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we loved this hike! did it without the hiking poles and it was a challenge, especially with the mud, but also fine for us younglings ;)

Cerro Guanaco -54.83730, -68.56228

we loved the cazuela de pollo !! it was quick service and really warm. nice warm up after the winter trainride through the park

Estacion del tren del fin do mundo -54.83230, -68.42194

it’s september and the entrance was free for us :) we did end up going with a tourbus but the people from the tourist office said it was free. train ticket was $20 USD pp which was nice as well

Parque Nacional Tierra Del Fuego -54.83504, -68.44496

Drove up with a truck camper. 4x4 low not needed but useful. Height and width of the camper were a Problem but doable if you're not sad if you get some scratches. we thought it's worth it. nice spot. nice lake. would recommend

4x4 secluded spot 48.79409, -88.63348

Local de camping com ótima estrutura para barraca, trailer e cabanas

Camping Velho Tropeiro -31.55032, -52.61490
Miss Daisy

Everything is the same, a hotel that allows parking on its premises.
It is possible to connect to 110 220 V. There are different sockets, they allowed us to connect to 220 in their house.
A good option for those who need to cross the border here.
50R for a car, after negotiation.

Hotel São Lucas -16.10966, -57.67172

Best spot, rough road but acceptable in a RWD sprinter. Beautiful views.

Best Lake Spot!!!!! 37.85793, -119.10103

Properly nice place, recently updated. Very clean. On a quiet street, but good location close to the town center. Coachera for motos and cars. The only problem was the hot water barely worked in my 3rd floor room. 80s per night for a matrimonial.

Hostal Ñantika -14.26853, -71.22735

Just a heads up this place is cash only. Threw in laundry and both of us took a shower.
Showers were 5.25 each and for a 20lb washer it was 5.50 I believe. The dryers were quarter operated and I probably spent 1$.

They also have a water fill up and it is 0.25$ for 5 gallons.

Showers were good, the temperature was slow to react but it god piping hot I had to turn it down to halfway. Low water pressure

B&C Laundry & Showers 64.85497, -147.81184

State CG along the shore of Lake Michigan with over 50 tightly-packed sites. Some sites have direct access to the rocky beach. Several pull through sites available, although CG almost full on a mid-Sept weekend. Historc Fayette and pretty, short hikes within park. Sites $33 and up, which does not include park entry fee.

Fayette Historic State Park Campground 45.71796, -86.66621

Nice place. No water and no electricity but the view is worth it. It winds a lot.
We spent one night here and we considered it safe because is close to the police station.

Parking lot in front of the lighthouse -34.84597, -54.63330

Right in front of the cemetery there is a tap and you can connect the hose.
We asked a couple of neighbors and they told us it was good to drink.
Justo frente al cementerio hay una canilla y se puede conectar la manguera.
Le preguntamos a un par de vecinos y nos dijeron que era buena para tomar.

Canilla de agua / Water tap -17.84514, -60.75254

In front of the restaurant, you can find a restroom with a shower, indoor.
You can simply go in, it's free, it's as hot as desired, pressure is great. Hand soap available, but don't forget your towel!

Free hot indoor shower 41.28475, -70.09437

We spoke to the guards and the administration to find out if we could stay 24 hours and were told it was no longer allowed to stay overnight.

Falamos com os guardas e com a administração para saber se podia permanecer 24he e foi nos dito não é mais permitido passar a noite.

Parking lot Mitad del Mundo -0.00312, -78.45326

Worth the hour of dirt road! Would advise to start before 10am, before all the tour buses arrive. Entrance still 8 sol. Guides available but we didn't take one so don't know the price. Enjoy!

Cumbemayo -7.19106, -78.57261

Came here for shade, mid day, and found they also have free open wifi.

Staples Free open wifi 49.99802, -110.64638

$11 for non-campers. I didn't use it so I don't know what it's like, but I wanted to add it since there's not much around here

Ohiopyle state park campground 39.88764, -79.49427

Great spot for a quick night. There is a bunch of lawn clippings and fruit dumped here for some reason. It’s on the left side is the road as you are driving west.

Hidden gravel park 48.51392, -124.29705

Called to confirm and they don't allow overnight parking anymore

Walmart Connellsville 40.00380, -79.60546

It is definitely closed Walmart security kicked out eight campers at 11:00 p.m.

Walmart 44.09730, -103.19935

This time of year seems to invite the hunters in to stay awhile. Not very quiet with atvs and generators running. Babine Lake Rd is a decent road the whole way up

Chapman Lake Recreation Site 54.91294, -126.67524

If you have a hose and the water bandit, this is the perfect place to fill your RV tank.
Very helpful and friendly

Aqua Purificada 16.97680, -96.45994

Car wash for vehicles up to logging truck height. Middle sized bay is max 13’6”. Coins or card

Suds N Bay 54.77097, -127.14448

Private showers with decent water pressure, and they get nice and hot. You need $3 in quarters to get the water running for about 5 minutes, and adding individual quarters won’t extend your time…seems you have to pop another 12 quarters in. The change machine is broken, so plan accordingly. Standard issue RV park with a gravel lot, seems quiet and chill.

Lakeview Fairgrounds 42.19554, -120.36308

100 meters inside the Parks Canada area with an no camping sign on the entrance.

Louisbourg Lighthouse - Outside Gates 45.91212, -59.96693

Just a heads up on this location, if possible, try to be out by 0800, local pet owners,runners and bikers will fill this lot by 0900, the locals will take your plate number and report to the city, at some point the city may restrict access if this gets reported to often.

Many Owls Valley Parking lot 51.10408, -114.12691

Nice spot but not recommended if you want to have a quiet night, the fish factory nearby has a continuously running very loud air conditioning.

Stationnement boardwalk 45.91982, -59.97030

Inside Park Canada area where camping is not allowed. The gate is closed at the moment because of stormy conditions.

Louisbourg Lighthouse 45.90666, -59.95689

A lot of washer / dryers are broken but it is cheap.

Posh Wash 44.96229, -124.01550

Water spigot on the side of the bathroom building. Public park.

Plaisted Park 43.62408, -70.21710

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