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I forgot to add, I had decent Verizon signal here for phone calls and internet.

Glenn Hwy 62.10743, -145.57627

Blue handle spigot in front of the ranger station. Their green hose was stuck so we just used it.

Gila National Forest Reserve Ranger Station 33.71615, -108.77631

Slim but enough selection of organic produce and fresh made juice! For those of you that do celery juice, I’m sure they would do it.

Organic 101 Market 46.97890, -123.60018
Jones Herter

Local para comprar chip de celular com Wifi livre pra uso

Personal Flow -27.02637, -48.58084

Beautiful place, perfect with a trailer (27 ft) and pick up !
Amazing view !
Take East Entrance of Valley Road.
It’s easier than West Entrance.

Valley of the Gods Road 37.28699, -109.81212

Showers by donation at the local Rec Site

Eagle Creek Rec Site 49.77453, -118.13947

This is the loudest Walmart I have been too. In a way the safest as well. The Ren Fest is 15 minutes from here. Don't try the State Parks around here, none of them have pull offs that allow camping. I tried a few different roads around to no avail.

Walmart Supercenter. Harriman 41.31810, -74.14810

As noted below, friendly staff and short hose.

Tractor supply 35.09897, -85.32506
Road Warrior America

This whole Fort Collins/Denver/Colorado Springs area has little in the way of overnight spaces for overlanders (most is sketchy street or Walmart parking lot type parking, and no rest stops for dozens of miles) so this was an extremely welcome and nice place to stop off. Wasn't bothered, had plenty of space.

Park and Ride 39.09417, -104.86219

Nice established site with good fire pit and opening to sky. Plenty of room for a few vehicles, but it's still one single campsite. Running stream nearby.

East Branch Leclerc Creek Rd Campsite 48.61446, -117.20336

Still opened, easily accessible. Nice dump station.
Toujours ouvert, facilement accessible. Très belle station de vidange.

Blainville Dump Station 45.67384, -73.86180

Pretty good public wifi here today. Also, shade and parking to relax and have a picnic while posting all your cool hiking photos!

Dinosaur Provincial Park Amphitheatre 50.76283, -111.51738

Cars go to the right, farther away from road. Beautiful sunset. Weeds to walk doggo around in. Pit toilets and trash cans.

Kininvie Rest Stop 50.39843, -111.49002

threaded water spigot on a 48" red sandpipe appropriately 20' from the edge of the entrance road. located between metal bleachers and cinderblock baseball sitting place, presently a blue porta potty in front of it. there is a very long red garden hose next to it. water is flowing September 15, 2022. no issues at all for my 24' RV.

Soldiers and Sailor's memorial Park 40.21289, -77.01732

as described! eastbound rest stop. pretty close to the main road, so there is definitely traffic noise. and no real dark spots to park, so we had to use our window covers. but clean bathroom and grassy space/picnic tables. water bottle fill station inside. good at&t.

Brookville Rest Area Eastbound 41.14078, -78.95484

public park with a skate park and sports area by the river. there are two parking lots, one at the top and the other at the bottom. the locals come to lunch after buying from the night market. they are super friendly.

Uttaradit Public Park 17.61849, 100.09918
Dianne Martin

As you cross the bridge continue onto a paved logging road that extends several kilometers. Lots of areas to pull over to boondock. No facilities. Occasional traffic.
Would recommend big rigs stop just after the bridge.
I saw two adults and one bear cub. The first photo was taken on the bridge. The second on the road where I stop for the night. This is the second night in a row I stayed here

quiet layby, Campbell river 50.04402, -125.29060

Great for an overnight stop. Hardly any traffic noise. Just some coyote’s at dusk

Crystal beach 51.70708, -107.62337

We spent 2 nights there without any problem. No noises. Thank you to the owner of the place for his tolerance.

Cracker Barrel Old Country Store 38.17763, -85.90447

It’s still US$ 35 the economy seat (but is more expensive if you pay in TSh: 100k). There’re a lot of guys trying to sell tickets in the region, and don’t trust them. We didn’t find the Flying Horses (cheaper and longer), so we traveled by Azam in both way.

