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Gem of a site located right off I70. It’s on the north side of the highway, exit at mile marker 147, if you are heading East bound there is a dirt median you can use to cross over to the N side and get on the dirt road to this site. If you’re heading west, keep your eyes out, it’s a dirt road right past a hill and mile marker 147. There’s a gate to open, remember to close it behind you. After you cross the wash, you’ll see a trail on the right, this leads to a few camp sites, and most have some trees for shade. In early September we had a warm afternoon but it cooled off nicely for sleeping. Minimal bugs, lots of bats to watch flying over you at dusk. With calm wind there’s a faint sound of highway noise but not bad. One other person spent the night here, but we couldn’t even see them from our site.

Go explore black dragon canyon and check out the pictorgraphs! Don’t leave your own modern graffiti though.

Would definitely stop here again.

Might need 4wd to cross the wash, or just good driving skills. Definitely would need 4wd if it gets wet.

Black Dragon Wash BLM 38.93134, -110.42156
Claudia Leclerc

Perfect spot, amazing view. Many other vans. Went there with a Westfalia.

Hilltop by NP 46.94141, -103.57622

One of the few places along the trail where you can comfortably camp right up to the rivers edge. It was very tranquil.
We enjoyed the hike up to Teshik-Kel Lake the next morning.

Valley camp spot 41.85665, 77.03575

After a few minutes of gravel road, open the barrier on the left. After another short path, you will reach the spot behind a final barrier. You arrive at the region's ornithological reserve. It's an incredible place, where local teams study biodiversity and owl populations. Take the time to speak with the teams and discover their work. A large hiking trail of more than 5 kilometers allows you to explore the reserve. Take mosquito repellent.

Beaverhill bird observatory 53.36960, -112.53309

Nothing to be found. We were informed by locals that the hotspring is gone/closed.

Hot Spring 41.86491, 77.03831

They didn’t want us to stay in the parking lot, so we got a room. It ended up storming horribly that night so it ended up working out. Prices for rooms ranged from I think 5,000-8,500 niara, but the upper end included AC and such. Had hot water, flushing toilet, and electricity most the time and was decently clean. Food was only ok but was good enough for tired travelers. Good enough for a night.

Jechira Hotel 6.81256, 9.04501

The high restrictions is 4 m. I passed today with my 3.70m high truck.

Height restrictions at Chapman's Peak -34.06452, 18.37205

Road was steep at first but leveled out after the turn and was in good condition. Good service and nice size spot to park and turn around at the top probably about half a mile tops.

Cell tower hill 58.68727, -123.76565

This was a great place to park, very quiet and felt safe. Breakfast was 3.50, showers 3 pp, parking overnight for free.

Runa Wasi -0.86923, -78.91725

While there is officially no overnight parking / camping in the entire Tahoe basin this was a wonderful place to spend a night or two. I spoke to the park host who said the City / county may be putting up more visible signs he understands that sometimes you just need a safe place to spend the night. thank you! My rig is 23.5 ft and I have a motorcycle rack on the back so 25' long and I fit in a spot nicely by backing in where there was plenty of overhang without disturbing the vegetation. pay attention to the park fees depending on the day of the week however if you're just going in for a quick look or to use the bathroom I didn't see anybody collecting the fees perhaps there was a box and I didn't notice. there are also several porta potties on the grounds in other areas. If this spot isn't available, I noticed a couple of RVs and cars parked overnight along the parallel parking lane on the lake. I similarly noticed people parallel parking overnight along the west side of Lake Tahoe South of Tahoe City. Good luck!

West End Beach parking lot 39.32244, -120.29066
Pedal Eat Enjoy Repeat

Very unexpected negative experience here.
Room now 150 for a matrimonial, so we asked to camp. Camping was 60, which is still more than a basic hotel in Peru and 2x the price of a few weeks ago.
We agreed because we had no choice, it was getting dark, we were on bikes.
Owner shared the Wifi with us but the hotspot disappeared with him before we could use it. When we asked to use the kitchen (we expected this would be included for 60 soles) he asked whether we didn't have our own stove... reluctantly he accepted.
In the end we should have wild camped, the night would have been more quiet.

Andes Lodge Peru Yanama -9.02189, -77.46959

Cool little spot 25 minutes from Moab, the road in is paved 40mph. Several spaces with fire pits available, could fit big rigs in certain spots. Great att service, awesome views of sunsets & plenty of cool wind blowing around.

sunset views 38.45552, -109.37272

A very very nice Campground. Friendly staff, enough space for privacy, very quiet even with the train.
A fox came at 10am to see if he could have supper, the raven are very big, so pay attention to you're food and stuff.

Johnston Canyon Campground 51.24475, -115.84171

I had one whole side of the lot to myself for a one night stay. The only issue was some kid came rolling through around 3:30a.m. with the subs booming in the trunk. No big deal. No other issues.

Manzanita Rest Area 42.51773, -123.36672

quiet place with a bit of breeze to cool down. otherwise very remote with nothing around with salt all around u. Do NOT drive onto the salt flats. it's soft ground. we got stuck at the edge as we started driving in. stay on the track and u will be ok.

little salar in the reserve viscaino 27.47180, -113.94363

Museum on the history of Bolivia's independance. There are several rooms which shows different moments of the history of Bolivia.
You can do a 45 min guided visit uncluded in the entrance fee (in spanish, and Mayenne un english). Really interesting, because there is no many explanations if you do the museum on your own.
Entrance costs 15 BOB for foreigners, 10 BOB for Bolivianos.

