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10€ for camping with car and 2 people. Still no shower available but if one of the 2 cabins is not rented out, you can shower there. We paid 20€ for 5nights parking during Peaks of the Balkans hike, which seemed a lot but we didn't agree on a price before departure so cannot complain. WiFi is available around the house of the owners.

Begov Camping 42.59045, 19.93097

Showers were back on this morning. They are on the backside of the restrooms. I parked in the nearby neighborhood and walked into the park.

Surfers point 34.18157, -119.23788

We just relied on first come first serve and there were plenty of spaces in mid September.

Quiet, peaceful. Dark enough for beautiful stars at night. Heard coyotes off in the distance in the morning.

Lots of goats head stickers on the grounds, lots of crickets too this time of year (put my wife off taking a shower unfortunately).

Lake Ogallala SRA 41.22776, -101.66231

Grande station située à proximité de la sortie d'autoroute

Nous avons pu prendre 2 fois de l'eau (non potable), sans frais.

Nous remercions sincèrement le propriétaire des lieux

Love's Travel Stop 34.29749, -88.76691

Definitely the most private rest stop on this stretch of road. If you are heading east there are also spots to turn around close to the rest stop on either side at least when there isn't snow. Not sure if they would plow it.

Trans Canada Hwy Twinning Monument and Rest Area 50.68416, -112.17229

Bel endroit pour passer une nuit sans aucun service et sans reseau telephonique. Joli lac dans le cratère. Un peu protege du vent

Laguna azul -52.07393, -69.57971
Mariana Tazima Fujiwara

Very nice campsites, the whole lodge is beautiful and staff is constantly taking care of it. Private bathroom, very clean, braai, electricity. Nice space, with shadow, very close to each other but it was actually nice cause we made friends. Not exactly view to the river, but just a walk away. Restaurant, bar and pool have river view. Paid NAD165 each person. Have 1h boat cruises 70-140. It was a perfect stop to relax.

Kaisosi Lodge and Campground -17.87404, 19.83158

Très nombreux spots le long d’un chemin de pierres.
Emplacements repérables aux foyers en pierre mais chacun fait selon son choix.
Accès grands gabarits sans problème malgré quelques ornières sur le chemin.
La vue est splendide.
Soirée très venteuse agréable pour baisser la température.
Nuit très calme sans bruit jusqu’au lever du soleil,ou la circulation reprend et se fait entendre. Mais très acceptable.
Pas de paiement prévu.

Earp Area BLM Dispersed 34.17298, -114.37534

very good food, prices normal, more mexicans than tourists, pulpo with Rice and salad for 240P, 3Tacos 160P, Fish 160P, end of the mile, wifi

Nohoch kay ‘big fish’ 18.71390, -87.70939

It was 40.51$ for an unserviced site. It was a small lot with multiple sites right next to each other without any privacy and right next to the road (although they have more unserviced sites inside the actual campground). And a pretty long walk to the nearest washrooms, which could have been avoided by an opened fence gate…
The guy in the office only spoke French.
The Wi-Fi speed was okay.

Camping Rivière Ouelle 47.43645, -70.04622

Popo rolled in around midnight and asked me very nicely to leave.

Holstein Lake Denville NJ 40.88086, -74.50554

Fantastic spot. Easy to find and access. Sign posted 14 day stay limit.

Mt Roosevelt Rd. 44.39408, -103.75342

Chill spot with great cell service. Took some work to get level in our van. Some dirt bikes and four wheelers driving by during the day. Just far enough from the RV spots down the way to not be bothered, though you could hear them partying and blaring music until late. We stayed here a few days, camping spots with cell service are hard to come by in the mountains out here and Boise isn’t great for boondocking.

Idaho City Forrest service access rd. 43.81040, -115.80399

Nice quiet spot. 20 parking spaces. Had to pick one to back the 170 into the bushes so not to stick out too far.
A few local walkers visiting the park but great. Gravel beach with a view of Chateau Frontenac.

Public boat ramp 46.82635, -71.17216

Great camp in the Kafue NP. Neat and tidy right on the river. One of the best bush camps we’ve stayed at. Firewood provided, hot showers in really unique ablutions. $30 pppn.

Kasabushi Camp -15.28502, 25.96837

Free hot showers next to the beach, there is also a barbecue place with tables and a few restaurants

Free hot showers 46.92290, 6.95442

Beautiful! Away from people and the regular road and located elevated from the rocky shoreline. Windy and lots of wave noise. Room to park 2 b or c class. Slight slope towards the water as expected. Road in his potholed but tolerable. Be careful Google maps they try and take you on the street before but don't do it! It will wreck the bottom of your vehicle. Look for the trail marking signs.

Oliver's cove trail 49.69919, -54.05518
Road Warrior America

I was simply waved through in my class C

California agricultural inspection 39.73079, -120.03814
Road Warrior America

Open and has water to fill, one of only places in region it seems. Campground looked closed

Lake Davis dump station 39.88899, -120.47274
sonny jadun

Only members are allowed to use the facilities. There are swimming pool,Tennis courts, restaurant and a social club. A really top-notch facility.
As a tourist, you are allowed to use the facility. If you have a valid Honduras visa. They do check the passport make sure you take the passport with you.

Hondurena club Arabe 15.50618, -88.04606
Fede Arbelaez

This little place on the side of the road offers gas (nafta) and gasoil. They also have restaurant and accommodations. We only got gas tho

Santuario de tres pozos -23.54245, -65.96805

Could hear the road until we went to sleep around 10pm, but didn’t notice it while sleeping. Pretty view on the right but a lot of trash. No service for verizon

Large pull off by the river 43.51006, -123.50609

This is a state park in the Texas Department of Parks and Wildlife system. There are several campsites, some have electric and water. $20 a night, plus $4 park entrance fee(unless you have the yearly pass). There are also historical buildings here that were part of the old fort. They are open to visitors on the weekends.

Fort Richardson State Park 33.20098, -98.16301

Sneaky hideaway in Provincial Park. No no caming signs.

Little atv track pullout between the gravel roads. Not suitable for big rigs/trailers.

As always: Don't leave trash, be quiet!
Come late, leave early - neighbors

quiet place next to river 55.71852, -121.22641
Miss Daisy

Here you can buy a sim card Tigo or Antel

Sim card -16.36070, -58.40201

Good place still. Hot showers, a kitchen, hammocks and a place to do laundry by hand. Great if you need a place to stay for several days while cycling in the heat. I got 200 for a room alone. originally he asked for 250. Nice owner.

Silvino's Hostel 23.61287, -100.98390

New Hotel next to the main Bus Station. 30,000 tsh for a room … clean, quiet, hot water… just got shocked by the light switch. But very nice for the money

Big Hotel -6.14806, 35.81725
Edna Teresa Pattacini Consentini

lugar muiti agradável..pernoutamoscem 3 margens do lago. rua sen saida. linda vista

plaza as margens do lago san Roque -31.41189, -64.49941

Endroit parfait pour 2-3 VRs avec vue pour le lever du soleil et le coucher du soleil. Gratuit hors saison, sinon 10$. Très tranquille

Lighthouse Rose Blanche 47.60577, -58.69128

Perfect place for 2-3 RVs. Very quiet. 10$ or free during off season

Lighthouse Rose Blanche 47.60577, -58.69137

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