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little place potis and garbage bit noisy no signs to not park stop or over night

on the side road stop 48.80137, -86.78371

Sábados, domingos e feriados.
Das 11h30min ao por do sol.
Café colonial servido em dois horários:
1°horário: 12h às 14h
2° horário: 14h30 às 16h30
Você desfruta da tarde na propriedade! 😉
Cozinha artesanal pomerana!
Servimos sopa de galinha caipira, rievelsback, copa de porco, defumados, queijos artesanais, pães, cucas, bolos, tortas e sobremesas.
R$65,00 adulto, crianças de 8 a 12 anos pagam a metade.

Sitio Casa da Figueira -31.47463, -52.37963

Gomeria. Servicio por llamada telefónica 00598692773462. Diego

Paso de los Toros -32.81627, -56.51022

There is a fire ring and an open area. It’s nothing special, but works for a night. Verizon cellular works here.

End of Road 45.16911, -121.63261
David Williams

In the middle of Southern California wine country, site offers 3 30amp hook ups and well water. (Bring your own filters. Dog friendly, great t-mobile signal and across the street from a restaurant.

Provisions Farm 33.06450, -116.98709

Big open spot. Could fit a half dozen cars or larger rigs.

The road in is challenging in some areas. Doable with 2WD if you are careful. Not recommended for big RVs bit a van with good tires can make it. Would not take this road when muddy or if there is a change of a lot of rain or snow.

There is a fire rings and good Verizon reception. Also a stream nearby (mostly overgrow with vegetation).

Also some bullet shells around so people use this area for shooting some times I guess. Didn’t notice any while here.

Rock pile 37.83894, -119.94666

Adding a picture of the big pile of black rocks that is here. Probably left over from some construction in the area.

Rock pile 37.83900, -119.94643

We spent one night in the street at the park. It felt safe but motos were passing way after midnight. It is hot in here, but there is some breeze in the park. There is a Supermarket close by and many small shops. Free

Plaza los Frentones -26.40670, -61.41326

Gravel lot overflow parking for Juanita Park. 4 hour parking signs from 9a-9p but perfect for overnight. Pretty quiet and no one bothered us. Parking lot is basically level. Your right next to Juanita beach park so great spot for a morning walk if you have a dog as well. One lotta potty on the edge of the gravel lot.

Juanita Beach Park 47.70554, -122.21342

Nice quiet location, easy access via a paved road pulling a camper.

DeWeese Reservoir Dispersed Camping 38.20770, -105.44920

Water and public toilet next to the mairie.
Clean !

Mairie 44.42593, 4.29948

Car Park next to playground and a very nice park
30 minutes walk to Bury St Edmonds
Toilets available till 5pm,
Free 4pm to 9.30am
Gates close (times varies seasonal)

Hardwick Heath car park 52.23141, 0.71400

It is ok of you take gasolina or if you give the guys a tip

Shell -39.28673, -72.22474

This campground have everything you Need.
Tents, Rv or Cabins; 50/30 amp full hookup, water & Electric, propane, Laundry (2,50$), dump Station, playground, wifi.
We where here for two nights with an 25ft RV and payed 104$ for water and Electric.
They have also a GENERAL STORE/GIFT SHOP with good prices. Firewood for 8$.

Bear Run Campground 40.92847, -80.12286

douche très propres ! 11.5$ comme mentionner et fournisse ce que vous avez de besoin ! je recommande

Motel Pastali/Hotel Interprovincial Truck stop 48.03252, -66.70424

Amazing spot: very quiet, nice view, all the amenities you need are in town.

Lee vining museum 37.95943, -119.11972

For two days with an 25ft. RV.
It was very nice, they have all stuff you needed.

Bear Run Campground 40.92847, -80.12286

This was in a different location today, closer to Bagamoyo, but they stopped us with the same claim. The officer showed me a photo of our car with a 69 imposed over the top. I was very polite and refused it, even asking about the validity of his equipment. He let me go after a few minutes.

Corrupt police -6.35315, 38.49926

Beside the place with the shelters, there is a lot for campers/rv‘s, now. Sockets for electricity and a tap providing fresh water are on site, toilets and showers are available at the harbour.

Odden Havn 55.97071, 11.37151

This is a long highway pulloff west of Beaver Creek in between customs stations, on the Canadian side of the border. There are trash cans (helpful if you have dog poo bags to dispose of) and some partial views of the mountains. Another rig was here when I pulled in. There aren’t any “no camping” signs. I had a steady bar of Verizon, enough for texting and limited internet. It’s not perfectly level so you’ll want some blocks if you’re picky. You are right next to the highway but there was almost no traffic in the middle of the night.

Highway pulloff with views 62.49945, -140.86313

gasstation is closed so we were not able to get diesel here

El Alto -16.49270, -68.21619

beautiful on the lake park picnic area with garbage bins, potis, picnic tables swimming hiking sitting and enjoying the sunset or fish. huge Roof with picnic tables. no signs say no parking or over night camping. lots of tourist going through here

Rossprt Trail Park 48.83788, -87.49034

Great campground on the beach. You will have to hook G loop in advance if you need electric hookups.

Assateague Island State Park 38.22258, -75.14485

Fantastic wild camping spot! We spoke with the home owner, he was nice, but kindly asked people don’t camp on his property, so stay on the malecon strip of road with the benches with shelters, not the higher up gravel lot in front of the houses.
He said it’s very safe and there is security for the small town that patrols. We were there on a Saturday night and it was silent except for crashing waves! There are some nice swimming spots with steps leading into them in the rocks. Washroom facilities were closed day and night.

Tanaka Point -15.72760, -74.46201

This spot is not suitable for tents (it's actually a parking lot and a dog field). The spot on the back of the lot is very small and dirty. The only spot suitable to pitch a tent is nearby a power station and very exposed to the neighbourhood nearby.

Tauvette Park 45.42737, -75.57216

Potable water and dump station on the road.

N Des Bee Dove Road 39.23210, -111.03012
Defender Canada

Parking lot on the rest area just off the highway. No amenities.
Just a place to rest if you don’t know where else to go
Gas station with food and Tim Hortons next to it.

Dégelis Rest Area 47.54272, -68.63155

Très belle place tel que décrite. Bon signal.

Port Anson Park 49.53526, -55.82908

It was entertaining to say the least. The lady was cursing and the kid came out to say he’d man the cash and that it was chaotic. Then less than a minute later came to supervise. 😂

Sunoco 43.39806, -73.62224

There are showers upstairs at the food ranch. They're $5 for unlimited time. Pay at the register before you go up.

Food Ranch Showers 39.23102, -111.04670

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