Zanzibar Ferry -6.82028, 39.28847

There is a sign “No camping 10pm - 6am”.

Shoreline Highway 39.56735, -123.77009

super dark, quiet, and very beautiful view. There are many spots to park, big rig and tent friendly too I think. Some pot holes on dirt road in, about 1km in so not very bad. I would stay here again and highly recommend it. Although, it looks like there's some construction going on right now, it may be noisy on some week days in the morning if they're working.

Chapel Island 45.70493, -60.77724
Road Warrior America

The RV parking spots are coned off and a ranger came by pounding on the door on my RV while I was eating dinner (I had been there for ~20 minutes) telling me I was parked illegally (across a few standard spots, as the RV spots were blocked with cones) and needed to move a cone out of one of the RV spots to park. Never seen coned off RV spots at any other national park, and this was the first negative interaction I've ever had with NPS staff. Parking lot was mostly empty otherwise with 50-60 other standard spots available. Watched another van come through and stop up a couple times obviously confused about where to park and not wanting to move a cone. Got the impression they maybe don't like RVs at GSD NP cause there was no reason to have the RV spots blocked off and doubly no reason to pound on my door in an empty parking lot. Watch out!

Move a Cone? RV Hostile Rangers at Parking 37.73975, -105.51691

Fabulous Mexican supermarket with authentic, prepared foods of all types including fresh juices. It’s really like being in Mexico. Lovely experience.

Vallarta Supermarkets 34.97388, -120.43652

The road from the north is absolute shit sandwhich. You will break your vans ass if you go 20mph 😂

Lost Peninsula 40.40564, -124.38920

Worked fine. Road noise wasn't bad. No complaints except for mosquitos. Strong 5G AT&T coverage.

Riverside Campsite 48.70654, -116.38348

There is NO ROAD HERE. It's a permanent barrier and there's absolutely no hint of a road heading East past this barrier. But mapping apps must be outdated because they all seem to show this road continues east into Idaho. It does NOT! It's a dead end at this spot. You'll have to backtrack. I ended up circling up around north.

DEAD END - Road Permanently Blocked 48.60947, -117.06304

What a place! Lots of pieces between the pine trees or on pitches in the sand to parc your van. There are some hikers to the near beach. You can go up a cliff like we did for a phenomenal view on the beach. Please don't leave your trash. A lot of people do here.

Fontanilla 37.11951, -6.78678

As described, open site with little shade, but nice clean shower and toilets, 80mad for the night Landy and two people, very nice beach just across the road and a selection of restaurants, good sunset

Camping Soleil Kaouki 31.34942, -9.79464

We had a really hard time here, with our car w/o german TÜV. As we knew of Serbia, asking for TÜV stamps, we got in contact with the Ministery of Interior and the Police Headquarters.
We asked, if we can enter Serbia w/o TÜV, when the car is street-safe, registered and insured. We got an email, that every car w/o TÜV can enter the country, as long as the restrictions above are fullfilled.

The officers didn't care and I complained for 2 hours. One of them asked his friend , a "German Police-Officer" and this guy should have said, that w/o TÜV, our car is not registered anymore, which is completely bs!

I could prove, that our car is registered, but then it was the insurance.
I could prove that as well and they called the german insurance.
Then it was the safety of the car and so on and so on.

At the end - when they didn't had any arguments anymore - they still insisted in the TÜV stamp.

That said; better take the next border, 19 KM up north.
There it took us 6 mins to enter Serbia, w/o any asking about the TÜV,

TIP: Do NOT remove the sticker, when it is outdated. They will see it anyways in the car-papers. Do NOT give them wrong/fake documents. They checked all of ours.

They won't accept kinda TÜV-check from Romania (I offered them). They said, it needs to be a Serbian check (which is... well... you know whatta say: BS)

After two hours and a lot of communication, we gave up and turned around.

Tough Border 45.75014, 20.70027

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