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Just as described. FS road with several areas to pull off. Our Sprinter is sitting level for the night.

State Forest, Dispersed Camping, AMAZING 43.73552, -84.41648
Miss Daisy

Road Updates September 2023
A mostly good dirt road, of course with bumps all the way, we drove it with an 8 ton truck according to the road condition at a speed of 10 to 40 km/h
The road is very beautiful, there are many birds along it. It is better to leave early in the morning, there is a chance to see animals, we saw an armadillo and an anteater.

Road Condition RN10 -16.38839, -60.94760

Fonctionnel pour 5$ ! Eau potable juste à côté.

Sani dump 51.62279, -120.08772

Paramos aqui para um pernoite apenas.
Nos foi permitido parar em una granada à direita da entrada do posto. Colaboradores muito atenciosos e simpáticos. Wi-fi top e WCs limpos.

Axion Gas Station -39.93344, -71.06868

We did a trip with the steam train to the Summit and I asked Josh at the Ticket office about staying for the night. And he said no problem to stay for the night at the RV parking lot.
I asked for his name and he said it, and that if someone will bother us it will be himself.
So, it's up to you if you want to stay here or not, just ask ahead.

The Cog Railway 44.26853, -71.35326

this night was super busy. probably around 15 overnighter. felt safe. no issues. if you stay at the interstate site of parking lot, it is pretty noisy.

Walmart Springville 40.15849, -111.64498

Très bel endroit pour visiter Washington en vélo. Nous nous sommes stationnés le matin et avons visité facilement Washington avec les vélos. nous avons quitté à la fin de la journée. beaucoup d'espace pour se stationner avec un vr. piste cyclable incroyable et très facilement accessible. Je recommande.

Very nice place to visit Washington by bike. We parked in the morning and visited Washington easily with the bikes. we left at the end of the day. plenty of space to park with an RV. incredible cycle path and very easily accessible. I recommend.

Anacostia Park 38.88028, -76.96927

Hot shower is now 5 soles. Bring your own soap and towel, and enjoy the hot water in a clean shower room.

Showers at Hospedaje Umajalsu -15.89553, -69.88960

We enjoyed the various pools in the river. Not a place for large groups. Pools are shallow and either very hot or pretty cold so one needs to mix them frequently.

Sunbeam Hot Springs 44.26753, -114.74786

Stayed one night in my sprinter van, had no problems. People come and go until about midnight then I had the lot to myself. It's hidden behind a row of bushes so felt more discrete than the public parking down the street. Few cars throughout the night but otherwise quiet. Leveled parking spaces, 4 to 5 bars Verizon and Tmobile.

By the lake 42.87530, -77.26659

Forest service road with several areas to pull over to park. We parked our high top Sprinter at N43.477569, W086.159189 for a very peaceful night. Its apparent some spots are used for hunting camps so well to know if any season is open. The road is to go to the White river but we didn't go that far. Road is not for big rigs.

River Access Road to Sisco Bayou 43.46877, -86.15858

Located inside the store right at the entrance, 50 cents a gallon or 2.50 for 5

Fred Meyer water refill station 47.04039, -122.83082

Shell en Ovalle cuenta además de las regalías de una estación de servicio de combustibles una estación para Motorhome y casas rodantes
La vista es bonita y corre harto viento
Algunas indicaciones
No tiene duchas,
los baños son solo para clientes
Puedes botar tus aguas negras y grises
Puedes cargar con agua
Puedes cargarte a la corriente

Shell Ovalle salida -30.56411, -71.17843

Small gravel area beside gravel boat launch. Access driveway to the east of the highway directly before the north side of the bridge/river. Arrived at sunset and happy to find this place! Cell service! No amenities.

Junction 510/500 53.26982, -60.49537

Easy access. Spigot by the foot bridge, threaded for a hose.

Buffalo City Park 44.34484, -106.70483

Nice little wooded park with lots of very shady parking along one side. Very wealthy-looking neighbourhood, cameras at the gates of the houses nearby, and there appears to be a guard at the end of the park 24/7. No facilities but very calm, had a good night

Plenty of space for big rigs. There would be lots of space for tents and hammocks too, but I suspect that might raise some eyebrows.

