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Awesome place to stay. Comfortable and close to public land. Max 14 day stay and only about 20 minutes to Lemmon IGA store (food and gas)

Hugh Glass Rec Area 45.73775, -102.24171

Quiet and lot of place. View on the St-Laurent at à short walkie-talkie distance.

Marina Berthier-sur-mer 46.93423, -70.73294

I was there this morning to get some 400 liters.
Everything when’s fine.
I paid 1600 MNT.
Nice people.

house water 43.57004, 104.41621

Big supermarket inside the mall and car park with enough space in front. Practical.

Magnum Cash+Carry Supermarkt 44.80678, 65.52010

we stop here as it's late.. we parked our RV safely behold our room.. $10 per person.. not grand but nice people and they have food in restaurant and we have a good sleep

Ramos Urku -3.68168, -79.27085

A large gravel area near the Wharf. There is also a grassy bern that has a lookout to sea. The bren shelters the wind.

Lawn Wharf 46.94251, -55.54348

Parkinglot at Røsnæs Fyr with good opportunity for hiking, and swimming in clear water. A public toilet is at place. Very quiet at night.
The lighthouse Røsnæs Fyr houses a little museum on the history of the place, and the tower can be mounted.
There is also a little shop, that sells coffee, cake and souvenirs.

Røsnæs Fyr - parking lot 55.74234, 10.87796

stayed here for 2 nights,9 milion per night for 2 people,motorcycle in garden
breakfast not to rich

Sarabi Traditional House 32.04339, 48.85542

Dumping station and fresh potable water. Lots of room.

Triton - Whale Interpretation Center 49.50321, -55.64621

Quiet and clean, no signs prohibiting overnight parking.

Stratera parking 46.04774, -73.11055

Huge lot on river. Beautiful sunset. Pretty quiet once the 9 pm fireworks were done and the local kids stopped doing donuts in the gravel parking area. Train went by at 6:30 am, wasn’t too loud. Glad I stayed here. Great walking trail along river too.

Willow River Delta Parking (Free) 44.98217, -92.76033

Water fountain and tall spigot close to the NE end of the green. It doesn’t stand out so look close.

The Green 43.62448, -72.51918

Lot of rubbish. Dirty all arround. Did not stay.

Van-lake peninsula to Achlamar-island 38.30974, 43.05015

Lugar calmo e tranquilo, tomei banho na ducha, não encontrei torneira, cheguei e não tinha ninguém fim de tarde, bem a noite chegou uma van. Silencioso e seguro. Eu viajo sozinha com meu cachorro

Praça em frente restaurante Balanço do Mar -29.39696, -49.76840

this location has 2 spots to camp. one can fit 2-3 vehicles, the other can fit maybe 4. amazing view of the lake and quite the sight for a sunrise. Great cell service.

Keechelus Lake Overlook 47.29796, -121.35505

Passamos uma noite aqui, lugar tranquilo. Sem iluminação alguma e ruas de terra.

O lugar não bate com as fotos antigas.

Postamos fotos atualizadas do local, van amarela.

Public Parking -25.43720, -51.45293

It is open on a Sunday, just call the number on the sign on near the 2nd gate. We called that number and omeone will opened the gate.

City Niagara Falls Waste Treatment Plant 43.12392, -79.08608

Ok spot for the night. Officer came around in the night and asked everyone who wasn’t in proper parking spots to move into parking spaces, said it was fine to sleep here.

Blacks Creek Rest Area. I-84 Eastbound 43.47661, -116.10627

Não é mais possível acampar, só visitação das 06:00 as 19:00.

Pico Malwee -26.52427, -49.14966

Muller is maybe the best tour guide in Addis and whole Ethiopia. He can help you on all matters and make tailored tours according to your needs. Prices are on average.
This is his WhatsApp number +251925300538

Set Ethiopian Tours 8.95898, 38.78169
Melissa Amado

Posto de combustível sem bandeira. A pessoa fica em uma cabine fechada, negociamos e a pessoa permitiu que colocássemos água em nossa caixa

Terpe tienda -33.50996, -70.61213

Small gravel parking with great view.
Small Road nearby, probably not very discreet, but no apparent interdiction.

Probably water nearby or in the town

Le Recatadou - Parking suspendu 44.45141, 4.30039

free overnight parking, no facilities, good cell-signal. Stayed twice in Sept 2023. Quiet, no issues, by Matchwood Brewery (they don't own lot but told me people stay overnight - no issues) & also close to Evans Brothers coffee. Good for dinner, sleep, and coffee in AM. Close walk to downtown shops & restaurants

Public Parking 48.27487, -116.55405
R. Amante N.

Provincial sani-dump and drinking water. Good location after long drive from Ontario.

Drinking water and Dumpstation 49.74785, -95.21866

Pasamos la noche al lado de la comisaría, preguntamos si habia algún problema y amablemente Fredy nos facilito todo. Dormirmos tranquilos, nos ofreció su ayuda pata cualquier cosa. Al día siguiente le pedimos pata cargar agua y pudimos sin problema. Fredy Quispe es un oficial muy amable y que le encantan los viajeros. Recomendamos parar aquí

Comisaría Policia de Atico -16.22836, -73.60876

Correct adress: Rue Saad Ben Amer. (Coordinates are around the corner)

Ask for the owner, Abdulghani.

Garage Mourabit 35.75997, -5.79746

Wide open level spot on gravel, easy to get level. Accessible for all vehicles, it is a great road in. Open to the wind, but quiet.

Salt Lake Solitude 40.74398, -113.14182

little place potis and garbage bit noisy no signs to not park stop or over night

on the side road stop 48.80137, -86.78371

Sábados, domingos e feriados.
Das 11h30min ao por do sol.
Café colonial servido em dois horários:
1°horário: 12h às 14h
2° horário: 14h30 às 16h30
Você desfruta da tarde na propriedade! 😉
Cozinha artesanal pomerana!
Servimos sopa de galinha caipira, rievelsback, copa de porco, defumados, queijos artesanais, pães, cucas, bolos, tortas e sobremesas.
R$65,00 adulto, crianças de 8 a 12 anos pagam a metade.

Sitio Casa da Figueira -31.47463, -52.37963

Gomeria. Servicio por llamada telefónica 00598692773462. Diego

Paso de los Toros -32.81627, -56.51022

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