Casa de la libertad -19.04762, -65.26024

Nice spot, sites are all paved so good and level. There is water at all the non-tent sites, very clean bathrooms, no power at the individual sites but power at the group areas. The road is quite busy and noisy but it becomes white noise. There is a train that passes through, we heard it twice in the evening at around 7 & 10 pm and once in the morning around 6:30am.

Spanish Fork River Park 40.02090, -111.50140

Very dangerous place. Policemen came during the night and asked for money and Food. We didn’t obey and they came Back when We were asleep and stole Food by the open window and broke the mosquito window with a knife. Then they put a chair in front of our window bed and filmed us naked in our bed. We made a report at the police station. IT is safer to sleep in Town.

Boat Launch 25.94041, -111.35370

There is a small 100m track next to the bridge that lead to the river. It’s not far from the road but there is very little traffic.
At the end there isn’t much space but enough for one vehicle, I could barely turn around with my defender, i guess if your rig is bigger you can do a part in reverse.
The night was very quiet, I only saw one car passing in late afternoon, only the sound of the river.
As usual in Peru, the river isn’t that clean, even if it looks nice, there is trace of products in the parts without current, I wouldn’t trust the water to drink it.
No service with claro.
If you want more space, there is a large area next to the road 10min later direction Moquegua.

By the river -16.67480, -70.77104

Dormimos 3 noites no estacionamento ao lado da loja. Lugar seguro e tranquilo, com Wi-Fi, ponto de água, luz e banheiros.

ESTACIONAMENTO HAVAN -29.36274, -50.83373

very nice spacious area, rigs of all sizes find a place. open range area, some cows and their calves came visiting. logging area, but nothing going on when I was here. had some rain, ground gets a bit muddy, need to do some mopping. faint train noise but otherwise very quiet. cell signal is weak and fading in and out. would definitely come again

Near lava tubes 35.25777, -111.83042

Large campground with side by side sites with a few trees between sites and a great lake. $20/night

Silver Beach Provincial Park 51.23563, -118.94061

Only gas in the area at the marina. Diesel and regular

Seymour Arm Gas 51.23709, -118.93460

quiet huge spot. enough for a few rigs. saw a fire ring. beautiful views. only hear crickets at night. 2 bars on Verizon.

wide turn around 38.18273, -119.22078

Tap water next to the highway. It's clean and the water pressure is good.

Roadside. A-370 47.49573, 134.70780

Wow, increible lugar. Playa para acampar gratis, super tranquila, se puede nadar y hacer fogatas. Me quedé 4 noches. No es necesario 4x4.

Gutapé Lakeside 6.28987, -75.15528

very nice place! awesome sunsets over the lake & mountains! you can swin (eventhough the water is pretty warm in the first 20cm and underneath freezing cold and in some parts there is a lot of rotten plant stuff inside, but the water is really clear). but you wont be for yourself, the location by now is very well known, every evening a couple of buses come and park there for the night. but there is place for like approximately 6 cars, no problem. drive towards the restaurant and when you can already see it take the lil off-road track towards your left. there is a nice free drinking water tap from deep down the lake in front of the restaurant and the restaurant has wifi and okay food! expect a lot of funny animals around you (we had sheep's, pigs, cats dogs and ducks visiting our rig, but they weren't there all the time so no worries). have a great stay

Skadar Lake 42.27266, 19.39346

Update to price: now 450pp for camping

We plan on the fly and travel with the wind and we were worried nowhere in Etosha would have space for a last minute arrival but when we arrived there were plenty of campsites available. A good location if you don't usually book a year in advance!

Halali Campsite -19.03545, 16.47124

I had the pleasure of visiting the world famous Dunga Hill Camp, and I must say, it exceeded all my expectations.
Nestled on the picturesque shores of Lake Victoria, with its stunning sunsets, beautiful scenery, calm water this fantastic camp is a real hidden gem that offers an unforgettable experience.
The staff are friendly and helpful and the owner, JP, is a true gem himself, always ready to ensure your visit is nothing short of amazing.
The camp along with its laid back atmosphere, huge Stage and top class performers proves extremely popular for both tourists and local visitors.
There is a restaurant and a grill, where meat cooked on the barbecue is a carnivore's dream, and the fact that it's available all day at affordable prices is a bonus. Pair that with ice-cold beers, and you've got yourself a winning combination.
For those looking to stay a bit longer, camping is available even for the largest of rigs.
And waking up to the sounds of Hippos, monkeys and other local wildlife is nothing short of beautiful.
I can't recommend this place enough – it truly lives up to its fame.
Boat rides are also available at very affordable rates..
+254 700 252252 · [email protected]

Dunga Hill Camp -0.13697, 34.73890

Lovely place with high trees. Warm shower. Swimming Pool. Very friendly owner. easy to get both to the argentinian and the brazilian side of the falls with public transport as bus stop is nearby. 5500 pesos/ night for 2 persons+motorhome.

Camping Ma-Ri -25.62230, -54.55753

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