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R. Amante N.

Well worth the price, movie and a overnight stay. I had to unhooked my trailer at back of the theater ;-) and moved my vehicle to watch the movie in stereo at 106.9 fm.

Twilite Drive-in Theater 50.42545, -103.29711
Road Warrior America

Great spot. Extremely quiet and secluded, no one came by all night. No highway noise, houses, or lights, beautiful night sky view. Highly recommend. Very close to Canyonlands south entrance and Moab so great spot to overnight if you're headed there in the morning.

BLM land 37.78764, -108.86000

Nice side valley away from the main valley and road. Quite windy when we where here. No internet and no firewood.

Yolyn Am valley 43.50334, 104.02471

Great fill! Faucet is nice and high pressure. Filled up our tank and our bottles.

Rest area 32.73745, -114.89061

Still stunning, added a nice picture :-) The Traveller's Pass is only a 60 min hike away, so you can go a bit further in the direction of camp 1.

Peak Lenin 39.45326, 72.90961

150r per night if you sleep in your vehicle. 1000r for a room. Very nice and the staff are friendly.

Drinking water at truckstop 56.28359, 70.43386

A very nice view down quite at night no one else here.

Transursoaia nice few 46.65333, 23.03733

Excellent place to stay in traditional Huts. Good parking for all sized vehicles and right next to the excellent Talana museum. Close enough to Dundee town for restaurants shopping etc. R550 for 2 inc breakfast.

Kwakunje Village -28.15579, 30.26294

Big grassland, next to the Wichelsee (although not really accessible from here), apparently not being used for anything, but I could be mistaken. It was perfect for my tent, and there is room for other 100 tents, so plenty of room. The road is just in front so it could be a little bit too loud for some

Perfect grassland for a tent next to cycling path 46.91620, 8.27094

We buy some food in this shop and the boss allowed us to use the outside tap to fill our 100l tank

Market with water tap 43.04203, 78.64175

I am the 3rd rig to stay here tonight. Just finished watching a beautiful sunset. The parking is a ways from the road and is not bothersome to me. There are picnic tables, green grass, poop bags, level parking, and trash cans. I'm so glad this is open after Labor Day for those traveling through. So many places in alberta had already closed.. even though it's still in the high 80s here.

Saskatchewan Visitor Centre in Maple Creek 49.98099, -109.47432

The gazebo is spacious enough for a 3-man tent + bicycles, there is even a small table. Not too many spiders ;-)
No facilities.
A neighbour came by to see what we were doing but didn’t talk to us. Northwest up the gravel road are some more nice rest areas with tables and benches, but if it rains heavily this is the better option!

Big gazebo at the edge of village 36.90349, 128.00032

Incredible view. Sunset and starts. Someone did come and let us know it’s actually private land belonging to one of the lodge/ campsites (the next one along on the way to Windhoek), They said it’s ok for tonight but implored us not to have a fire due to bushfires.

The wind really picked up at night - worth putting awning away!

Gamsbergtop -23.26893, 16.32697

Quiet parking lot, suitable for big rigs. Free parking.

Parkplatz Zu Maria Eich 48.10698, 11.41031

Beautiful place. Lots of birdlife. Hot showers. Camp sites have braai’s and very clean

Injisuthi Campsite -29.11931, 29.44216

It's still here and it costs 5000mnt now.

Public Bath House 43.56840, 104.42292

water tap at a wall between two Shops. you can drive right next to it. pressurised water tap.

pressurized tap water 36.21691, 57.69167

Puma petrol station.

They had diesel and Super. There’s a shop express as well.

There’s also a Total Energies Petrol Station in this town.

They both seem reasonably new.

Puma NGO -2.48518, 15.75259

Closed. Signs posted saying no overnight camping.

Deer Lake Beach 49.17015, -57.43811

We stayed here as we could not make it to Virei before dark (coming from Chibia). It's in between Cainde and Virei with probably no village close by. Beautifully peaceful. Very nice sunset. No mosquitos to talk of (many small flies, though, before darkness).

Nice, quiet camp spot off the Virei - Cainde road. -15.53851, 13.28640

Camping avec vue sur la baie. Services corrects wifi faible ou au bureau. Prix tres corrects 1300 la nuit avec vehicule et jusqu a 4 personnes. Petite ville agreable

Camping Municipal -49.30578, -67.72085

I agree that the boys here are good boys. I would come back.

Paid 500KSH for the room and the restaurant was a value when I asked for a plate at 200 shillings.

IQRA Guest House 1.58879, 37.80086

Totally agree! Very nice place and different to the campgrounds one usually find in MA.
Try it.

(Be aware: I guess it not accessible for bigger rigs. Pickups, 4x4 etc. are okay)

CPMontazyfrane, Taounate 34.58165, -4.64344

passamos 1 noite, tranquilo e seguro, tipo uma praça pública.

São João Peninsula parking -22.59663, -41.99022

I slept great here. I noticed there were a couple of car campers and one other van camper there. The parking lot has 24/7 surveillance or at least they have an audio recording that goes off every 30 minutes saying so. I thought the audio would wake me up at some point at night, but it did not. Maybe they stop running it after a certain time? I didn't go inside the store, so I'm not sure about the bathrooms. There were some traffic noises, but nothing that kept me awake.

Lowes Camping at Bowie 38.94475, -76.72218

Omg what a refreshing surprise to find some flavourful and different food in Uyuni. The ramen was delicious and vegetarian too and great for a cold night. Owners are very sweet too.

HOTARU - really good Japanese + Korean food -20.46242, -66.82242
Lizzie M

I believe the pin is not in the correct place. This location is pretty much in the mine, to get here keep heading south up the climb after the mine and you will reach a grassy area to camp. Continue on past two farmhouses on the left and then there is plenty of flat grassy area to camp.

Quiet big roadside flat grass surface -12.41438, -75.49095
Edna Teresa Pattacini Consentini

lugar muito praça...perto da igreja..arvore gigante...bem iluminado

plaza mitre -29.14453, -59.26523

Small campground with about 7 hookup sites and tent sites beside railway line. Sites are pull-thru with electrical and water hookups. Gravel pads with grass between sites and a few trees but no shade. $30 for hookups and $20 for tents. Seasonal restrooms a bit rustic with curtains in front of toilet cubicles but they are clean. Showers and flush toilets. Campground is in town but we saw deer walk thru after dark. Fairly busy with trains coming thru but we slept OK with ear plugs.

Edgemont municipal campground 43.29623, -103.82492

We absolutely loved this place. Gerry and Ramsey took good care of us. They have a nice pub and a beautifull sitting area (with small playground) outside. Price for camping is 150 ZAD pppn.

Camp Africa -23.00300, 29.90039

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