Bosque del Reparto Los Angeles 12.63287, -87.11750

6 shower stalls with push button start. no fee. We parked in the day use section and enjoyed a day on the beach then came and showered.

Cape Lookout State Park Showers 45.36395, -123.96739

It is a quiet and safe place, 300 meters from the main street, with a new and clean bathroom. There is a big kitchen you can use and enough space to park all kind of cars. The nice view from the top of the hill is fantastic. Price: 5 USD per person.

Cielo Parapente 1.87306, -76.21405

bonne place facile d'accès, l'eau a un petit goût mais rien de fortement dérangeant

good place easy to access, the water has a little taste but nothing very disturbing

Chevron - Free potable water 61.17308, -149.86921

place avec 6 aspirateurs gratuit devant la station de carwash

place with 6 free vacuum in front of the carwash station

free vacuums 61.17770, -149.86855

FREE 20 minute hot pool soak and showers at the State of WY Bath House. Great facility located near the private hot pools. FREE but donations appreciated. In Hot Springs Park.

Thermopolis Hotsprings Bath House 43.65214, -108.19717

A spot alone a dirt forest road. There is a fire ring. Also some garbage left in the ring (sad). You’ll be quite alone in this spot with a nice view.

The road is 1S76. Not marked on Google Maps but in satellite view you can see it. It starts a mile down from this spot.

Lots of twigs and dried up cow manure.

The road in requires at least good tires. Possibly moderate high clearance. Don’t think 4x4 is needed unless it has rained.

Dont do this with a trailer or rv. Van could make it ok.

All alone 37.83274, -119.94542

Superb place.

Best car service we’ve experienced on our entire trip from Denmark to Mongolia. We had a problem with our suspension, which is a very special Toyota-specific suspension (AHC for those who know). We didn’t expect anybody other than official Toyota shops to able to fix it. We went here just in chance, and we could immediately see they knew the system. They even had AHC-fluid in stock. The diagnosed it and fixed in 3-4 hours and took me for a test drive. It cost 400.000 MNT (€109) including fluid and cleaner.

Very nice guys as well. Barely any English, but it worked fine with Translate.

Bataar Auto Service 43.57265, 104.41566

Municipal dump station (no potable water) - free.

Silbaugh Park Dump (Free) 47.48086, -100.44451

free water as stated. you can fill an RV from this water tap. please note, the metal top of the water attachment can swing down and hit the side of your RV, I suggest you pull forward a couple feet just to make sure that it doesn't.

Goldstream Campground 48.46245, -123.56037

still there, but dispenser did not work - no water. so we went to the other casa del aqua down the street.

la casa de agua 11.23407, -74.17799

Very difficult to get there. Bad road. Not for big rigs. Only 4x4

La Resevera 3.34161, -73.94147

Stayed two nights. It is a 24h place (sex hotel), so the mattress is waterproof and very hard! We put our own blankets underneath and the bed was comfortable. Arriving late to La Paz means that your check out is the same time the following day which was very advantageous for us.

Don't know the pricing for a single or for 4 hours. For 24h double with shared bathroom is 80 Bob, Matrimonial with private bathroom 100 Bob. Parking didn't cost extra.

Still under construction so in the daytime there is noise, at night as long as you don't have noisy neighbours (as we did the first night) it is very quiet. Second secure parking spot is currently taken up with storage of construction materials.

No phone number or email to contact the place in advance. Just show up and ring the bell. Cleanliness was far better than anything I have seen in SA so far.

Hostal Gadiela -16.48879, -68.19132

There is a laundromat inside the First Choice Convenience store. It was really handy and we used it we cane and went on the ferry. Staff were great.

First Choice Convenience 47.57304, -59.14116

There is some rocky terrain to cross to come into this spot, just go slow up to spot. High clearance or Trucks only. I have taken my Trailer up many times slowly. Huge firepit here and room for 2 big rig. terrain is uneven.
4G Verizon here.

FR camp 40.86768, -109.51116

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