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Casa Roman is a family business, country bar restaurant, it has a pool, ample parking for campers, bathrooms, water, pets are allowed, it is fifteen minutes from the beaches of Acapulco

Casa Roman Overland 16.98690, -99.80129

Quoted a ridiculous M$130pppn for camping (Cabañas 600). As some before have mentioned you can possibly negotiate. The camping area is nice.

Eco Tziscao 16.08249, -91.67325

Now has rooms for rent. Nothing fancy, but we paid $50 soles for 2 full beds with private bathroom. Shower is cold and there are no towels today, but at least we can get some sleep and stay dry on this raining evening.

Ocampo Service Station -6.72768, -77.79926

Nice and quiet place close to the lake. We didn’t see anyone the whole night!

Laguna de lobos -35.26675, -59.11787
K Olson

Level & shady pull-off site off the side of a forest road, plenty of spaces to park a couple of nights. Feels relatively safe, only saw one questionable far. Idk. We shall see.

Pull off site great for large campers or RVs 41.28732, -122.27587

Small parking space above the village of Maragua, road towards dinosaur tracks. No amenities but very nice view of the 'crater'. Internet connexion ok.

Roadside - Maragua -19.05583, -65.45369

RV Dump and Potable Water. $8 fee. 2 Lanes

Red Canyon Campground 37.74286, -112.31034

Great lunch spot. Clean, lots of picnic tables, garbage cans. Clean washrooms

Hughes camp rest stop 49.90112, -99.31470

I came for a shower and laundry and the owner didn't let me do that, and also didn't want to rent me a campsite after I asked for the price of an electric only campsite.

Bear River RV park 55.95195, -129.97827

State campsite offering RV and primitive camping. Easy to get to. Quite a few primitive sites to choose from. Have not checked facilities (but they have them), but if campground is any indication, they will be fine.

Theres an RV'er running a really loud generator across the lake. I hope that gets turned off.

Everyone else very quiet.

More RV campers than primitive.

Lake Scott State Park 38.68454, -100.92043

They are closed for the season, I would say. By reservation only.

Pine tree campground 49.64991, -95.77634

She will give you a bottle for 7 soles if you give her a bottle. I didn’t have a bottle. So she was gonna charge me 37 soles for basically buying the bottle too. I convinced her to give me a bottle for 7 and that I would bring it back after I spend a day or two at Yumbilla waterfall and she was okay with that.

Pedro Ruiz Gallo -5.94417, -77.97848

This is still going on. Multiple places you’ll have to stop. Longest one was about 45 minutes and a few short ones. Nothing crazy and the road is still fine even though you have to go up the mountain a bit now. I don’t think this road work will be done for years because it seems like they’ve completely changed the route of the road.

Massive road works -5.91608, -78.05575

I took a little detour and came up to the lake. 2 soles to get in, about 10-15 minutes off the main road. Dirt road but no issue at all for any car. You can swim in the lake. It’s not the absolute nicest place ever but I think it’s pretty nice and could be a nice place to stay the night.

Laguna Burlan -5.78704, -78.38669

Impassable with a stock height 4x4 truck. Very washed out. Jeep or lifted vehicle can access this.

Kolob Road 37.23122, -113.15789

Awesome little spot with birds, frogs, pika, lots of pretty rock and alpine larch in beautiful fall colours! Thanks to parks for the rock walkway around through the talus slide…so nice!

Oliver Recreation Site BC (Gray Creek Pass) 49.58105, -116.67583

The entrance is 300pesos/pers. Then you have the choice between two circuits. Both are now with guide you can’t go alone. The full one is 2800/pers and the shorter one is 1400/pers. It’s totally worth it we enjoy our time there.

Quebrada de Las Señoritas -23.31761, -65.37858

I came at a weekend and there was nothing available on the Recreation app anymore . I tried a couple of Campgrounds and they were all full. This one has first-come-first-serve spots though which not many people seem to know about cause most of them were still available. It's $35 per night but it's a nice Campground with Amphitheater and they have showers which is a major plus ($1 for three minutes, you can buy tokens right outside the showers).
If you stay here check out the Sugar Pine Point beach around sunset, it's beautiful! The beach belongs to the same state park (so you won't have to pay for parking there) and it's a bit further down the road.

Sugar Pine Point Campground 39.05490, -120.12440

Shortcut which is definetly worth it. Drove it with the motorcycles and it took us 1h 40min. Road is quite good although only can recommend it for a jeep or a land rover. There are smaller river crossings (10cm) but I am writing this in dry season (September) so during wet season definitely avoid it!

Easy shortcut Cachicadan - Huamachuco -9.03664, -77.82185

I forgot to add, I had decent Verizon signal here for phone calls and internet.

Glenn Hwy 62.10743, -145.57627

Blue handle spigot in front of the ranger station. Their green hose was stuck so we just used it.

Gila National Forest Reserve Ranger Station 33.71615, -108.77631

Slim but enough selection of organic produce and fresh made juice! For those of you that do celery juice, I’m sure they would do it.

Organic 101 Market 46.97890, -123.60018
Jones Herter

Local para comprar chip de celular com Wifi livre pra uso

Personal Flow -27.02637, -48.58084

Beautiful place, perfect with a trailer (27 ft) and pick up !
Amazing view !
Take East Entrance of Valley Road.
It’s easier than West Entrance.

Valley of the Gods Road 37.28699, -109.81212

Showers by donation at the local Rec Site

Eagle Creek Rec Site 49.77453, -118.13947

This is the loudest Walmart I have been too. In a way the safest as well. The Ren Fest is 15 minutes from here. Don't try the State Parks around here, none of them have pull offs that allow camping. I tried a few different roads around to no avail.

Walmart Supercenter. Harriman 41.31810, -74.14810

As noted below, friendly staff and short hose.

Tractor supply 35.09897, -85.32506
Road Warrior America

This whole Fort Collins/Denver/Colorado Springs area has little in the way of overnight spaces for overlanders (most is sketchy street or Walmart parking lot type parking, and no rest stops for dozens of miles) so this was an extremely welcome and nice place to stop off. Wasn't bothered, had plenty of space.

Park and Ride 39.09417, -104.86219

Nice established site with good fire pit and opening to sky. Plenty of room for a few vehicles, but it's still one single campsite. Running stream nearby.

East Branch Leclerc Creek Rd Campsite 48.61446, -117.20336

Still opened, easily accessible. Nice dump station.
Toujours ouvert, facilement accessible. Très belle station de vidange.

Blainville Dump Station 45.67384, -73.86180

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