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We stayed here for 2 nights as camping in La Paz itself is scarce and we wanted to get our van serviced.

We paid 680 pesos per night for a private room with aircon. Bathroom and showers were very clean, good kitchen, free continental breakfast provided and fast wifi.

Secure parking for our van with room for approx 3-4 vans (size dependant). Close to town with the supermarket 350m down the road.

Peace Hostel 24.15827, -110.30678

Great place. And Al oasis breakfast fabulous free parking across the street

Al’s Oasis 43.80229, -99.38251

This place is in wrong location - it is located at -33.91341, 18.47360

7 Landies -33.91341, 18.47360

place is pretty run down. they have an amazing restaurant with both continental and Indian dishes, for reasonable prices. average Indian dish around 15.000 (including 3.000 for rice). food was really delicious.
fine place for a stopover, wouldn't recommend it for a longer stay, unless you go into town.

Woodland Camp -13.97028, 33.78509

30.000 COP for 2 people, kid and dog
I wouldn’t come here on the weekend but during the week great! Nice pool, shade, showers and toilets open all night.
Pool costs an extra 10.000….even for the 2y old. But good to escape the heat and dog friendly

Finca Hotel Oasis 5.73909, -75.60412

TIP extremely slow delivery, wait for some kind of authorization after having handed in all papers and the official having verified and taken pictures of all of them. Waiting time about 1h30 for this alone.

Lethem, Guyana - Bonfim, Brazil 3.38046, -59.81699
Main Stream Beach Villa

We love this camp, so far some European people show up and we are very interested in the life style, considering to build our own camper to live and travel all over the world in

Main Stream Beach Villa Camp -13.76960, 34.60839

There aren't many options to sleep in Samaipata. I think This is one of the best because is flat and quiet and there are a lot of place for pets.
No wind protection.

No hay demasiadas alternativas para dormir en Samaipata pero creo esta es la mejor. El terreno es plano y el ambiente tranquilo, dormimos súper bien!
Espacio amplio para mascotas, lo que si, no hay nada de reparo para el viento.

Samaipata at soccer field (self contained campers) -18.17614, -63.88026

This place is permanently closed.

Hostal Beach -20.22441, -70.14954

Nice place, plenty of space for any size of rig, and indeed good views all around. Only remark, there’s no shadow during daytime. There was breeze when we were here so with the doors open it was okay. Had a nice lunch break.

Place with nice view -17.85086, -65.45414

This place is permanently closed.

Gustavo Gogasa and Belu Homes -23.81252, -56.50814

This place is permanently closed.

gustavo fogasa house -23.81252, -56.50814

Great place for nice lunch or tea /coffee.
inside 2nd hand books and a lot of home made products and gifts.

Die Pienk Padstall -28.76578, 20.61783

Bathrooms closed due to high tides but portapotties were present. Two picnic tables are covered. Need a discover pass if you’re staying longer than 15 mins

Potlach State Park 47.36148, -123.15638
Los Ponce

lugar tranquilo para passar noite. encontramos outros viajantes argentinos.
de frente para o rio Nhundiaquara. bem calmo.

By the lake -25.47656, -48.83137

This place is permanently closed.

IVECO Garage 41.36877, 19.70044

as described in other reviews, large gravel area off the highway on Vanderbilt rd. didn't go up the road any further. hybrid suv pulling a 13' TT. multiple vehicles n any size rig'll fit here. all sun, no shade. did have 6 or 7 burros check us out setting up. 1 bar Verizon but workable. multiple entry ways into the lot.

Vanderbilt pond 36.88195, -116.75422

All sites are big and separated by extra large green buffers with lots of pristine trees giving high privacy, just like staying at Provincial or State Park. Pretty good reception of free STARLINK Satellite Internet WiFi at the most of full service sites!

MamaYeh RV Park & Campground 53.76378, -122.65207

car camper. pulled in late at night w/ plenty of RVs camped out in the RV slots. felt very safe.

Cracker Barrel 43.14136, -77.55658

Still as cool as ever. Improves since I was here in 2017, sites are leveled and there are metal fire rings.
Road from 95 was better, some washboard.

pack it in, pack it out. I don't see a bit of trash here!

Willow Creek Hot Springs Campground 42.27504, -118.26567

We had our Toyota Hiace Windscreen replaced for 180 Soles. They did not seal it we had to insist that they do it. They can make most windows but installation is not good.

Windshield manufacturer: Parabrisas Temper & Lam -16.40438, -71.57013

This place is permanently closed.

Scheitler Recreation Center 39.78080, -105.05037

This place is permanently closed.

Garaje Alfredo -13.54909, -71.88807

Great view over the reservoir. Flat area for several bud rigs. No signs forbidding camping. No tent space. About 100 yards from the road, paved access

Don Pedro Reservoir Vista Point 37.83203, -120.34897

There is a fuel station at Hwange main camp now. Very useful

Main Camp -18.73067, 26.95152

free dump next to propane tank and a single UNLABELED faucet next to it - which I used to flush my poop hose and wouldn't use to drink from.

Camping World. Harrisburg 40.33353, -76.73372

Lugar muito bom, fomos muito bem recebidos. Todos muito amáveis e solicitos.

JD Combustíveis -26.25809, -53.62366

Beautiful, quiet and tranquil. Large level gravel parking lot beside the wharf and right next to the water. Myrtles nice restaurant right down the street.

Lark Harbour - bay of islands 49.10242, -58.36316

Nice flat BLM site in the pines w a fire ring just before Bryce NP entrance. 2wd would have no problems. there's a limited nbr of sites (I'm in 26) - there were many more at one time & those are marked no camping. I drove around a while till I saw this site. I tent mostly but this would be an excellent hammock site.

Dispersed Camping #26 37.66088, -112.18173

Conseguimos encher nosso Botijão do Brasil, ele não pediu o adaptador.

Alquilo Todo -41.95948, -71.53599

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