stay at camp 6 the road is a little tight and sites can be tight to get into. If you have a tow behind you will need to disconnect.

Horse creek campground 36.10733, -82.65611

This place is permanently closed.

IP - Camino Manizales 4.91469, -75.26615

Very pretty view. Not very many flies. looks like space for an RV, plus 2 pull out spots.

Rabbit Spring 42.06162, -114.67265

camping amongst the pine trees, small campfire. absolutely quiet.

Cibola NF 35.41380, -108.54469

no problem anymore , it was just at this time but don't hesitate to ask local before go to the kaldama pass to know the potential problem of the road

Road closure 41.14527, 73.29526

excelente lugar para pasar la noche ,y cargar agua , muy tranquilo y seguro , ponerse al costado del ACA , pasando los surtidores de aire, pues adelante se escucha durante toda la noche los compresores de GNC que arrancan a cada rato

YPF gas station (estación de serviço) -34.12101, -59.01340

We were camped here this evening and got a knock. Apparently there is no overnight parking on any public property in Yarmouth County.

Public Beach Parking Lot 41.64709, -70.27283

This place is permanently closed.

Street Parking 36.98959, -122.03253

Very clean facilities! $3 per shower if you bring your own towel.

Seneca One Stop 42.57060, -79.10059
Edna Teresa Pattacini Consentini

muito bom
lugar tranquilo..Internet da claro Argentina...
chuva fraca..muito sossegado

Argentinian Aduana Parking Plaza -52.13867, -69.52042

Easy CB overnight. it's open till 10pm. plenty of parking and a few level RV spaces.

Cracker Barrel 40.41855, -86.81817

Cramped campground but very quiet. Camp host had me park my van in the tent area and only charged $20.00 per night. No water or electric hookups but dump station was included. Good place to rest after a day of hiking. 3 bars Verizon LTE.

Sunset Campground 37.62161, -112.17514

There's 2 different signs here, one
16 hours PARKING TIME LIMIT IN ALL CITY LOTS and the other one is more confusing
I stayed here for the night no problem.

Newport Performing Arts Center 44.63596, -124.06115

This location has 3 RV sites for Dry camping 1 night.

Distilled spirits, beer, wine and limited snacks available.

Quiet location.

Sugar Sands Distillery 27.33589, -81.46764

Nice spot next to the river. Its very quiet, only a few shepherds pass with their animals. We parked a little bit away from the water because there was a lot of trash. Good 4G connection with Megacom. O! had no connection.

by the river 41.86527, 74.36485

Vitali is still fixing diesel heaters. We went to him with our Eberspacher D2. First he diagnosed the problem and then he fixed it. He cleaned our heater from the inside and got us a new (used?) fuelpump. He only has Chinese parts but I guess that will do. We paid 6000 som for 4/5 hours of work and the fuelpump.

Vitali is a man of little words. He knows what he does and is friendly.

When you drive inside the street it is the first blue (with a little black) gate. The number is 142 and is written on the gate. I added a photo of the gate.

vitali eberspacher webasto 42.90453, 74.59220

WARNING - Enriched uranium mine nearby. We were sent away by the police. Do not stop anywhere between the old pavilion ruins and Natanz

Hidden place next to the road 33.55682, 51.86273

Price has increased to 250 lira/24h (almost 10 euro). We didn't find the toilets. Very busy and noisy parking lot.

Maltepe Karavan Parkı 40.93741, 29.11224

Ablutions so clean and many sites have paving. Always a great stop.

Karoo NP Campsite -32.33248, 22.49239

New Price is: 1500pppn incl. Bushwalk around 1h.
GoogleMaps is wrong, ask Lisa for the directions, otherwise it is nearly impossible to find.

Kili Hills -2.91917, 37.59437

Basic hotel , single room 220 Dh , hot shower , wifi , no lift . No private parking for the motorbike , but in front of the hotel under security cameras . For one night It's Ok

Hotel El Marsa 27.10000, -13.41177

no food served, but some small items in the "supermarket" ger

Very small settlement 46.54823, 95.30513

Very quick, came end of day at 15:00 - visa was extended 15:20.

Much less hassle extending it here in UB than in Ölgii where the wait time is 3 days. Also less complicated than doing online, and guaranteed it will work as they put a new physical stamp in your passport.

Visa extension for 14 days cost me 79,200MNT. You can extended any number of days from 1-30. Price list photo added.

Immigration Office for Visa Extensions 47.86956, 106.82609

Several gas stations, including TES and Petrovis. First gas stations since Altai city.

Gas station 46.93480, 93.61414

Not a scenic place, but good for a quiet night. People are friendly, did not have to pay for parking. Close to city center.

Ulitsa Tomin Road 37.91167, 69.77474

Just beside the road. Possible to stop at the side of the road. Plenty of space.

Water source 37.81578, 70.13279

there is a camp for school classes which we were allowed to use because it was empty.
we asked at the ccf office if the campsite is closed, and the friendly man offers us to camp at this place. maybe because it was already late.

we had to fire both donkeys because they were connected to each other somehow.

Camp at CCF -20.48464, 17.03171

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